La Jefa del Campeón Thursday 7/26/18 #13

Rey’s upset that Tita wouldn’t sign his contract. He complains to Frida, who would of course love to have a mom who looks out for her interests. Salomé barely talks to her. And she hasn’t said where she’s going all the time. Rey tells Frida to give her time.

Frida feels like Rey really gets her. *tinysmoochies*

Salomé sleeps with a guy who leaves money on the nightstand. Whether this is a business arrangement I don’t know.

Quique’s still living with his mom. He earned a little “extra” money last night and brought home that ceviche she likes. She’s been working, sanding things for his ex-coworker’s dad. Quique says things are going to change for them soon.

Tita pays El Chino back, with all his exorbitant interest. And she’s NEVER doing business with him again. “Say hi to the champ for me. What’s he gonna do now that he hasn’t signed with the Bufalos or Dante Chimal?”

Enrique ends up at the market where Fabi works, shopping for lingerie. He runs into Rey on his way out. Oh, no, that wasn’t awkward. Rey’s surprised he has money–he teases Fabi that she missed out. They both seem to think Quique’s getting paid by the Bufalos.

Daniel thinks Tita doesn’t have to worry about Chino anymore. Oh, Daniel. So young. So naïve.

Damnit, Dante! The whole thing with the Bufalos not offering money was a setup so Rey would sign with Dante. Dante knows Rey’s going to be worth his weight in gold in a couple of years. He’ll have to figure out how to keep the other clubs from knowing he’s not under contract.

Rey visits Coyote’s, but Gonzo’s off at practice. Coyote wonders why Rey didn’t sign and mocks him for wanting more than what was offered. He wasn’t offered anything? Well, Gonzo’s getting paid. Inés asks him later why he lied. It’s all part of his stupid “getting rid of the competition” strategy.

Delfino get Beba and Tita a bunch of new fútbol-related merchandise to sell. At least it’s not breakable? He didn’t get it from Chino, did he? But Delfino won’t tell her who he did get it from. And he won’t take a cut of the profits…until he realizes that would make him a partner. (Don’t you hate when you can see the trouble coming, but you just can’t do anything to stop it?)

El Coronel and Martina disagree about how seriously Fabi should be taking her relationship with Matías. El Coronel counsels caution. Martina tells her to throw caution to the wind. As they’re talking, Matías calls Fabi to ask if he can bring his mom over. Now El Coronel and Martina disagree on whether she should call her mom. El Coronel says she should, Martina says the two of them–Coronel Abuelo and the Tía Regañona–can handle this. Martina’s seriously getting out the good china.

Rey and Daniel talk it over and Daniel can get him signed with the Cocoteros for a modest monthly salary. He’s totally on-board with moving now. As long as Tita accepts Daniel’s proposal? Daniel sends Rey for tortas so they can snog in peace.

Matías’ mom brought a cake. She’s all about fattening Fabi up so she can pop out some grandkids.

Salomé’s complaining about Martina entertaining Fabi’s guests. So what else is new. Frida’s QOTD: Nadie te da poder…lo tienes que tomar tú. Well said, sister. Also, I love the shirt–sparkly pineapples FTW!

At least Matías isn’t pushing for kids. And doesn’t seem to join his mom in her religious attitudes.

Rey has to break it to Frida again that he’s moving to Costa Hermosa. She tells him he might as well forget the kiss she gave him earlier–there’s no point.

El Coronel and Martina come over to check out the store. They approve of the new stock. Tita breaks it to them that she’s moving to Costa Hermosa, so they’ll have to talk over store stuff with Beba.

Fabi complains to Joel about her future mother-in-law. He actually knows her and Matías and doesn’t think he can compete.

Martina and El Coronel are both upset that Tita’s leaving. Sure, she’s going to pay them back, but that’s not the point! Martina’s…maybe…going to miss them…A TINY BIT!

She goes into the kitchen to complain to Fabi. Fabi won’t leave. Martina offers to keep an eye on her if she stays.

Coyote has debts on his restaurant.

Tita’s alarmed that Fabi and Matías are already talking marriage. Fabi thinks she’s old enough to be on her own. And she has no intention of living with Matías until they’re married. He comes over to ask Tita to let Fabi stay. And he’ll even marry her right away so he can take care of her.

The guys are playing keep-away with Gonzo’s shoes. Quique comes in and puts a stop to it, but he’s also annoyed with Gonzo.

Tita thinks Matías and Fabi are too young to get married, but Beba thinks she’d better approve or they might not get invited to the wedding. OK, then, Tita gives her blessing.

Tita got El Coronel hired to do security at the market. They’ll all chip in to pay him.

In the food court, Daniel and Fabi reminisce about the day he let her have so much cake she got sick. He likes feeling like her dad and Rey’s. And he knows their dad loved them in his way. Fabi wants Daniel to give her away at the wedding. (I’m not crying….)

Damnit! Delfino got the merchandise from Chino. And it looks like Chino’s giving him a kickback.

Martina’s picking out a dress for Fabi’s wedding. And it’s the first Rey’s heard about it.

Tita checks the stoplight and recognizes the merchandise she’s got in the store. Chino’s merchandise.

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