La Bella Y Las Bestias Friday 7/27/18 Hour 1 #35

Em and Em

Emanuel has Emi fire his current assistant while he’s out meeting with the bestias.

Antonio doesn’t show for the meeting, but he’s already sent word that if they have to vote on something, he’ll go along with the majority. Emanuel wants his previous share of the casino back, to give to Emilia. But that’s it–he doesn’t want to be a partner.

The bestias can’t figure out what Emanuel’s angle is on this. Nacho tries promising to give him the percentage as a wedding present when he marries Emilia. Emanuel says it’s now or never. He needs to get the paperwork done, get the shares, get Emi on the board of directors…but of course, he’ll be the one who’s really in charge.

And while they might be willing to go with that, they’re not sure how this is going to fit with Toño’s plan to get JP on their side.

Emanuel’s really surprised. Partly because JP was Antonio’s problem…er, lack of problem?…child. And partly because Antonio never trusts anyone. He thinks they might as well let Antonio be the one to figure out JP.

The bestias (minus Antonio) vote to give Emanuel back his share of the casino.

He springs it on them that he wants Emi to have a job there.

Target: Antonio

JP catches Pen getting photos of the non-missing model’s record.

Vero and Susi end up staying at Antonio’s house, not an apartment of their own like they were expecting.

Pen sends the info on to Mike and he and Bela try calling her. Whoever answers says Alejandra doesn’t live there anymore. Bela wonders if they should go to Colombia to try to speak to her in person.

At the house, Antonio has Susi and Vero do a practice modeling run for Antonio’s eyes only.

Pen finds out JP is supposed to be getting fake papers for the models. He already knows Team Bela has some way of putting their fake IDs in the system and Pen tells him it’s something Mike does and it involves bribes. It’s not up to her whether they can help JP with the papers.

Bela doesn’t want to help JP, so JP asks Simón to do it.

Simón tells Ricardo that according to his informant in Toño’s company, he’s not planning to get work visas for his models this time around–he wants to get them citizenship. If the nameless informant can’t do that, he’ll be out of Toño’s inner circle and they won’t know what happened to the missing women.

Andrea says as much to Antonio. She knows JP wants to get Mexican IDs for the models, and he knows if he doesn’t he’s out.

Pen wonders why if JP’s gotten in with Antonio and so has she and JP’s working with Simon, why don’t they all work together? Mike says JP doesn’t want to. But he wants Pen to get Simón to work with them.

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