La Jefa del Campeón Thursday 7/19/18 #8

Bomba quits, but Tita won’t accept it. She wants him to show everyone he can change, but Bomba doesn’t want to have to prove anything to anybody. He thanks her for trying, but it’s over.

He heads right back to his station wagon, looking for a bottle that’s not empty…but when he finds one, he remembers promising Tita he wouldn’t drink. He tosses the bottle.

Fabi’s a little weirded out by Enrique’s new look. They’re just waiting for their classmate, Clara, to get started on the project.

Coyote explains to Inés why he pulled Gonzo off the team. He wants to enroll him at Dante Chimal’s school. Gonzo tells his mom this is the first time he’s actually liked fútbol, but she thinks his dad is right.

Tita overhears Rey telling Frida even if they had gone to the tournament, he wouldn’t be able to play without tacos.

El Coronel takes Martina into his room to show her the strange shoe he found under his bed. She admits Froylán has been using his room while he’s out. The Coronel decides Froylán can stay, but he’s gotta learn how to make a bed properly.

Froy asks enough questions that we get the Coronel’s backstory. He and his high school girlfriend got pregnant and she left the baby with him and took off. His son died in the earthquake in 1985. If he were still around, he’d probably be old enough that the Coronel would have grandkids…

Rey comes running in asking for help with his homework, so he kind of does.

Clara’s not showing up. She has sarampión (measles) or something. Fabi says they’ll just do the project and put her name on it. She doesn’t want Clara to flunk. Quique was going to ask Fabi out for ice cream after, but she tells him that she’s the one who got Rey to kick the ball at his face.

Tita finds Bomba on a couch near his station wagon, going into withdrawal. She drags him back to the pensión. When she gets there, Martina makes snide remarks and Salomé shows her the newspaper. Beba tells them to take a hike. She and Tita make a bed for him in the hallway.

In the morning, Martina hits on him. She’s so obvious about it, I feel like I’m insulting your intelligence just typing that. Bomba fills out a t-shirt pretty good for a guy who’s spent the last howevermany years drinking himself to death. Just saying.

Rey asks Bomba to sign his poster. He wants to be like him. Bomba says he’ll teach Rey everything he knows, but Rey’s gotta promise to be himself.

Bomba seriously digs into breakfast with Tita’s family. Froylán takes the kids to the park and Beba makes herself scarce to leave Tita alone with Bomba. He thanks her for everything.

Tita finds the message Bomba signed on Rey’s poster–When you reach your goal, don’t stray from your path. Only leave footprints that set an example. -Daniel

To make a messy story short, Tita and Beba go dumpster diving because a cobbler told her where the neighborhood kids ditch their tacos. So now Rey’s got a pair of new-to-him shoes.

Tita tried talking to some of the other moms at school, but no one shows up for practice. When they’re about to give up, Bomba comes in with three kids from the neighborhood who want to play: Walter, Chapu, and Luis. Enrique shows up to try to prove he’s better than Rey.

Everyone but Tita and Bomba go over to start practice. The two of them make googly eyes at each other. It’s possible I yelled “Just kiss already!”

Time for a practice montage.

And then it’s tournament day. Dante sees Bomba and he’s a total jerk, talking about how Bomba let him down and hey how many drinks has he had and his team’s gonna lose. He mocks Tita for having Dante coach, but she’s confident the Delfines will win. And at least now her son is being coached by a guy who’s not a pervert.

Bomba’s like “Pervert?” but Tita tells him to focus on the game.

Froylán, Beba, and Fabi notice Martina and Salomé coming up to the stands to ruin their day.

Dante asks Mario if something happened with Tita. She sounded pretty sure of herself when she complained about bad values and perverts? Mario convinces Dante not to ask her about it and just kick Bomba’s team’s asses on the field.

The tournament organizers apparently sent out a notification that girls weren’t allowed to play. Frida hid it from her parents. Tita suggests to Frida that maybe they can find a girls’ team for her to join. Bomba’s not happy she can’t play–the team needs her.

When Frida gets to the stands, Salomé acts like she actually gives a crap and blames it all on Tita and Beba.

Fabi and Frida assemble a cheer squad. (I have to say, I’m uncomfortable with this, but I’m going to give the show a chance to not turn this into a “boys play sports, girls cheer” thing.)

Enrique was so busy trying to outdo Rey that he missed a goal. Bomba scolds him for not being a team player and Enrique leaves the field. Mario recruits him immediately.

Salomé goes to give Tita a hard time about Frida not getting to play. Which I would totally respect if she meant it.

Salomé then tries to get Froylán to be outraged about Frida’s treatment, but he’s had enough of her ‘tude. He thinks it’s time to get a divorce.

Dante seems to soften at the game goes on. He tells Bomba his team plays well, but he’d better not get his hopes up–Dante’s team has won this tournament the last five years. And hey, maybe he should quit spending all his money on alcohol and get a haircut and some uniforms for his team. Bomba tells him to quit giving his team pizza.

El Coronel brings a recruiter for Los Chapulines over to meet Tita.

The game goes on in slow motion and suddenly it’s a teenage Rey in a Chapulines uniform scoring a goal. Tita and El Coronel are applauding in the stands as Rey throws her kisses.

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