La Bella Y Las Bestias Tuesday 7/24/18 #31

Casa JP

JP gets home and tells his mom he’s out of a job. He says the same whiny crap to her about going into business with his father’s old partners and Gloria-Patricia tells him not to, because he’s got so much integrity or whatever.

JP gives Emi his big brother, gotta get back on the horse speech before realizing he’s talking to a pile of pillows and a wig.

Next up

By dart throw, Bela picks Colombiano.

He’s at Abelardo’s office, handing over gifts for Abelardo’s secretary, wife, and Melina. He asks for a glass of really cold milk for his nervous stomach. Abelardo’s still worried about JP.

Nacho goes to JP’s to chat with Gloria-Patricia. She can’t figure out what the hell he’s doing there asking how they are.

Cristina gets to Abelardo’s office and yeah, this is a general meeting. Nacho will catch up to them later. She tells them about Emilia barging into Emanuel’s office.

Cristina tells them not to worry about JP–he’s no longer a cop. But Emilia…she saw her at INTERPOL and thinks she and Emanuel are close.

JP comes out of his room, asks Gloria-Patricia to leave them alone, and listens to Nacho’s spiel about wanting to help him. With whatever. Uh huh. JP walks him to the door.

Nacho makes it to Abelardo’s office. Now they’re all worried about Emanuel. Everyone but Abelardo is sure he’s having a relationship with Emilia. Abelardo wants him back in the partnership. Nacho wants to bring JP in. He’s not a cop anymore, but his friend is.

Abelardo goes off to put in an appearance at roll call so he can sneak back to his office. In the meantime, the others have discussed it and they don’t want JP, but they want Emilia.

Everybody has sex

Pen sneaks into the bathroom with Simón to snog him and beg him to let Mike out.

Emi goes to Emanuel’s restaurant to beg for her job/relationship back. He wants her to grow up and he wants to be the one in charge.

Bela comes over to JP’s to apologize and get back together with him.

Simón and Pen check in at a hotel.

Emi comes to Emanuel’s office to say she accepts his deal. They get busy and to hell with the windows.

Bela brings JP to her house to play with champagne and strawberries.


Emanuel has decided he and Emi can go somewhat public. He wants to go out to dinner with JP and his girlfriend.

Bela makes eggs. JP asks which bestia is next. He disagrees it should be Colombiano. He wants to go after Cafetero (Nacho). Bela insists Colombiano is next.

JP tries not to sound sarcastic about being able to do things Bela’s way now and that being the only way to keep his promise. Bela’s face is not convinced he means that.

Simón and Pen go down to the holding cell. Mike’s still arguing with Simón and Simón’s still all “Respect my authoritay!” He gives the guy at the desk permission to let Mike out, but Pen wants him to hold up–she threatens to leave him in there if he doesn’t calm down.

Bela offers to let JP work with the team, but he says he doesn’t have time for that, he’s gotta get started right away. Bela thinks he’s trying to teach her a lesson.


Colombiano owns a tiger. Or there’s a tiger living at Colombiano’s house that’s currently putting up with him.

He gargles what Mr. 5ft though was tequila. I break it to him that it’s vinegar.

Inés, his housekeeper, is busy making a stew for everyone, including Junior. Colombiano wants her to add pork. They’re celebrating having money. He pulls something out of his underwear and hands it to her, saying it’s from the Virgen de Guadalupe and he has nothing to do with it. She’s grateful. And seemingly unconcerned about hygiene.

There’s a María waiting in the dining room for him. She says it’s time to pick the model for the new campaign. She narrowed his choice down to 10 and she’ll take care of the rest after he picks. She hands him a book and asks Inés for his tinto (coffee) and his face mask, the chocolate one.


Pen doesn’t want to go after Colombiano next. They already know Abelardo had business dealings with Madame and Pen already met his lover. It’ll be easier to get to him.

Bela agrees, but she thinks they should let him relax and let his guard down.

Pen starts getting snotty about Bela doing whatever she wants and they’re just supposed to go along with it, like slaves.

Moving on

Simón visits JP to find out what he’s up to. He’d be happy to hire him as housekeeper. JP was thinking more security guard, doorman.

Emilia swings through on her way somewhere to announce that she got her job back and JP and Bela are having dinner with her and Emanuel tonight.

Abelardo and Colombiano are having breakfast someplace where Colombiano insists the coffee smells like socks. Abelardo tells him to start bringing his own if he’s going to complain all the time. Emanuel shows up.

He guesses they want to talk about Emilia. There’s nothing to worry about. She works in his office. No, he doesn’t consider having Armando’s daughter work for him a problem.

OK, then. They want him back in the club.

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