La Mujer del Vendaval #112

Luc comes to stink up Ale’s air w/his cigars and warn him tomorrow’s meeting isn’t going to be pretty.

Inez confronts Mauro, how dare he pretend to be gay to escape Octavia’s clutches. (hey, if that would work…. )
Mauro sort of explains but he’s mostly too pissed and goes off to yell at Oct.

Oct and Val have a plotting phone call. It’s all stuff we’ve heard before.

Mauro comes in to Oct’s office and yells at Oct for telling everyone he’s gay. She says it was only Luc and makes excuses, but he’s not having any of it. He threatens to tell everyone she and Lencho are lovers, but Oct won’t be threatened, she bulldozes over Mauro and tells him he’s gonna keep his mouth shut. He says he’s done with her, he doesn’t even like her anymore. She doesn’t care, but if he tries to taker down he goes down too.

Marcela’s room

Marcela and Alba girl talk, mostly about Amadeo. – It wouldn’t be so bad to have a baker in the family, and Marcela makes tiger claws and rawrs at Alba as she leaves.

ML comes in to ask why the new locks on the desk. Marce says cuz yr dad is stayin here and he could steal stuff by just lookin at it. ML threatens God’s punishment for slandering an old invalid and Marce says what’s he gonna do to me worse than havin a cousin like you? ML reminds her not to be so cocky, she’ll be blind and dependent on others someday soon.


After convincing Lencho his friend is being cheated on, Gordo leaves the hotel

Things get hot and heavy with Nisa and Cami, but Nisa is all over the place, hot and cold from one second to the next. Then she tells Cami about Ale’s maybe getting kicked out of the hotel tomorrow which makes Cami feel better about not getting more little kisses


Val and Emil eat together – she’s happy to see him happy. He tries to pretend its just getting in touch with his old teacher, who is the specialist for Marcela, who he only thinks about as a friend and doctor. Sure.

ML gives Oct an update over the phone – new lock …locksmith, oh and what’s up with Ale. Turns out Oct and ML think alike re: Ale and Marce and Ale’s job security.


Mauro sits at the bar drinking and musing on how he’s now been gifted a new lifestyle and a gay lover. Inez comes up and he tells her he’s had it with Oct, he’s done with her forever. Inez was right all along and he wants a chance to show her he’s moved on but Inez wants him to sober up before she’ll believe him

Lencho and Cami discuss Alessandro possibly getting fired – Cami’s happy bout it, Lencho thinks its too bad, all the employees like Ale. Then Lencho tells Cami bout Nisa being back together with Cuchi, which Cami can’t believe, why would she get back with the guy who cheated on her?  (I.. can’t … even.  I don’t know, Cami, why would Marcela get back together with you?)  Lencho convinces him to follow her to find out if its true.

Silvana and Nisa badmouth Marcela for a while. Nisa will go to the meeting if her mom wants but she’s still not sure which way she should vote. (it is so sad that the most bonding these two have done since we’ve met them involves trashing Marcela)


Gordo gets back to Cuchi’s place too tired to go out w/ Cuchi for drinks so Cuchi has to go out alone. Those two poor saps, Gordo says to himself, neither one of them will end up with Nisa. Gordo the genius will be the winner. The winner settles in to Cuchi’s bed to get some sleep.


Nestor comes in to Sil’s office and finds her crying alone. She confides in him, she’s worried for Alessandro, and feels bad turning against him, but she knows she’s right and in the long run it will be for the best. Nestor supports her decision (and I think he’s in love with her)

Mauro tells Lencho the story making the rounds since Oct told Luc bout them being gay. Lencho wants to go talk to Luc and clear things up but Mauro has a plan to get back at Oct without getting Lencho in problems that would prevent his living his dreams.

Oct gets back to her suite and is looking for Lencho but he’s not there. She calls down to the front desk to have him fetched. When they can’t find Lencho, she tellsem to fetch her Cami then.


Amadeo thanks Penelope for her help at teh cyber-bakery with all the female customers they’ve been attracting. Rawr Tiger. Penelope hopes her cyber boyfriend comes to meet her tomorrow, she’ll keep coming back till he shows up.

Ilse calls, – no progress yet on the Linda front, her dad never takes his eyes off her. Ilse wants Amadeo to go visit Roman and cheer him up so he don’t try to break out.


Emiliano finishes up a call with the specialist, who is gonna be in the country for a conference and can see Marcela tomorrow. He calls Marcela to make sure she can make it, its the best time since Ale’s out of town and she didn’t want him to know about her tests anyway. Marcela is surprised and worried about going tomorrow but agrees.

