La Jefa del Campeón Wednesday 7/25/18 #12

Fabi accepts a coffee date with Joel. As friends. ‘Cause it’s been a stressful day.

El Coronel’s been running interference for Tita with Martina. And his sciatica’s acting up again. Due to stress. He gets stuck on the bus and no one will help him stand up.

Frida’s worried about Rey getting hurt by Chino’s guys, but she’s happy that he’s not moving. They both talk about getting jobs.

Rey’s a total jerk to his mom, complaining that he can’t play until she talks to the coach and of course he didn’t tell her she had to go because she wouldn’t have gone anyway. She tells him she and Daniel aren’t leaving. Daniel might go, but she won’t go with him until things are settled here.

Rey’s still a little annoyed that she always told them to be brave and now she’s being overprotective. And he’s gotta make some decisions for himself. Starting with making Dante his representative.

Tita tells Rey about Mario trying to get her to sleep with him. She’s sure if Dante made an offer to Rey, it’s because he knows what the Bufalos will offer is way better. They’ll talk to Arsenio tomorrow.

Froylán has managed to get a little extra money together for Salomé this month. He doesn’t like the idea of Frida getting a job, but he’ll let her work in the store with him.

I can’t tell if Salomé’s working at this bar or just trying to pick up guys.

Rey’s jealous that Quique got to quit school and focus on fútbol. Frida’s glad Rey’s mom’s not letting him quit.

Tita meets Daniel in the food court. They’re still arguing about whether he’s going to stay or go and whether she’s going to let him help her with money. He loves that she’s so stubborn. So, ok, he’ll help her secretly and they’ll hang out until he leaves. *smoochies*

Matías brought a “World’s Greatest Nurse” mug over for Fabi. He talks to Martina about wanting to marry Fabi, so she’s getting her RDA of chisme.

Beba wants to know what the plan is for her and Tita’s store. Well, there isn’t one yet. But she’s got Froylán teaching her computer stuff–starting with video calls so she can stay in touch with Daniel when he moves.

At Arsenio’s office, Rey and Tita are both disappointed to hear that Rey’s not being offered any kind of salary, especially since Dante offered both a salary and a signing bonus. Aresenio tells them to take it. That’s what he’d do.

In the locker room, Quique gets the “no pay” speech from Arsenio.

Doña Nadia’s still in charge of the building where El Coronel works. She fired him for not making it in to work. The Coronel stops by the market food court so he doesn’t have to face Martina yet. Beba comes over to tell Tita they’ll have to give up the store and sell of the register.

Rey gets there just in time to keep the Coronel from having an anxiety attack with the news that Dante’s going to give him a paid contract.

Quique works at a garage. Someone comes looking for his ex-coworker to do a “favor” but maybe Quique could do it instead? There’s money in it for him.

Delfino tells Fabi he got Tita a job in an orchestra chorus. Yeah, I’m gonna need some more explanation on that too.

Looks like Rey was only accepting Dante’s contract as a way to beat an apology out of him. Tita thinks there’s no point. Mario told her that’s just the way things are run here. Dante swears he can prove it’s not.

Beba. Daniel. Beba’s giant hair clips. Delfino comes over to act like a jerk to Daniel. I can’t even with him anymore. Screw this guy for mocking a recovering alcoholic. Daniel decks him. I probably shouldn’t be OK with that, but I am.

Dante shows Tita a copy of the charges the other mom pressed and the letter he sent out to all the clubs about Mario being a dirtbag. Well, now Tita feels bad. She even apologizes. But Dante’s not happy with what Rey just did. He warns him if anybody found out, his career would be over. So, now can they review the contract?

Beba. Daniel. Beba’s giant hair clips. She thinks Delfino’s got a defective brain-mouth connection.

Delfino thinks he’s gonna find a sympathetic ear in Fabi, complaining that he’s always loved Tita and he’s never hidden it and someone’s gotta teach her how to pick better guys.

Um…Waldo’s her dad. And if Tita picked him over Delfino, she must have had a reason. He needs to get over her mom.

Delfino’s all “Well, your dad’s never coming back.” He whines that Tita needs someone to take care of her, blah blah blah. Fabi’s like “She has Daniel.” Delfino opens his big mouth again, saying it’s just a matter of time before Daniel goes back to the bottle and besides, he saw Tita first.

Fabi’s going to go tell Daniel and Beba not to say anything to her mom about this. And Delfino had better keep his mouth shut about the job he allegedly found her, ’cause she doesn’t think Tita’s gonna take that well.

Rey’s contract is for three years and includes the bonus Dante promised. Tita’s worried about the three-year term. She doesn’t think she can sign it. Dante’s willing to negotiate, but she walks out.

Over at the Bufalos locker room, Arsenio’s begging Gonzo to keep his dad away from practice. He’d test the patience of a saint!

Coyote shows up with a jersey from some team Gonzo doesn’t even follow. He also bought him expensive shoes. Coyote signed his contract and he’s all excited about Gonzo being a Bufalo.

The contract specified that Rey had to leave school, which isn’t even what Tita was worried about. She wasn’t going to let someone else make decisions for Rey for the next three years. Plus she didn’t like the amount of Dante’s commission.

Matías takes Fabi out for dinner, or maybe just dessert. He gave her a present (a bracelet I think). And they’re going to call Clarita to tell her they’re dating and they’re going to get married. (I think there’s a tiny hint of panic on Fabi’s face. Maybe it’s just me.)

Daniel takes Tita to his place for a romantic dinner. I love her dress! Daniel was the one who gave her contract advice. He agrees with Tita not wanting to basically give up being Rey’s mother for three years and letting someone else make all the decisions for him. Daniel’s glad she didn’t–he knows from experience it doesn’t turn out well.

Daniel went ahead and signed his contract with the Cocoteros. He wants to give Tita his bonus and the money from selling his car. If she wants to pay him back he’ll let her…a little at a time…with a discount. He gives Tita the ring he got for her.

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