La Bella Y Las Bestias Wednesday 7/25/18 #32

Pen’s still in a rotten mood and finally tells Bela it’s because of the money. She can’t believe Bela is seriously thinking of giving it to Leonor and Omar after Omar nearly killed her. She doesn’t know what she and Mike are supposed to be getting out of all this. And it’s not achieving their goal, because it’s Bela’s goal. Bela agrees to keep the money and split it between herself, Pen, and Mike and suddenly everything’s ok again.

Colombiano has a thing for exotic animals. Some he likes and some he likes to shoot and hell if I know how to distinguish between the two. JP comes over looking for a job and Colombiano shows off his taxidermy collection and tells a heartwarming story about killing a big mama tiger and then noticing she had a cub. Of course he didn’t kill it! He introduces JP to Junior. (So much internal screaming…it’s like the hunter raising Bambi.)

Mike is glad Pen and Bela are getting along again, but he’s been researching Colombiano and his record is super clean. Also he’s keeping a tiger in a cage. Pen and Bela agree they have to free the tiger. (And do what with it? I’m just saying, you don’t want to end up with a tiger on a leash and THEN start asking “Now what?”)

JP’s looking for a job, but Colombiano doesn’t see how JP can help him sell more underwear (not even touching that one). JP was thinking security. And he’s not asking, he’s pointing out that of the ten Colombian models Colombiano hired nine never went back.

OK, I’m trying to summarize here and not get hung up on every line of dialogue, but Colombiano seriously just said that he’s trying to help his countrywomen by giving them jobs, but because they’re women they’re beautiful and stupid and all they want to do is hook up with guys with money. I’m gonna need his head mounted on a wall before this is over.

Anyway, he turns down JP’s job proposal.

Mike has now caught on about the missing models and shares the info with Pen and Bela. The company has an administrative assistant vacancy and Pen and Bela are falling all over each other to let the other one have it.

Andrea, Colombiano’s assistant, meets Emi at a food stand where some misogynistic jerk is trying to come on to Andrea. They get rid of him, go have lunch elsewhere, and trade phone numbers. All of which was, apparently, a setup because she reports back to Colombiano that Emi’s definitely got the genes for evil, but she’s also kind of picky.

Colombiano, in turn talks to her about JP. Andrea’s obviously the brains of this operation because she warns him to be careful with JP…and hire her an assistant already, because the phone won’t stop ringing!

Through the whole episode, we’ve been going back and forth to a pair of cousins in Colombia. Veronica got a modeling offer from Colombiano’s company, but she won’t accept unless her cousin also gets hired. They talk it over and decide Vero should take the job and Susana will just come along with her. When they call Andrea to tell her they’ve changed their minds, Andrea warns them off. If Vero turned down the job to begin with, she should trust her instincts.

Now Vero and Susi are thinking of going to Mexico anyway.

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