La Bella Y Las Bestias Monday 7/23/18 #30


Pen pulls herself together and gets the rope untied. And not a minute too soon–Simón just watched Omar head out of the house, walking suspiciously fast, so he shoots off the lock and sneaks upstairs. The water in the bathtub is still sloshing frantically, but Pen’s out and running down the street.

JP’s on his way to his old house, where Madame’s still sobbing over her face. Bela breaks it to her that she’s also broke, so there won’t be any way to fix it. Bela offers her a gun with just one bullet–Madame can shoot Bela and be stuck with her face like that or….

Bela comes running out of the house to where JP is waiting in the driveway. They both hear the gun go off, so…clearly, Bela didn’t shoot anybody.

The aftermath

The four remaining Bestias gather in their super seekrit meeting room, arguing about whether or not doing shots constitutes celebrating Madame’s death or honoring it. Colombiano toasts to “their” Madame and wishes her the best in heaven. Abelardo says she might be in hell. “Well, if she’s in hell then she’s definitely having a good time!”

Bela tells Emanuel that she accidentally ended up at Madame’s dealership when she was looking for a car, she got kidnapped a few days later, and when she woke up, Madame was hovering over her saying she was going to kill her. Bela got loose, fought her off, and ran out front, where JP was waiting.

And now it’s time for the Bestias to do the paperwork to split up Madame’s assets evenly between them. Abelardo now mentions that Madame came to see him and said JP Quintero was after her. The same guy Horacio wanted to kill off. Joyera puts together that all the recent deaths are of Armando’s ex-partners.

JP goes over their list of bestias. Simón tries talking JP out of insisting this was all Bela’s doing, but JP wants to interrogate Bela. Ricardo will let him, but he insists on being there, emphasizing that Bela’s a victim. Madame probably wanted to kill off Bela in retaliation for Armando’s death.

Colombiano points out that because of the way they’re organized it’s to their advantage when another partner dies. Last one standing gets it all. Which is why Joyera thinks it was one of the remaining partners, or just a coincidence. Abelardo’s money is still on JP.

Simón and JP check out Madame’s funeral to see if Omar and Leonor show up. They’ve been missing since Madame died. JP’s annoyed that the four remaining Bestias are over there, mourning Madame, and there’s nothing they can do.

Interrogation time. Bela didn’t bring a lawyer. JP asks about Madame’s siblings. He accuses her of not having been kidnapped. “Do you have proof?” OK, Ricardo’s done. Bela can go and JP’s fired. Oops.

Bela offers to talk to Ricardo, but JP tells her not to bother. All he wants is for her to stop lying. Well, all she wants is for him to stop suspecting her. I think JP’s next statement is the heart of the matter–he’s angry that she won’t let him protect her and every time he tries to do his job she gets involved and makes him look stupid. Basically, his macho pride is wounded.

He goes out to where Ricardo’s standing by Simon’s desk to throw a temper tantrum about Ricardo always being suspicious of him and everyone being just a bureaucrat who’s there to collect a paycheck. He tried to do his job and got fired for it. The system is corrupt!

Madame’s funeral continues. The last four Bestias dismiss the rest of the crowd so they can each swear to each other that none of them wants to kill the others and vow to stick together. And then Colombiano takes a selfie with the portrait of Madame. Because that’s just the kind of guy he is.

Em and Em

Gloria-Patricia visits Emanuel’s office and promises if he gives Emi her job back, he’ll never see Gloria-Patricia again.

Emi goes back to her old house to reminisce about her dad and cry.

Emi’s not happy when Gloria-Patricia tells her what she did and she gets mean about liking her mom better when she was neglectful. In her room she leaves Emanuel a weepy voicemail.

Fighting to fill in the lull

OK, Omar and Leonor are definitely missing. Pen remembers Omar talking to someone about Leonor, but she doesn’t know who he was talking to. Mike’s sure Omar knows how to keep a low profile. Pen’s worried that he knows all about them.

Bela gets back to the gym and says the interrogation went badly.

JP’s done with the whole cop thing. Simón wonders how Bela feels about getting him fired.

Bela’s feeling guilty. Pen thinks she shouldn’t have taken advantage of Ricardo thinking of her as a daughter. Mike thinks JP did it to himself and their relationship was never going anywhere anyway.

Simón comes to visit all “I’m the law” and he and Mike get into it. Bela and Pen split them up. Simón’s pissed at Bela, but the minute Pen tells him to quit it or he’ll never see her again, his arms drop.

But he gets into a shouting match with Bela and Mike comes at him again and Simón arrests him. Just to emphasize that he’s “the law.” He’s having Mike held for 48 hours.

Bela and Juan Pablo have a pointless discussion in their usual park. He’s annoyed that she still won’t tell him the truth, even now when he’s not a cop anymore. Bela says she’s not going to stop and this jerk whines that she always gets her way.

Seriously? Like she wanted to have her family and best friend killed? And have to live in an orphanage? She’s not some spoiled brat.

He sets her free from her promises and tells her to kill whoever she wants to.

Simón and Pen go for a beer. She begs him to let Mike out. Simón doesn’t care about Mike–the only thing they have in common is liking the same woman. He tries to stop Pen from leaving, but brushes her wrist and she yelps. He realizes she was in Madame’s house. Pen admits it.

Simón doesn’t agree with what Bela’s doing, but he understands it. What he doesn’t understand is why Pen is risking her life in someone else’s war–just friendship?

No, not just that. She’d rather risk her life and die than keep living in a country that turns their backs on victims while criminals go free. She’d rather die.

Bela asks what JP’s going to do now, but he doesn’t know. Maybe he’ll call up his dad’s old partners.

“But you’re not like that! You have values!”

And look where that got him. He ended up spitting on the police. But Bela does things her way and everything goes right for her. The only thing left is to tell the truth. Their relationship isn’t working.

Bela says she loves him, but JP doesn’t think you lie to someone you love.

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