La Jefa del Campeón Wednesday 7/18/18 #7

Fabi runs off. Beba goes to look for her while Tita gives Rey dinner.

Salomé bad-mouths Tita and annoys Froylán. She’s still not “ready” to forgive him. Martina warns her again not to end up driving him off. Salomé’s not worried. And hey, did Martina hear the latest? Fabi ran off!

Fabi ends up at the fútbol field as Bomba is leaving. Fabi gives him the same “That woman isn’t my mom,” line. Uh oh. Bomba tells her about his parents. He was working when he was Rey’s age. If he didn’t bring home money, his mom would beat him. One day she just took off. He didn’t see them again until he was a big fútbol star and they stole everything he had.

OK, Fabi gets it, she’s lucky to have Tita. Now she’s afraid Tita won’t want her back after the way she behaved. Bomba knows Tita will always love her.

Beba has just come back without finding Fabi when Fabi and Bomba show up. Tita hugs her in relief and sends her off with Beba to get dinner. Bomba will only tell her that he said Fabi has the best mom ever and Fabi said she was sorry. The rest is between him and Fabi. Now Bomba gets the hug.

Beba tells Fabi we all have problems with our parents sometimes, but next time she shouldn’t say things when she’s angry. She needs to learn to talk it out with someone else, calm down, and then talk. And hello, yes, Tía Beba will be that person for Fabi.

Tita says she’s not mad at Fabi. She was scared. And Fabi had better not ever do that again! She’s sorry she lied, trying to make the kids’ lives a little nicer. She’s figured out it’s up to each one of them to do that for themselves.

“Can I still call you ‘Mom’?” (I’m not crying, you’re crying!)

Um, yeah, if she doesn’t then Tita WILL be mad!

Tita scolds Martina the next morning for telling Fabi the truth, but Martina twists it, saying Fabi already knew and she just confirmed it and how dare Tita treat her like this when she’s only trying to be helpful! Gosh, she was even thinking she should give Tita more time to pay off Waldo’s debt, but after this? Forget it! (I haaaaate Martina!)

Rey’s going to work with Tita again. Fabi teases him for trying to look nice for Valeria. Rey wants to wear his dad’s loción (aftershave, I think) and be like his dad, but Fabi tells him he has to be better than that. From now on, when they have problems they should talk them over first, or he should talk to Beba, so they don’t worry their mom.

Tita tells Beba about Bomba talking to Fabi. Beba thinks Bomba is dishy and she won’t take Tita’s “I hadn’t noticed” for an answer. Tita complains that she IS still married and she expects Waldo to come back. Although the only reason she cares is that the kids love him.

Nadia’s unhappy to see Rey at her house again. She’d send Tita home, but Valeria’s home sick today and she has to go to a meeting.

According to Valeria it’s more like her mom didn’t feel like taking her to school. So can she and Rey go outside and play?

When Tita goes out to the playground to collect them, Nadia sees what’s going on and freaks out. She sends Valeria home and starts screaming about Rey being disobedient and turning out to be a criminal just like “all of them.” She grabs him by the arm and Tita is having NONE of that. Her boy’s going to be a good person and an example to others. And don’t bother firing her because she QUITS!

“Vieja loca, histérica, a ver quien la aguanta.” (I disapprove of going straight for crazy, hysterical bitch, and I also laughed.)

Tita doesn’t want Rey to worry about her getting fired. They need the money, but you can’t put a price on dignity. Rey promises to buy her a building even bigger than this when he’s famous, but she’ll settle for him being a good person.

Back at home, Nadia complains that Valeria’s not supposed to go outside. That’s why she has video games! People like Tita and her son are there to serve them, not to make friends with. But hey, it’s not entirely Valeria’s fault. Nadia’s going to teach her how to choose worthwhile friends. (Doesn’t that sound like fun.)

