La Mujer del Vendaval #111

Emiliano & Marcela

Emiliano finds Marcela very appealing, he even likes the holes in her ceiling, and he’s not intimidated by her take charge attitude. (I’ve never thought of blowing holes in the ceiling with a shotgun as requisite for a take charge attitude, but if it works for Marcela….)

Marcela is glad he’s on her team, but its kinda nice having Ale around to take care of her and her ranch (in what ways has Ale taken care of her so far, all he’s done is bully, criticize and neglect her. Oh yeah and accuse her of stealing from his family. And that’s just the stuff she knows about, I’m not even including all the secret plots he’s been making to make her miserable and all the bad things he’s been thinking about her. )(I guess he did help build that alternate exit road, and borrow money to pay off her debts, but still my point stands)

She says she isn’t very good though, at letting her guard down and letting someone else take care of business. She’ll learn though, she’s got love to helper. She goes on a bit about her big love for Ale and Emiliano looks a little uncomfortable.

Ale and Oct

He thinks that even if she does call a shareholder meeting his dad may succeed in gettin him out of the hotel. Luc’s got a lot of shares and with Sil’s he’s got more.

But if Oct and Ale and Nisa and the other shareholders combine their shares they can outvote the two of them.

Obligatory reminder from Oct of how much she claims to care for Ale. Ale is suuuper grateful for her help.

Oct & Ale & Cris & Mauro plan their strategy. They gotta get Nisa on side.

Timo and Eulogio

Timo sends his guard dog to go find out who July’s novio is and take care of this embarrassing problem for him.

Maria Laura and Her Daddy issues

ML muses out loud how she’s gotta get those papers for Oct. Severo internally wonders why ML needs them and further why does Oct? ML notices him side eyeing her and asks him what he wants and is he ever gonna get up

Oct and Mauro

She explains her strategy to him to destroy Ale and Marcela body and soul so’s she can get her revenge and also El Vendeval. He’s impressed by the level of her manipulations, now she’s got to get to Nisa and convince her to vote against Ale.

Cuchi & Nisa

Lovey dovey stuff. Oooopsie she’s outta time she’s gotta run. Cuchi doesn’t look convinced by her story that she’s gotta eat w/her folks.

Hallway relationship counseling with Lencho and Cami

Cami’s waiting outside Nisa’s door cause he’s got a lunch date with her but he’s hangry now and doesn’t want to wait any longer. Lencho instructs Cami in the art of not driving your girlfriend away by being all grouchy and stuff.


Marcela and Emil go out to finish up with the animals

Nuria joins Ale and Cris for lunch. At least Ale is happy to see her back at the hotel and gettin back to her old self.

Cris loses his appetite and leaves and Ale waxes on a while about how tough it is to be lied to till Nuria feels real bad and tells Ale she’s sure Cris is moving to San BP for Alba. Ale assures her there’ll be none of that under his (holey) roof.

More Nuria/Alba/Cris love triangle stuff

Alba and Sagrario

They’re taking the opportunity of bein in town to get the weekly shopping done. Her mom has noticed that Alba hasn’t been paying the piano any attention lately, Alba says she just hasn’t had the heart to play. Sagrario understands but urges her to get back to doing what she loves and giving lessons again. (Oomphh Cris has a lot to answer for, he ruined what she loves most for Alba )

Alba sees Selma and runs over to tell her to treat Amadeo right cause he deserves the best, and it turns into a whole thing. Selma’s insulted Alba thinks she doesn’t appreciate Amadeo, and Alba has to stop Selma from getting too detailed as she waxes on about how Amadeo is the best she’s ever met.


Inez has to listen to Nisa/Cuchi/Cami love triangle stuff. Cami almost catches Nisa telling Inez about Cuchi

Luc gets involved in Inez/Mauro/Lencho/Octavia love quadrangle stuff when he tells Inez that Mauro and Lencho are an item. He wants Inez to evaluate Lencho’s work and make sure he’s comptetent and not just workin there because he’s Mauro’s special friend. Inez looks like she’s doin mental sums that aren’t adding up.

Marcela calls Ale up and he giveser the bad news that his folks are trying to do him out of the business and he’ll have to stay a couple of days. No he doesn’t want her to come and help, he’s got this. He hangs up and agonizes some more bout lovin and missing her

Eulogio/July/Timo love triangle stuff.

