La Bella Y Las Bestias Thursday 7/26/18 Hour 2 #34

Target: Antonio

JP’s really enjoying that this time he’s the one who got into a bestia’s business and Bela didn’t. He won’t let Bela in on his plan.

Colombiano’s jealous after he saw JP and Andrea making eyes at each other in the warehouse.

Bela complains about JP, but Mike’s not worried–JP’s got training. Since Bela couldn’t get into Antonio’s business, now it’s Pen’s turn to try.

Andrea’s starting to get nervous that having Vero and Susi come to Mexico on tourist visas and not have permission to work is going to come back to bite them. Antonio’s intending this to be JP’s test of loyalty.

Andrea picks JP up and takes him to the airport with her to explain that Antonio’s getting tired of all the questions about missing models. She wants JP to get Mexican IDs for the two models they’re picking up–Vero and Susi.

Andrea and JP take the models to eat at the same food stall where she met Emi. Considering one of them can’t handle the heat, JP says there’s no way they can pass as Mexicans. Andrea tells him it’s all about the paperwork.

While Andrea’s out of the office, Antonio interviews Pen, whose fake resume has tons of administrative experience. After talking her ear off for what feels like hours, he hires her and asks her to start today. They’ll have her work contract ready tomorrow.

Pen calls Mike…digo, “Mami,” and he tells her they need the address of the one model who made it back to Colombia.

JP tries to offer to guard the two models, rather than getting them fake papers, but Antonio really wants those papers.

Ricardo agrees to let Simón investigate the missing models, but he’s only going to give him fifteen days.

Andrea greets the new administrative assistant (Pen), warns her not to get involved with Antonio, and tells her to wear something less “looking for a boyfriend” tomorrow.

Antonio gives JP the models’ passports.

Em and Em

Emanuel teaches Emi how to count cards and takes her out to the casino to practice.

Emi tracks down the guy from school who tried to rape her and throws a bunch of money in his face as retaliation for trying to take advantage of her when she needed help.

Emanuel has Emi call Senator Zea and ask for a meeting with him and his “work team” to talk business.

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