La Bella Y Las Bestias Friday 7/13/18 #24

Em and Em

Emi ends up spending all day in the supply room whining to Emanuel.

The following day she doesn’t bother showing up for work until late and says she won’t come back officially if she doesn’t get some vacation time.

Sure, Emanuel will give her three days off and a bonus. But he has to go on vacation with her.

Emanuel takes her to his country house, where the housekeeper has been sent home. He points out their different rooms and starts giving Emi the tour.

Simón and Pen

Simón tells Pen he thinks it’s suspicious that Pedro died five days after she got into town. And he doesn’t think it was a suicide.

Pen wants to know what’s the deal with Mike–he kisses her when he’s drunk and when he’s sober it’s like he doesn’t even remember. Does he like her or not? Mike goes with “not.”

Simón shows up the next day as Pen’s getting ready for “work.” He asks her to come with him so he can show her something.

The “something” turns out to be Pedro’s grave. Which is apparently in Mexico City because he has two brothers here. And both of them think he wouldn’t have committed suicide.

Pen says he always was a “coward.” And now she wants to get away from the guy who ruined her childhood. She tells Simón Pedro abused her as a child. Simón’s face: “I couldn’t have screwed that up harder if I’d tried.”

Pen and Simón sit outside an orphanage’s playground and she talks some more about leaving Puebla, growing up in an orphanage, and learning she couldn’t rely on anyone but herself.

Simón apologizes and does a little rah-rah speech about how there are some people who still believe in justice. Pen thinks that sounds nice, but that’s not the way things are.

Simón drives her home, apologizes for the crappy afternoon and asks if they can still be friends. Pen agrees. As a friend, Simón says he’s glad that guy is dead. As a friend, Pen tells him he was right. Pedro didn’t kill himself. She gets out of the car leaving him wondering what that means.

Bela and JP

He’s still suspicious and not feeling like things are adding up. Bela has him come into the ring and spar with her. And then they shag in the ring.

Bela takes JP to meet Alicia and Rodrigo. Rodrigo can handle that JP is a Quintero, but Alicia tells them to get the hell out of her house. Even JP thinks it was a bad idea coming here.

JP asks to speak to Ricardo to tell him he’s in love with Bela. And he’s not going to break up with her. He just didn’t want Ricardo to hear it from someone else. And if he has to, he’ll quit.

La Madame

Bella and crew prep to go over to her house and plant microphones. As she’s heading upstairs, her cell phone goes off. Seriously? She plants a bug upstairs, but Omar comes out of his room and tries to get her in a chokehold. She beats him unconscious and goes running out of the house, thoughtfully locking the doors behind her.

It makes Bela, et al, kind of confused about who Omar is and what his job is. They listen in on Madame scolding him for losing his keys and hypothesizing that since it was a woman, maybe it was the same one who got to Castor and Horacio.

Madame’s furious when Marizza doesn’t show up at work. Annoying Estér claims she’s got two good prospects who want to buy a bunch of cars.

Madame asks Omar to meet with Israel (the previous manager) and try to get her some more time to pay him off…but first she wants a coffee!

Madame gives the staff a “sell or die” lecture. Omar gets back with the bad news that Israel and the other previous employees have hired a lawyer and they’re going to sue.

Marizza gets to work late and Omar grabs her in a chokehold again. This time she struggles ineffectually. He blames it on his medication and reports to Madame that Marizza is definitely not the woman from last night.

Mike listens to the feed from the microphones at Madame’s. Leonor is sipping on some wine, walking around in a robe and towel turban, and pretending to be Madame. It’s a pretty good imitation, too. She tells the giant painting of Madame that she’s horrific, but she has some cream that’ll fix that right up. And she does all this because she’s her sister.

Madame fires Marizza, even though Marizza claims she spent hours begging her dermatologist to see Madame…in three months. Madame tells her to get an earlier appointment if she wants her job back.

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