La Bella Y Las Bestias Thursday 7/12/18 #23

Bringing down La Madame

Omar escorts Marizza to Madame’s office and accidentally lets slip that she doesn’t pay that much attention to the dealership.

Marizza gets Madame’s attention by being a total jerk and claiming to be 38.

The previous sales staff try to challenge their firing/forced resignation. Madame says she and the previous manager will come to an agreement between the two of them if he asks the others to leave.

Marizza insists on hiring her own team and picks some random guy, the annoying woman standing next to Pen, and Pen. The rest of the applicants are dismissed.

Madame asks Emanuel to check into Marizza’s background for her.

Whatever Bela’s plan is, she’s not telling Pen much except that she purposely hired people who should be total crap at selling cars.

The first month, Madame wants 50 cars sold and a minimum of $2M in sales.

Omar really wishes Madame would keep her word to come to an agreement with previous sales staff to avoid getting into trouble.

Bela chats with JP, Simón calls Pen, Estér (the annoying woman in line next to Pen) calls a client to talk about the dealership doing some kind of relaunch.

What’s in Marizza’s official file is the same as what she told Madame. Emanuel’s thrown off by the resemblance of the picture, but says she looks younger than she is. Eman sends her the picture, which convinces Madame that Marizza is “real.”

Madame summons Marizza to her house to demand to know her secret. When Leonor serves them coffee, Madame’s a total ass to her. Marizza takes a little bit of revenge, refusing the coffee because she never drinks it. She won’t give Madame the name of her dermatologist, but she promises to contact him and put in a good word for her.

On her way out of the house, she steals Madame’s keys and asks Omar to encourage her to pay severance to the previous sales staff.

Emi’s Missing

Gloria-Patricia tells JP Emi didn’t come home last night. Emanuel has everyone at the office looking for her. He lies to JP and says she was at work late and she’s in the basement where there’s no cell reception.

Emanuel checks the casino security cameras and gets the license plate of the taxi Emi left in.

He checks out the bar where the taxi dropped her off, but she’s been hiding out behind the sound booth and she’s got the manager covering for her.

Emi’s making a drunken scene at the casino. She bets away her winnings from the previous night. Emanuel comes to pick her up and she sobs about losing all her money, her life is trash since her dad died.

She wakes up in the supply closet at INTERPOL.

Simón Investigates Pen’s connection to Puebla

Simón calls JP to tell him the guy who allegedly committed suicide just happens to have been married to Pen’s mother.

Simón gets back to town and tries to find Pen at the gym. She’s not there and Mike won’t give him her cell number until Simón mentions getting a court order.

When Penélope gets home, she mentions the call from Simón and he says Simón came to the gym looking for her. And also Pen looks pretty. She tells him not to make remarks like that–this is a professional relationship.

When Pen and Simón meet up, he acts like this is just a date, if an awkward one. He wants to know where Pen’s from. She admits to being born in Puebla, going to LA, coming back to Mexico recently. She doesn’t like to talk much about Pueblo. “That must be because of Pedro, the guy who married your mom?” He doesn’t think Pedro’s death was a suicide. (The hell, Simón!)

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