Martina. Salomé. Fighting over who gets to shove the newspaper under Tita’s nose to embarrass her. The actual jewelry thief has been caught and they assume it’s only a matter of time before he rolls on Waldo. Because apparently they’ve forgotten they’re the ones who made up the story that Waldo is a thief.

Beba has an idea so Tita can make money. She takes her to meet Chino Mendieta, the neighborhood’s wholesaler of stuff to sell at stop lights. With Chino, you get your merchandise free up front and you have fifteen days to sell it and pay for it. With interest. Or else.

Tita decides to sell inflatable pool toys…and so does Salomé. Salomé’s not happy.

Valeria told her dad about Tita getting fired. Emiliano confronts her about being heartless, basically. Nadia’s defense is that she was born rich, which she won’t apologize for, and if other people need to work to eat that’s not her problem.

Well, she’d better hope she’s never humiliated the way she humiliated Tita. He remembers that Nadia got on her knees to beg him to marry her when she found out he had money. She sure didn’t care that he came from “gentuza” then. He’s going to sleep in the maid’s room.

Tita tells the kids she sold enough to make them dinner–lentils! Tita skips dinner. She pawned a pool toy for a bag of lentils and it’s all they’ve got.

She goes back to Chino, who won’t let her return the pool toys, but will let her take whatever other merchandise she wants. Sure, she’ll owe more, but he wants all his customers to be completely satisfied.

Frida’s going to Rey’s fútbol practice. Because Froylán said she could. He tells Salomé it’s best they let Frida do what she wants so she doesn’t end up bitter like some people.

At the fútbol field, Bomba’s a little thrown off–it’s not a girls’ team. Only champions get to use this field. So is she ready to give it all she’s got? She screams it in his face that she is and Bomba says that’s the right attitude and has the guys come over to welcome Frida.

First drill–penalty kicks with a 2-person wall. He gives Frida the ball and sets up the wall and the goalie. Half of the wall can’t believe a girl’s really going to play with them. Rey says she’s good. And she knows math. “What’s that got to do with it?”

“I can calculate the angle, the distance, the velocity, and where to kick the ball.” Bomba tells her to put it in the upper right corner of the net. And she does. Because math.

Tita tries selling drums. Salomé scolds Froylán for trying to help her sell. If he wants forgiveness, he’d better stay away from Tita!

She ends up only selling one. She doesn’t know what she’s going to do tomorrow, but she’s determined to sell the rest. It’s lentils for dinner again.

Tomorrow is Saturday. Fabi’s having people over to do a group project for school. Rey has fútbol practice in the morning. Tita claims she’s not having dinner because she’s too tired.

Fabi catches up to her in the bathroom in the morning, running water to heat up for her shower. Martina comes in and complains about the water. And she wants a private word with Tita–she heard Tita lost her job. But she’s sure Tita will sell all her merch and be able to make rent.

Tita assures her she’s not going to take off without paying, but Martina says that’s what the cops are for, to track people down.

She complains with Salomé about Tita getting fired. Salomé’s sure she was screwing around with her boss. Women like that should have the ceiling cave in on them! Martina agrees. I glare. (Martina’s such a great example of someone who’s “nice” but isn’t.)

At the stop sign, Tita dances her way to drum sales. And Froylán helps (because screw Salomé). When Tita says she owes him one, he makes a joke about trading it in for a kiss and pisses off Salomé.

And now we find out about Enrique the bully. His mom is blind and he’s the family’s only support. And he sure does have a crush on Fabi if the amount of hair gel he’s using is any indication.

Tita’s down to one drum. Today it’s Beba who had bad luck trying to sell coloring books and crucigramas (crosswords). No way is she going to switch to drums–she couldn’t get a good sound of that thing if she kicked it! They cheers their bags of juice. Yes, that’s a technical term.

At the fútbol field, Tita’s plans fall apart. Gonzalo’s dad knows about Bomba’s career and what happened after. He doesn’t think an alcoholic should be working with kids. He won’t let him teach his son bad habits. He pulls Gonzo out and tells the other parents they should think about whether they want him training their kids.

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