La Bella Y Las Bestias Thursday 7/26/18 Hour 1 #33

Target: Antonio

Simón’s unexpected search worked to convince Antonio that JP still has influence with the feds.

Pen’s been researching and she knows the police have found no trace of the missing women. She jokingly wonders if Antonio’s feeding them to the tiger…uh, but what if he is?

Antonio has promised Andrea a relationship, but not until he’s done sleeping with other women. The original number was 10, but Andrea makes it sound like there have been way more than ten.

JP and Bela both end up at Antonio’s office trying to get hired.

JP points out that if he really wanted to bring the feds down on Antonio, he’d have them open an investigation in to the missing women. They might even have to take Junior apart and make sure there are no traces. (Dude…don’t threaten Junior. That’s not cool.) Antonio is willing to hire JP at a percentage of his eventual salary when Antonio thinks he can trust him.

Bela, on the other hand, interviews with Andrea and gets turned down. She tries to go over her head to Antonio, but if Andrea says she’s not qualified, then she’s not qualified.

Em and Em

The big announcement goes well. I mean…JP was freaked out and left the restaurant, but nobody got shot. Bela gives her grudging (and potentially fake) approval.

And now Gloria-Patricia really feels stupid about Emi setting her up on a date with Emanuel. She and JP can’t convince Emi to call it off.

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