La Jefa del Campeón Tuesday 7/24/18 #11


Salomé goes back to her room, complaining about Froylán spending all his money on Beba. Frida’s sitting at her desk, under a whiteboard with a quote from Virginia Woolf: “There is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind.” How very appropriate for Frida. And how sad.

Frida says they’re fine, they’re getting by. She points out that Salomé only works part of the morning and spends more than she brings in. And thinking that Froylán should be giving them more money is part of the problem–women think they have to depend on men. When she goes to school she’s going to get a job and that’s it.

“You and your liberal ideals.”

Hey, Frida admits it. She believes in the rights of women and the rights of man and gender equality.

Salomé says that her ideals aren’t going to keep her fed.

Yes, they will, because Frida’s going to make the same or more than a man would. And now she’s gotta go. With her painted banner. To go to a march for women’s rights.

Delfino stops by the pensión to catch up with Tita. Martina takes it upon herself to tell him that Tita’s moving to Costa Hermosa with Bomba Rodriguez.

Now Daniel comes over and Martina says he owes her for the musicians (which she just said Delfino paid off). Delfino asks where his sirenita bonita is and Daniel flips out over the nickname.

Martina heads off a potential fight. Daniel heads for the plaza and Martina sends Delfino that direction too. So…fighting is fine just not in her house?


The guy running tryouts introduces himself as Profe Arsenio. There are five available spots on the team. He’s going to narrow this group down to ten and then five. He asks them to play with heart.

Awww! Gonzo’s at tryouts! He and Rey get caught up until Gonzo’s dad comes over to scold them for not paying attention–they’ve been calling Gonzo to the other side of the field. Yeah, he remembers Rey and his mom and how she tried to organize a team with a drunk for a coach. How’s she doing? Rey says she’s great and he’ll pass on Coyote’s regards.

Gonzo makes it into the group of ten. Coyote’s still being a jerk about how that wouldn’t have happened if he’d kept playing with the team in the barrio. So far, Rey’s doing a good job of keeping his temper under control.

After Profe Arsenio sees Rey on the field, Mario’s little plan falls apart. Of course Profe Arsenio wants him in the group of ten.

Rey and Gonzo take another break. Rey tells Gonzo Frida’s a full-time nerd now, but she’s still his BFF. Gonzo’s dad comes over to lecture Gonzo again about Rey being his competition.

Profe Arsenio asks Mario what gives? Rey’s not just a good player, he’s a great player. A born 10. He’s got talent and he’s got skill. Mario says he just thinks that because Rey hasn’t started fighting with anyone yet. He’s a real problem. Arsenio would be happy to have eleven problems just like him.

They don’t show us what the next round of tryouts looks like before Profe Arsenio gets ready to announce the five guys who made the team: Rey (of course), Ernesto Moncada, Edgar Rincón, Quique (who’s all grumpy about it), and Gonzo (whose dad nearly falls off the bleachers).

Rey gets on the phone immediately to tell Frida he made the team.

Rey and Gonzo are happy to get to play together again. Quique’s a jerk. Gonzo knows his reputation for being vindictive.

Battle of wills

Tita’s sure she knows who wrecked the stall–Chino. She tells him all he did by wrecking her merchandise was make it so she couldn’t pay him back. So he might as well forget all his interest payments.

Chino does his fake innocent act. Tita can take all the merchandise she wants. When Tita starts to walk out, he asks if Tita doesn’t have a son who plays fútbol. Wouldn’t it be a shame if he got injured and couldn’t play again.

Back at the stall, Delfino and Fabi are cleaning up. Delfino rushes over to hug Tita and promise he’ll help her. Daniel comes over to ask if they can talk and Delfino starts screaming at him. He notices the wreck of the stall and asks if Fabi’s OK as Tita steers him towards somewhere I hope has chocolate.

Tita refuses to tell Daniel who threatened Rey. He refuses to leave the food court until they resolve this.

Tita decides they’re going to live with him. Assuming he still wants them to. Well, duh, of course he does.

Tita has just told Beba and Fabi about the move when Rey comes running up to say he made the team. Tita tries to make the move sound like a good thing, but Rey’s understandably confused. And it doesn’t help that Beba and Fabi both look like they’re about to burst into tears.


