Lo Nuevo de Telemundo

Notes from tonight’s show

  • Other than a few contestant profiles, they didn’t give a lot of information about this one.
  • It’s competitive reality with a cash prize and it starts tomorrow.
  • Premieres next Sunday at 9/8c.
  • Michel Brown plays Alejandro Falco, a husband, father, and police officer.
  • He’s shot in the head in 1994 and wakes up in 2017.
  • Marina de Tavira plays Carolina, his wife, who has remarried.
  • Mauricio García plays Felipe Mares, a medical examiner (forense), and Carolina’s current husband.
  • Danae Reynaud plays Paula, Alejandro’s daughter.
  • Enrique Arreola plays Juan Pablo Bravo, an old friend and Falco’s new boss.
  • Karina Gidi plays Eva Salomón, Falco’s immediate supervisor.
El Ganador
  • Nicky Jam’s bionovela.
El Secreto de Selena
  • Maria Celeste Arrarás is executive producing.
  • Maya Zapata plays Selena.
  • Damayanty Quintanar plays Yolanda Saldívar.
  • Sofía Lama plays Maria Celeste.
  • Jorge Zarate plays Selena’s dad.
Falsa Identidad
  • Love, danger, and adventure
  • Luis Ernesto Franco and Camila Sodi play strangers who pretend to be married.
  • “Camila” is running from a physically abusive relationship.
  • “Emiliano” is running from a narco who puts a price on his head.
  • There are a lot of recognizable faces in this one, including Sergio Goyri and Eduardo Yañez.
El Recluso
  • Starring Ignacio Serrichio, Ana Claudia Talancón, Erik Hayser, and Mariana Seoane.
  • Dante (Serrichio) gets himself tossed in jail to rescue a judge’s daughter.
  • This is an English-language production (or rather an appropriately bilingual production).
Señora Acero
  • Vicenta Acero’s back, smacking dudes around and giving birth in the back of an SUV.
Betty in NY
  • Auditions for Betty are happening now.
Latin AMAs
  • In October
La Reina del Sur 2
  • 2019
La Voz
  • Judges: Luis Fonsi, Alejandra Guzmán, Wisin
  • Auditions have already started. www.lavozcasting.com if you want to sign up.
  • There’s still one last judge to announce.
  • Wisin’s advice: come prepared to listen and learn.
  • This is a rematch for Wisin and Alejandra Guzmán.

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Author: 5ftLatina

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Autora/ Author

It’s going to be hard seeing Jorge Zarate as anything but El Indio Amaro, but I can’t wait to see him in something different.

Linda F.
Linda F.

Thanks for doing this, Kat! I’m so mad at myself for forgetting to watch or record this. Do you think Falsa Identidad looks promising?

stealth cacophony
Autora/ Author

There’s a lot that look interesting, Falco (uuff Sundays, one more thing to remember to record), Falsa Identidad (I too am interested in the lets form a fake family plot) El Recluso (it’ll be interesting to see how that works out)
but honestly, I don’t know if I’ll actually end up watching them. (how am I so overloaded even without a regular telenovela to watch?)