La Jefa del Campeón Monday 7/16/18 #5

Before I forget, I have FINALLY figured out the name of Salomé’s husband and Frida’s dad–Froylán.

Yep, scruffy guy is indeed La Bomba Rodriguez and Waldo tells Tita a lot of professional footballers end up like him. He’s really pushing her to stop encouraging Rey to be a pro, but Tita’s sure they’ll be able to guide Rey.

When they get home, she hears about the suspension and hopes Rey at least got some goals in to make it worth it. Rey scored three goals, because he’s Rey.

New character alert. It’s a whole family, actually. Coyote, Inés, and Gonzalo. They run El Tacoyote and Coyote (the dad) is a fan of Bufalos F. C. He’s desperate for his son Gonzalo to be a footballer, but his wife Inés wishes he’d let Gonzalo make up his own mind about what sport he’s interested in. Fútbol, básquetbol, ténis, badminton, esquash, natación….

Tita ends up having to take Rey to work with her the next day, since Waldo took off without him this morning. Nadia’s predictably grumpy about it. Valeria meets Rey and there is perhaps some pre-teen crushing going on. I mean, she offers him candy, he tells her she’s pretty when Maika says she’s ugly, and they play video games.

When Nadia gets back, it’s time for Tita to leave, but Nadia expects her to stick around and serve dinner. Rey gives her lip, “I was in the bathroom. Or are you going to scold my mom for that too?” and Nadia tells them to just go.

Gonzalo wins me over instantly when he offers Bomba the leftovers off plates at Tacoyote and defends his decision to his dad by saying it’s better to give it away than throw it in the trash.

He’s not super thrilled when his dad buys him “tacos” (fútbol shoes) and says he doesn’t have to wok at the restaurant anymore.

Waldo and Martina take what seems to be stolen jewelry to a jeweler to sell. They spend the rest of the day screwing around at the pensión, then head back to the store when the jeweler says he has an offer. What he really has is the cops waiting to pick them both up. Waldo escapes and when Martina gets hauled into the police station, she feigns innocence and accuses Tita of being Waldo’s accomplice.

Salomé shows up at the station with some cash Martina asked her to bring from under her mattress. Salomé says it’s all there except for what she took out for the taxi…and lunch…and her outfit so they’d take her seriously. She backs up Martina’s story that Tita’s Waldo’s accomplice.

Tita takes Rey to play fútbol with some kids in a park–including Gonzalo. His dad is there, not-really playing coach, but he and Tita shout encouragement and instructions from the sideline. After the game, Tita suggests they form a team and play in the kids’ tournament that Fabi saw advertised at school. Now all they need is a coach.

Tita and Rey visit Beba and Froylán at the stop light. Tita asks them to take Rey home with them, but Beba insists on going with Tita on whatever errand she’s running. Safety in numbers.

Waldo stakes out the pensión for a while, waiting for Tita to get home. He sees the cops bringing Martina and Salomé back. Froylán has made sandwiches for the kids, but no, no one knows where Tita is. Waldo walks away and hops a bus to wherever loser husbands on the run from the law go.

Tita and Beba go in search of Bomba Rodriguez. A guy with a knife approaches. Slang alert!

“!A quitarnos con la marmaja y tambores con las rodillas! Si no les va a costar vale nomás.” Beba translates this as “Gimme everything you’ve got: shoes, money, purses, cell phones, or he’ll kill us.”

“¡Callar el hocico en el muerto o si no las pinto de rojo!” Beba translates this as “Hand it over now or there will be blood.”

All Bomba Rodriguez has to do is show up and the would-be mugger apologizes and leaves. I guess Bomba has a rep off the pitch as well as on.

Tita does her best to convince Bomba to coach the kids’ team, but he says she can see what fútbol’s done to him. Tita says it wasn’t fútbol, it was his bad decisions. Since they’re “neteando” (saying la neta, getting it all out there) he’s an alcoholic.

Well he can stop drinking, then. Bomba calls her naïve and says he’s mercancía dañada (damaged goods) and he’s useless.

Tita thinks there’s no better example than someone who’s hit bottom and clawed his way back.

Bomba thinks that sounds nice, but he’s a Don Nadie (nobody).

Tita thinks there’s time to change that. She’ll be waiting for him at the fútbol field tomorrow.

Tita panics at the sight of a cop car in front of the pensión. She rushes in, worried about the kids, and Martina helpfully points her out to the cops, who are ready to cuff her and take her in. Tita asks to see the kids first.

Froylán is trying to keep their spirits up, but Salomé is…being Salomé. Tita tells her kids to brush their teeth and go to bed early. Beba says she’ll check on them before bed. As for the cops outside…Tita’s going with them to clear up some confusion and their dad will meet her there.

Salomé helps herself to some cake Martina had in the fridge as a down payment for all the backup Martina’s going to need when the other renters realize she let criminals move in. Tita tries to ask what Martina was doing with Waldo, but the cops tell her it’s time to go

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