La Bella Y Las Bestias Friday 7/20/18 #29

Leonor sneaks out of the house while Madame shrieks at Omar over the news that the three sports cars have gone missing. She does NOT want Dr. Mike finding out and putting her treatment at risk. Omar “of all people” should know she puts her looks ahead of everything else. (Do I want to know what she means or will I sleep better at night not knowing?)

Emilia seriously sent her mother to lunch with Emanuel. This is her first “date” since Armando died.

Emanuel calls Madame to ask why she wants to know about those women. He threatens to contact the authorities if anything happens to either of them.

JP and Simón show up at the gym so JP can start ranting and raving about Mike, Pen, and Bela stealing three cars. They deny it, of course. And then she denies it some more later. Is there a point to these conversations? JP sticks something in her backpack while they’re hugging.

Simón’s sure they did steal the cars, but Pen denies it anyway.

Bela’s ready to have Mike pull the money back out of Madame’s account, but Pen’s upset she’s not going to empty it. Bela says it’s Omar and Leonor’s money. And now she and Mike are off to do the next part.

Omar breaks it to Madame that Leonor left. He blames her for it and he’s not going to leave the house to do anything until his sister comes back.

Mom/Gloria/Pati is sloshed and convinced Emanuel’s got a thing for her. He has to drag her sloppy drunk butt out of the restaurant.

Pen’s just made it home when a couple of guys grab her and shove her into the back of an SUV. They really had to work for it, though. Just saying.

Madame’s flipping out, demanding that JP find those cars. She takes a call from Dr. Mike to schedule her treatment. Does she have his cars? He can see her at her house later today…but she’d rather meet him somewhere else.

It was Madame’s guys who grabbed Pen and Madame expects Omar to torture some answers out of her or she’ll make sure Leonor stays missing permanently. He complains this is just like her–always having other people get their hands dirty.

JP tells Ricardo he suspects Bela of stealing the cars. Ricardo promises to fire JP if he ever accuses Bela of everything again. Simón tells him JP might be right.

Dr. Mike brought Marizza along to his appointment with Madame (at JP’s old house) for moral support.

Pen’s already guessed that Omar is under the ski mask. Yeah, well, he knows she’s not Julieta. She’s trying to infiltrate Madame’s operation to feed information to the feds. He wants to know where the cars are or she’ll find out why he was in prison.

Dr. Mike brought over some needles and bottles of his secret sauce. But he’s got something even more potent…. Marizza complains that it’s the stuff he wouldn’t let her try. Well, Madame has no problem being a guinea pig.

Penélope gives Omar her real name, but she says she’s working on her own, not with the feds. He might as well let her go and quit getting his hands dirty for his psycho sister. Omar threatens to shoot her.

JP and Simón can’t find Pen and Bela at the house or the gym. JP’s sure she’s at Madame’s. Oh, right, and he’s not on his usual phone because he “lost” it, so that’s apparently what he stuck in Bela’s backpack.

Emanuel comes home with Pati/Gloria and tells her to get some rest. She acts like he’s offering to take her to bed and he completely loses his temper with her. He’s not going to sleep with a dru–sorry, he just means, she should rest. And now she’s a crying drunk. (Yeah, see, I’m thinking after this he won’t want to see Emilia at all. In any capacity.)

Omar puts Pen, still tied up, into Madame’s bathtub and starts running the water. Before he can do much of anything, JP and Simón come knocking on the door. So, Marizza’s not there and neither is Madame and uh…is Omar OK? Well, if he hears from Marizza, he can call them.

So Mike has spun this elaborate tale about the super-serum and how once you get started on a bottle you have to finish it because it oxidizes and blah blah blah. Madame writes him a check and I guess she’s going to be self-injecting? He’s given her five bottles and Bela asks if three wouldn’t be enough and she could give the other two to Leonor. I’m betting you can guess Madame’s answer to that.

Mike marks the places where the injections will go. Madame gets nervous as he loads up the needles, but asks to be left alone. Madame seems to have done this before and has no problem doing the injections herself.

Omar starts running the bath water again, but Pen won’t talk. He starts screaming at her that he doesn’t care if he’s got one more thing on his conscience. Milena calls to tell him Leonor showed up at her place.

Emilia’s waiting for Emanuel when he gets back to the office. He didn’t find her little prank funny and he’s not ever going to tell her mother that they’re dating, because they’re not. And she can drop off her name tag on her way out, because she no longer works here.

JP and Simón get to the garage where the three stolen cars turn out not to be stolen at all. They belong to Israel and his wife and so do the 200 other cars they’ll be starting their own dealership with. Madame called and asked them to meet her here and he found an envelope with all the paperwork, signatures, fingerprints and everything. JP calls this a “jalada” (bullshit).

Madame’s face reacted badly to whatever’s actually in the wonder serum. She starts panicking and calling for a doctor and Bela comes in to do her “I’m Enrique León’s daughter, you voted to kill my father, prepare to die” speech.

JP asks Simón to call his phone…his regular phone. He explains his phone is with Bela. She’s at his old house.

The bathtub is filling up, and still Pen won’t talk. Omar dunks her one last time and leaves her there.

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