La Jefa del Campeón Monday 7/23/18 #10

Beba’s in a bad mood. Not that she’s not happy for Tita, but it kind of reminds her of what she doesn’t have. She and Froylán have been together, but she’s tired of them having to keep it quiet because of Salomé.

Tita tells Beba she’s not going. She’s gotta think of the kids and she won’t leave Beba alone to deal with the stall and the money she owes Chino.

Their talk wakes up the Coronel, but he’s OK with it. He heard they need money for the business and…uh, no his idea isn’t killing him and collecting on his life insurance…he figures they need a business partner and he’s got one for them.

It’s mostly him, but he also brought in Martina because she has more available cash. He doesn’t tell this to Tita and Beba right off, but they’re happy to have him as a partner. They get the store stocked with woven baskets and stonework.

Daniel asks Rey to help him surprise Tita with a serenata. If he could just keep her awake…and what kind of music does she like? “Reggaetón.”

Beba tells Froylán about her new partner. She’s still cranky about their hidden relationship. She won’t be his querida. He insists she’s the love of his life. Beba wants a public declaration.

When Beba and Tita finally get home all Tita wants to do is put her feet up and relax…but Matías is supposed to come over to talk to her. She swears she didn’t forget and gets up to start prepping.

Frida and Rey are on their way home from a movie, but she asks Rey to let her go inside first. Her mom doesn’t want to see them together. He thinks that’s a prize worthy of an empty popcorn bucket. She sticks it on his head.

Fabi introduces Matías and Tita remembers him from picking up his sister at school. How the other girls used to embarrass him by calling Clarita “cuñada.”

Beba and Rey come in and it turns out Rey knows Matías as the team doctor (or one of them I’d guess). But what’s he doing here? Beba says he’s here to “tronarle los huesos” a Fabi. I know she means “crack her bones” but why do I feel like she really means “jump her bones.” Everybody gets all awkward as Beba says he’s um, an orthopedist, right?

Rey gives Fabi a hard time about Matías. He’s so serious! And hey, she’s pretty…and noble, and loyal. They hear Tita asking Matías about his previous girlfriends and rush over.

While they’re cleaning up after, Beba tells Fabi he’s cute, but the most important thing is that he respects her and is there for her. Hey, she can be serious sometimes!

Well, Tita’s wiped and she’s ready to go to bed, but Rey keeps trying to keep her awake. She assumes he doesn’t want to wash the dishes and Rey agrees–he’s sooooo tired, can she just help him this one time?

Dishes are done and Rey’s still grasping at straws…he needs to tell her something…. He goes to answer the door and let in a conjunto and Daniel. And Tita’s excited, but then Delfino walks in and she’s even more excited to see her bestie. Rey and Fabi are also thrilled to see Delfino.

And now Daniel gets pushed aside a bit. He tries to talk to Tita about the serenata and she’s happy to stand there making eyes at him, but Delfino (who I suddenly dislike) interrupts talking about the time they got married. At a kermes, dude! (And as we’ve learned on previous shows, if you get married at a kermes it means you won’t get married for real.) And then Froylán comes in and starts handing out tequila shots and apologizing for forgetting Daniel’s “illness.”

It’s the kids who tell Delfino that Daniel is La Bomba Rodriguez and he’s Rey’s coach. Yeah, beat that, dolphin boy.

Beba’s upset that Froylán hasn’t bothered telling everyone about them yet. He promises he will, but he’s kind of tipsy and careless, saying it’s a good thing she doesn’t expect him to sing it to her with the conjunto. *sad Beba face* Anyway, he’s gotta go pass out shots again.

Rey remembers that Waldo always said Delfino had a thing for Tita. How’s Daniel taking his arrival? Tita thinks he’s OK with it. Rey’s annoyed Froylán offered Daniel a drink. Hopefully he remembers not to at his I’m A Bufalo celebration party. Sure, the tryouts aren’t until Saturday, but he’s sure he’s getting in.

And that makes Tita’s mind up about moving. Daniel agrees that Rey’s getting in. Rey’s a good player.

Froylán’s still stalling on the big announcement, but he tells Beba she’s welcome to quit putting sugar in his coffee until he does, he’s that serious about it. She’s so moved she kisses him…and Salome sees and that’s pretty much the end of the party.

Salomé causes a big scene. Froylán says, in front of everybody, that it’s been over for them for a long time and he’s with Beba now and he’s not going to hide it from anybody. And he’s moving in with Beba. Salomé rants to Martina that they’ll turn this place into a cheap hotel. She sends Frida to bed. Martina sends the rest of them to bed.

And the conjunto asks who’s going to pay them.

Daniel’s heading back to his place and stops to bum a drink off some guys standing outside.

Delfino says good night to Tita. His face falls when he gets out of sight of Tita. She’d been saying such great things about Daniel he’s probably thinking he doesn’t have a chance.

Chino’s creeps wrecked Beba and Tita’s merchandise. There’s something he wants done to the two of them personally, but it can wait. For now he wants them to help unload the truck. With the merchandise. That they need to remove the serial numbers from. (Uh…guns?)

It’s morning at the pensión. Frida’s ok with her dad being with Beba, but she’s upset about how her mom took it.

But anyway, Rey should be getting ready for his tryout. Tita calls him to breakfast and Frida scolds him not to eat too much and complain about getting cramps later. At the table, Rey asks Fabi to try to cheer up Frida.

Rey’s been trying to get in touch with Daniel to come to tryouts with him, but he can’t reach him. Um, no he doesn’t want his mom to come with him.

Daniel ended up hanging out with his sponsor all night. He wanted to forget everything and there’s a part of him that knew alcohol could do that for him. He was going to give Tita a ring. Not that they can get married, but he thought there could still be kind of a commitment between them. And her BFF showed up and he has all these good qualities…and Daniel’s used to thinking that he’s not worthy of Tita. Winning the championship with the Chapulines was the first time he thought maybe she could see him as more than a recovering alcoholic. His sponsor says he should be proud of himself.

El Coronel breaks it to Tita that their secret partner is Martina. But they should keep it between themselves so Martina doesn’t find out. She didn’t put any conditions on giving El Coronel the money, but if she finds out…it’ll be interest upon interest upon interest. And Tita figures after paying the interest on what her uncle owed and what Waldo owed and the interest payments to Chino she could have bought a house by now. She doesn’t blame the Coronel for doing this. They’ll figure it out. “Lo que viene, conviene.” (Whatever happens it’s for the best?)

Tita’s making some calculations when Beba and Froylán finally emerge from Beba’s room. Martina’s doubling their rent.

Salomé comes out of her room dressed like…I don’t even know how to describe it. Sexy? But business-sexy. Maybe it’s not the outfit, maybe it’s Marisol. Anyway, she wants Froylán to pay up on child support for this month. He’s having a little cash flow problem, so….

Salomé informs him she’s done hawking merchandise at the stop light, but she won’t tell him what she IS doing.

Oh great. Enrique’s trying out for the Bufalos too. Rey tries to make peace, but that’s a waste of time. And what’s worse–skeevy Mario works for the team. He pretty much tells the guy running tryouts that Rey starts trouble and his mom is hard to deal with. They don’t want him.

Finally, Tita, Beba, Froylán, and Fabi walk into the market and Joel’s a little nervous about whether they’ve seen their stall yet…but he can’t tell them, they have to see it for themselves. And they do.

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