Before bed Silvana starts having second thoughts, plus she’s not sure they can count on Nisa, but Luc reassures her and tellser to get some sleep, they’ve got a big day tomorrow.


Cami, summoned to Oct’s room, tells her he doesn’t know where Lencho is, last time he saw him he was talking to Mauro at the bar.

So Oct calls Mauro. Lencho is there, playing his guitar and singing his new song. They don’t answer the phone, preferring to let Oct stew in her own juices. Mauro warns Lencho not to fall in love with her, look where it got him. Lencho says he’s always known the score, it’s all about the nookie.


Alba has a romantic dream about Amadeo as she again hears Selma describing his prowess in her mind. What a strange dream

Amadeo and Selma are fooling around on his couch, but he gathers his self control and sends her home. After all, they’re just short term novios and what would Alba think if she heard Selma was staying nights with him. Selma can’t believe Alba is so dumb as to be missing out on all this Amadeo. He walks her out

Early morning in the ranch kitchen Marcela tells her tia that she’ll have to go see Mateo another time, cause Emiliano gotter an appointment today w/a specialist. Sagrario gets worried, is her illness going badly enough to need a specialist? She tries to reassure her, but Sagrario thinks she should wait till Alessandro can go with them so’s he won’t get upset or at least tellim about it. Marce says today’s the only day the specialist can see her and she doesn’t want to worry Ale anyway or have a fuss made about it, so don’t tell anyone. ML hides behind a plant and eavesdrops.

Rosa bellows offscreen that Emiliano has arrived scaring ML away and Marcela bellows back not to shout and goes to Emiliano


Oct greets Mauro at the start of his work day demanding to know where is Lencho. Mauro says since you said we live together, he’s stayin at my place from now on. It’s only practical, after all, so Luc doesn’t find out why he’s really here.

Lencho arrives and he and Mauro act like a couple in front of Nora, Oct’s secretary. Nora and Oct are perplexed, Nora also looks scared. Mauro and Lencho are very affectionate. Mauro leaves and Lencho really plays it up to annoy Oct. Oct warns Nora, not a word about what you saw. As she leaves Nora says she didn’t see anything, her face says, what did I just see?
Oct yells at Lencho for acting all outre. He yells at her for making up the story in the first place, it could really hurt Mauro’s career, and what did she expect him to do sneak into her room nights and let her hide him from Luc in her closet?


Cris and Ale have a pre-meeting pep talk

Luc tells Sil about Maro and Lencho. Or at least he tries to tell her but he’s using so many euphemisms she doesn’t understand what he’s on about til he finally just says Mauro is homosexual and Lencho is his bf. ( I have a problem with Luc just outing Mauro and Lencho to everybody. I know they’re pretending, but outing ppl w/o their consent is not ok. Though it fits in with the awfulness that is the rest of Luc’s personality)


Emiliano has breakfast in the kitchen with the family.

Rosa announces the arrival of the San Bartolo Tiger aka Amadeo
Alba is irked that she’s calling him that and Sagrario is confused, Amadeo is such a peaceful young man. Rosa explains that Amadeo has acquired the reputation of a ladykiller and Sagrario is more surprised.

Marcela goes to brusher teeth and Sagrario privately asks Emiliano if anything else is going on with Marcela’s eyes and these tests. Emil repeats the story that he just wants a second opinion. Alba and Sagrario look worried anyway.

ML stomps around and fumes to her dad about Marcela seeing a doctor. (Huh? Oh maybe she doesn’t believe that’s what Marce is really doin? )
Severo silently wills her to tell him bout the documents but only gets a towel draped over his head like he was a hyperactive parakeet in a cage.

ML is sure Ale will see her calendar and realize what he missed. She takes the towel off and tells daddy he’s gotta wake up and cooperate. She doesn’t like the half brain-dead thing he’s got goin on.

Marcela explains to Emiliano again why she doesn’t wanna tell Ale; everyone overreacts, just look how Alba and Sagrario reacted with the little they told them. Emiliano understands and its ok. They head out.

Alessandro is nervously waiting and just can’t stand it anymore. He calls the house and ML answers and tells him Marcela just left with Emiliano.

Doom doom Dooooomm.

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2 years ago

Gracias, stealth! I think I hurt myself laughing at the whole Amadeo as the tiger of San Bartolo, rawr! And the parakeet thing with the towel over Severo’s head! I’ve had parakeets before and I know exactly what you mean.

I hadn’t thought about Nestor maybe being in love with Silvana, but now I’m totally ‘shipping them. Luc can take a hike!