La Bella Y Las Bestias Monday 7/16/18 #25

Em and Em

To get this out of the way…there’s flirting. He tells her he’s killed someone without saying who (Armando). She tells him he reminds her of her dad and she forgets all her problems when he’s around.


Mike barges into Pen’s room while she’s changing clothes. For future reference “I’ve seen you wearing less at the gym” does not make it OK. He turns around and she tells him that Simón was asking about Pedro and she told him it wasn’t a suicide. Mike whines that they’re going to have the cops all over them now. He tells her to meet him in five minutes in the bunker.

They don’t even go into the actual room. In the hallway, Mike tells her that Omar is Madame’s brother. He tells her to let Bela know.

At the dealership, Marizza’s looking over the sales figures when Pen shows up. Madame fires her.

Pen and Bela complain about it while Pen cleans out her desk. When Madame comes by, Marizza begs her not to fire “Julieta” because she’s her family’s sole support and wouldn’t Julieta be perfect for La Madame Girls?

Madame goes for it. “Julieta” is on probation for a month. Pen’s really curious about why Madame has her two siblings working for her.

In the bunker, Mike, Pen, and Bela hear Madame and Omar stepping up security to 24-hour watch on the house and Madame scolding Omar that it’s HER job to look after Leonor. If he doesn’t like it, she can fire them and see who would hire a “deformed” woman like Leonor and an ex-convict like Omar.

Mike’s going to look into Omar’s prison record.


At the police station, JP still isn’t letting the mayor’s murder go. He blames that on Simón for his theory that Pen and Bela had something to do with the suicide of the guy in Puebla.

Ricardo’s going to interview the van driver, so he needs the file. He’ll show the van driver the pictures and ask if he recognizes them. Ricardo agrees with Simón that it really doesn’t matter who the woman was since she didn’t do anything wrong, but he’ll ask anyway. He’s furious when he finds a photo of Bela. He’s only going along with this so they can rule her out.

Casa Bela

JP and Simón come over to see Bela and Pen. They argue in the street and Simón insists Pedro killed himself.

JP breaks it to Bela that the mayor’s case isn’t closed. Simón says she’s a suspect. Bela and JP go off to her room to discuss it alone. He doesn’t believe that she had nothing to do with it.

As for Simón, he just wanted to say hi to Pen and tell her he’s not going to say anything about what she told him earlier. And he still wants to get to know her. Mike listens in on their conversation and fumes. (Well, get off your ass and tell her you like her!)

Mike hears Madame asking someone for a favor in return for her not letting anyone else “rent” Milena.


JP’s annoyed with Simón for saying anything to Bela.

Ricardo comes back from talking to the van driver and he didn’t recognize “either of the two women.” And next time JP involves Bela in an investigation, there will be consequences.

Simón doesn’t get it. Isn’t JP in love with Bela?

JP says things just don’t fit. He calls to request Horacio’s phone records.


Marizza sells some guy 8 SUVs…or rather sells him on the idea that the SUVs in question will make him look more attractive.

She hands him off to Estér and goes to Madame’s office. Madame’s ready to take Marizza under her wing and teach her the ways of power or some nonsense.

Marizza sits in on the meeting between Madame and Israel. Madame claims all the previous workers pulled a no-call no-show and gets away with it. The arbitrator for the meeting was supplied by the guy who “rents” Milena.

Marizza is upset that Madame is skirting the law and not paying the employees severance. Israel calls Marizza out for not telling the truth in the meeting.

Madame explains to Julieta that her payment for being an escort is just a fraction of what she can earn–houses, cars, jewelry. Oh, sex isn’t a requirement…but if Julieta’s smart, she’ll put it on her list of services.

Pen passes the “optional sex” thing on to Bela. Bela’s determined to do something for the previous employees. She wants Pen to get to know “Milena” and find out everything she can about Madame’s contact.

JP and Simón look into the list of calls from Horacio’s phone. Sure enough, the number to La Madame Girls is in their system.

Bela needs to find out Omar’s real name so Mike can look into his record. She also wants to deposit $2M in La Madame’s account and then take it back.

Madame takes Marizza on a training run at the casino. She has Marizza hand stacks of chips to various people who trade them for envelopes full of paperwork for various big-ticket sales. And THEN she wants Marizza to bet money on roulette.

JP tries to call and get info out of the receptionist at Madame Girls. He’d have to talk to La Madame. Who isn’t there. And she can’t give out the number. She hangs up on him. JP and Simon giggle about having to go visit La Madame in person.

Mike’s contact in the US can do the transfers Bela wanted, but he’s going to need some information. Pen will get right on it. Mike’s being obnoxious about Pen moonlighting at La Madame Girls. What if Simón calls? Would she sleep with him?

Yeah, and for free. (That’s what you get for asking, Mike.)

On the way back from the casino, Marizza convinces Omar to take her to lunch.

Inside the dealership, JP and Simón check out cars. Madame recognizes JP and seems surprised and amused to see him there.

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