Mario’s pulling his “Hey, if you could be a little nicer I might get your son off the bench” routine with another mom. Dante hears him and he’s not taking any excuses. The mom says she doesn’t want to press charges and have it taken out on her or her son, but Dante promises that won’t happen. They have to turn him in or Mario’s just going to keep doing this to other women.

She goes off to the team office to wait for Dante and the lawyer while Mario keeps trying to convince Dante this is NBD. Come on, Dante knows him! Dante says he’s starting to know him. And what Mario is considering a picardía (a prank, a bit of mischief) is harassment and it’s a crime. Mario says this will ruin the school’s reputation, but Dante says it’ll only ruin Mario’s. He’d better get himself a good lawyer.

Dante tells Profe Arsenio that Mario’s out and he’s sending a bulletin to all the area schools letting them know why. Arsenio’s disappointed to lose Mario’s good eye for scouting talent, but ni modo. This is how Dante rolls. Anyone who causes problems, whether they’re players or staff, is out.

(I’d like to applaud the production team for this excellent illustration of what it means for a man to use his power and privilege to STOP harassment.)

Casa Gonzo

Gonzo’s mom is thrilled that he made the team. But less-thrilled that Coyote wants to pull him out of school and get him a private tutor. Gonzo does what I suspect he’s been doing for the last several years and goes along with what his dad wants.


There’s something important Froylán wants to tell Beba, but he needs to talk to Frida first.

Frida gets back from her demonstration and says the lefties and the righties got into a zafarrancho (commotion/mess). Beba’s like “the left-handers and the right-handers?” Froylán explains she means the conservative moralists and the existentialist liberals. Frida figures they tied.

Rey doesn’t want to go to Costa Hermosa. And Tita doesn’t want to tell him why she wants to move. If she wants to go with Daniel then she should go. Tita finally tells him the people who ruined the stall threatened to break his legs.

This is the first El Coronel is hearing about the store. Tita starts to explain, but Martina’s standing right there. She heard enough that El Coronel ends up telling her the truth.

Martina bursts into Tita’s room to complain that Tita just wasted her entire life savings and if El Coronel dies of a heart attack, Martina’s blaming her. She wants her money back and nobody’s moving out until she gets it.

Rey stubbornly insists that he can take care of himself, especially now that he knows there’s a threat. He’s gotta get some sleep before training starts tomorrow.


Fabi’s upset that her mom insists on moving. She only has six months left until she gets her degree and she wants to finish it here. Plus, she’s got her friends and Matías. He agrees, he doesn’t want to stop seeing her either. *smoochies*


Daniel got the Cocoteros to promise him a larger place to live, among other things. But Tita says they’re not going.

Fabi and Frida squeal over Matías kissing Fabi. Frida told Beba and her dad she wasn’t going to interfere in there relationship, but she does need them to cool it around Salomé. She’s glad they’re not moving, because she’d “die” without Rey. Fabi points out that if he stays he could end up not playing fútbol anywhere.

Yeah, Daniel didn’t figure Rey would want to leave. He’s prepared to stay. He hasn’t signed anything and he can’t lose her. He can stay and help. He doesn’t have to give them an answer for another 30 days, so if at the end of those thirty days she wants him to stay, then he’ll stay.

Joel tries asking Fabi out, but she’s got this family problem to deal with. Plus she’s got a boyfriend.

Tita and Beba are stressing. Rey left this morning without saying goodbye. And what if Chino does have someone hurt him?

Rey’s at his first practice, but he gets kicked out because he didn’t show up with an adult. Dante’s there for Quique.

Fabi finally gets the news that they’re staying.

Dante finds Rey out on the field kicking a ball around. He tells him he’d better not do that during camp when there are observers and reporters around. And he’s sorry he got kicked out of the meeting.

Rey says it’s his fault. He knew he had to bring an adult and he didn’t. Dante offers his help.

Tita shuts the stall down for the day, which basically just involves lowering a metal gate. She’s not going back to Chino and she doesn’t know what she IS going to do, but she’s not giving up. And she’s headed back to the pensión to see what happened with Rey.

Dante took Rey out to lunch and drove him most of the way home. He doesn’t want to cause problems with Tita. He mentions a contract and a lump-sum payment to any account Rey wants. The music isn’t optimistic. I’m hoping this is about hiring Rey to work with the kids on his team.

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