La Jefa del Campeón Tuesday 7/17/18 #6

Tita says there’s no way Waldo stole legit jewelry. Check out this ring he gave her that’s turning her finger green! And they weren’t even in town two months ago when the jewelry was stolen. Whatever, Waldo’s still on the hook for this.

Tita tells Fabi that her dad is just off on a business trip and he didn’t say goodbye because he didn’t want to upset them.

Martina whines and cries over Waldo. She decides she’ll make Tita and the kids pay.

Since Tita can’t sleep anyway, she irons the kids’ uniforms and talks to Beba. She’s keeping the cheapo ring to remind her not to fall for Waldo’s lies. He could kneel on a cactus and she still won’t forgive him.

Salomé is pissed off that Froylán doesn’t think Tita’s evil incarnate. Frida’s freaked out, but that doesn’t stop Salomé from kicking Froylán out of their room. He ends up spending the night in Beba’s room hunched over a desk. I can’t decide whether Beba’s lingerie-print t-shirt is tacky or fabulous, but I think I want one.

As Tita tries to pour a bowl of Azucaradas cereal (heh!), Martina comes in to present her with her new monthly payment on the money Waldo borrowed. Tita agrees to do it, even if she doesn’t know how. And she’s glad she found out Martina wasn’t such a horrible person after all–lending money to Waldo without even knowing which foot he has a freckle on (metaphorically). “The left.” (literally) Martina covers up her slip up saying she meant the cereal was in the cabinet on the left.

Tita asks the Coronel to coach the kids’ fútbol team. He used to be a ref but he’s not sure he can coach. Tita says she already told the parents and the other kids that they’d have a coach today.

Salomé sees Froylán sneaking out of Beba’s room in the morning and goes crying to Martina. They both agree Beba’s a “zorra” but Salomé’s not so sure about Tita. Martina’s not sure Salomé should let go of Froylán since she’s convinced Tita’s going to snatch him right up.

As Tita cleans her room, she tells Beba about the alleged loan. Beba’s not so sure she should believe Martina, but it’s not like Tita can ask Waldo if it’s true. She’ll just have to pay it off somehow. Beba offers to help as much as she can, even if it’s just as a shoulder to cry on.

El Coronel gets to the pitch In his new jersey, ready to coach the…uh, what’s the team name? After he and Tita discard several, Rey comes up with Delfines (Dolphins). Fabi comes over to say she’s headed home, but the new coach is working with the team already.

Bomba got himself cleaned up. El Coronel considers himself fired, ’cause how can he compete with Bomba Rodriguez? Bomba tells Rey to go catch up to him and tell him they need an assistant coach. Bomba and Tita make eyes at each other and I swear Fabi notices…and approves.

Rey gets El Coronel to agree to the assistant job. Since the two of them like each other, they decide Rey can call the Coronel “Abuelo.”

On the bench, Bomba calls out instructions and tells Tita this is going to be difficult, but he’ll teach them to think like champions. Rey comes back and Bomba sends him out to play. El Coronel still thinks they’re just trying to keep him on to spare his feelings, but Bomba says a winning team needs discipline and who better than El Coronel to teach them?

Martina, that loudmouthed jerk, mocks Fabi for doing the ironing and then tells her that her dad’s a thief and he’s never coming back.

Bomba’s been drinking for years, so being sober for most of the day feels weird to him. Tita promises she’ll be there for him if he needs her.

Beba’s worried Bomba could slip up. She sticks her foot in her mouth saying Tita believes Bomba when he says he won’t drink the same way she believed Waldo. Tita’s not even mad about it, she knows Beba’s right.

Bomba meets with his old sponsor, which he never thought he’d do. He said he’d help those kids, but he needs help too.

Salomé. Froylán. Another stupid argument. Froylán is actually moving in with El Coronel. Each one of them works while the other one is sleeping.

Fabi confronts Tita about her dad, saying Tita’s always trying to run everyone’s lives and she makes everything worse. They were supposed to be better off in the city. If her dad was stealing, it’s Tita’s fault. Fabi says Tita’s not even her mother and now she doesn’t have a father, either.

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