Eulolgio tells July that Timo’s assigned him to find the mystery lover and he’s got the well on the way obstructing the investigation but they need a fake name for the Novio Mysterioso.

Eulogio tells Timo his name is Florentino Carnales, a rich rancher with lotsa cows.

Non Love Triangle Business stuff

Cris tells Luc that Oct is calling a board meeting and why. Cris thinks Luc should avoid an embarrassing mtg, just let Ale stay and the problem is resolved.

Luc would rather die than let Oct and Ale get their way, and he’s incensed that Oct has an opinion on the matter (for some reason all his shouting and extreme rage is funny to me, he’s getting so bent out of shape its ridiculous)
Anyway Luc tells Sil he wants to not only take everything away from Ale, now he also wants to publicly humiliate him in the meeting. That’ll teach him.

Oct talks with Nisa and tells her that if Ale gets fired from the hotel it could mean the end of his marriage to Marcela. Hmm.

Ale talks to Nisa to getter on side but she wants to talk about her romantic problems. She loves a guy but she’s not sure he’s the one. Ale reacts in a totally predictable and totally understandable way that probably doesn’t do much to make Nisa want to do what he wants.

Anyway he tellser his problem and she says she only wants the best for him. He leaves relieved but she’s not going to be voting with him I don’t think.

Gordo and Lencho and the Nisa/Cami/Cuchi triangle

Lencho tells Gordo Cami is dating Nisa and Gordo tells Lencho Nisa is also dating his bestie Cuchi

Because what would this story be without mixing business and personal

Cris tells Ale that he and Oct will talk to the shareholders for Ale and Ale asks another favor…Please don’t move to San BP.

Cris says its not fair to ask that of him, its all over with him and Nuria and he really needs to be close to Alba. Ale says maybe, maybe not, but don’t make any precipitous decisions after all you’re still married and Alba has a boyfriend. Cris knows though that Amadeo isn’t right for her and he wants Ale to back off his personal life. He won’t hurt Alba, but he needs to be near to her.

Cris says Ale is the last one who should judge, after all Ale was still married when he met Marcela and still married when he deciced to marry her and Cris supported him then and look how well it worked out. Ale is all blissfully married to the woman of his dreams now.


Marce and Emil say goodbye and he’ll get in touch with the specialist he knows. Alba and Sagrario get home in time to see Emiliano and giveim the update on Mateo, nothing can get that man down.

Emil leaves and Alba and Marcela discuss how wonderful Emiliano is and how if stupid Ale hadn’t got there first Marcela could be with Emiliano instead. But Alessandro came into her life like a whirlwind and carried her up to the clouds.

Speaking of over the top metaphors for love, Alba tells Marcela about her encounter with Selma. Marcela is surprised and amused to hear of Amadeo’s prowess.


Selma tells Amadeo bout her encounter with Alba. Amadeo is concerned bout Alba’s feelings and wants to go talk to her right now, but Selma’s got other plans, plans that require Amadeo’s arms and lips. Penelope watches, amused.


Severo tries walking again. He’s got to be more careful this time, he reminds himself, no breaking things. He’s actually taking little steps holding on to the furniture. Looks like it won’t be long before he’ll be a threat again.


Ale sits in his hotel room agonizing about how he can’t get away from his memories of Marcela when his dad comes by to tell him about the meeting tomorrow and to tell him to be prepared to face some serious humiliation.

(whatever happens at that board meeting, its probably going to be a real let down. Unless its a fracas on a grand scale there’s no way it can live up to the hype. I’m hoping Luciano throws a chair or two, or at least his shoe. )
(guess we’ll find out next time.)
(or the time after, if they really drag it out)

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2 years ago

Gracias, stealth! My DVR skipped this episode, so I’m glad I can read what I missed.

I had no idea the way to a man’s heart was shooting holes in the ceiling.

I agree, Cris has a lot to answer for. He needs to back off until the divorce is final. Get outta here with that “I just want to be near her” business.

Poor Luciano. It must suck to think the world revolves around you and then find out it doesn’t. Why do these characters who have over-the-top angry reactions never just keep over and die mid-rant?