La Jefa del Campeón Friday 7/27/18 #14

Arsenio calls Tita and asks why Rey hasn’t shown up for practice. It’s important he keeps training. Tita assures him that Rey will get plenty o’ training with the Cocoteros (I’m just now looking this up…The coconut trees? That’s a team logo that could go wrong in so, so many ways….) Arsenio wants to meet with her later and talk. When he hangs up he lets Dante know that Tita sure doesn’t seem eager for Rey to sign with the Búfalos.

Tita scolds Delfino for getting the merch from Chino. He swore on his mamá. Technically he swore on “su” mamá. He says he’s going to go return all the merch. Don’t worry. He’ll fix everything. Tita gently touches Delfino’s face…just in time for Daniel to see.

Rey can’t believe Fabi is getting married! Everything’s happening so fast! Rey and Frida sadly discuss their long distance future. Frida shares Froylan’s philosophy: one must invest part of the life to attain their dream. Rey hates that they have to leave everything behind to chase his dream. Frida is sure he’ll meet new peeps in Costa Hermosa and forget all about them. Rey hates to leave her the most. Frida hopes to get a scholarship and maybe go to Spain and study. They’ll miss each other. *snuggles*

Tita and Daniel talk about the future. Rey’s dream has always been Los Búfalos. Maybe the offer is not half bad. Tita insists that the decision has been made and they are moving. Daniel reminds her that all the sacrifices have been so Rey could be a Búfalo.

Tita calls Arsenio. They agree to meet later. Arsenio is hopeful, but Dante reminds him that last time Tita left with the contract “oliendo a tinta” (which I guess is loosely “just hoping for a signature?”) Dante gives Arsenio tips on how to handle Tita. The best thing to do is talk up Rey’s future. Get the kid on board and the kid will get mom on board.

Martina admires El Coronel in his fancy mall cop suit.

El Coronel overhears Rey telling his abuelo about his abuelo El Coronel. Touching scene. Hugs. SuperEsposo says: “Dead man walking.”

Tita meets with Arsenio. Bidness was conducted. I didn’t catch fine details. I wasn’t sure what the “a compras” was about. Arsenio bluffs about needing to talk to management. Tita tells him to bring them in. They eventually make an agreement. The Búfalos were looking for a 5 year deal, Tita got them down to 3.

(I sure wish I understood more about Mexican fut clubs and how players are compensated.)

El Coronel asks Delfino why he’s packing up the merch. It’s going back to Chino to Chino to Chino (sing that to “Goin’ back to Cali” LL Cool J style.) What are they going to sell?? Nothin’ but dust apparently.

Gonzo is in the shower. The dude-bros take his towel and everything from his locker.

Delfino takes the merch back to Chino.

It’s Sarita’s birthday. Quique has a cake and a present for her. She’s loves it. It’s so soft! The cake is uneaten….

Joel tries for another coffee date. Fabi declines and tells him about the upcoming boda. Mattías arrives. He’s cool with Joel. If she’s happy, Matías is happy (I still have a bad feeling about all this.) He was with his best friend “René” (which makes me suspicious since so many folks always mistook René for a boy when they just saw her name on paper.)

Daniel and Rey are waiting for Tita. She gets home and tells a waiting Rey that’s he’s a Búfalo. Rey thanks Daniel for everything.

Gonzo makes it home wearing a short robe. He’s sooo done with fut. He quits.

Tita calls her father and tells him that they aren’t going to Playa Hermosa and Rey is going to play with the Búfalos. Daniel will go on to Playa Hermosa. They are still together definitely. Daniel even helped Tita negotiate a better contract. Her father reminds her that distance doesn’t mean a thing when it’s true love. Oh and Fabi is getting married (cue the Sixteen Candles clip.) I’m just glad he didn’t have a heart attack.

Tita, Fabi and La Bomba meet with Matías and his mother. Fabi and Matías want something modest. Mamá Santa wants a huge production. This is her only son you know. El Coronel is in the kitchen quipping “If Tita’s Menchaca comes out and clashes with the furia of Doña Male’s God, teacups are gonna fly!” Martina switches out the fine china for “jarritos de barro.”

Rey tells Frida about the offer. He will have to take the vespertina shift at school because of the training schedule so now he and Frida won’t even have classes together. *smoochies* Rey asks Frida to be his official novia. She accepts.

Matías tries to convince mom to downsize. El Coronel is sure that even the clay coffee cups won’t survive. Beba mentions Tita’s financial situation. Mamá Santa realizes money is a problem and offers to pay for all of it. Tita suggests they could go half and half. It will be fine, if anything they know how to throw a party. (Why? Why is this wedding still happening? They aren’t leaving anymore!)

Later, Rey and Fabi clean up. She notices he has more smile than face. He tells his sis about his new novia. They have to keep it secret from Salomé though. Fabi teases him and he teases her about how fast she’s moving with Matías. Salomé saunters in. She lets Fabi know that if Frida is going to be the madrina, FABI will be buying the dress.

Tita has a great idea about what to sell. Soccer stuff! Tita wants to take what’s left of the money La Bomba gave her to buy merch…digo legit merch. She’s done some research. She knows a guy.

Coyote tries to wake Gonzo up for practice. Gonzo tells dad that he’s done with being made fun of. Coyote thinks the teasing is no big…until he finds out that the dude-bros messed with Gonzo’s imported tacos.

That sketchy guy waits outside Quique’s apartment. There’s another job if Quique wants it. Quique declines.

Frida is eating breakfast. Salomé wants to know why she’s not at school. Frida stayed up waiting for her mom. 3 AM more than just “late.” Salomé doesn’t want to hear it. Why is Frida home. Frida tells her she changed her schedule. She wants to be able to see her mom in the mornings. Salomé oddly decides it’s girl’s day and they need to go shopping. I honestly can’t determine if this is sincere.

Tita and Beba go to see the soccer merchandise rep (Hey Sacristan from La Vecina!) With their credit and cash they can get 12 balls, some tacos and 3 gloves. He’ll throw in old promotional posters for free.

Quique talks to Arsenio about money again. Arsenio tells him there’s no money, buuut he offers to get Quique a bonus every time he gets a goal.

Tita bought the merchandise. Tita is sure that the business will grow.

Arsenio pep talks. Work hard! We’re going up against the Deers and we need to get to the next round! Coyote crashes the locker room and is sure they are going to qualify! He tries to get them all to chant BÚ-FA-LOS.

Delfino is annoyed that Fabi asked La Bomba to give her away (dude, you weren’t even around for 10 years. Just shut it. Also, I don’t like your pants.)

Salomé and Frida end up at Fabi’s stall. Salomé wonders if Fabi will give a discount.

Coyote talks to Arsenio. Coyote seems to think that losing Gonzo is going to hurt the team. Ha! That’s funny. I like Gonzo, but let’s be honest here. Oh, Arsenio is being honest. Gonzo doesn’t have a passion for fut. Arsenio has a passion for wads of cash though and he is perfectly happy to reinstate Gonzo. (Wasn’t Coyote behind on his bills?)

Damn, Tita and Beba gotta inflate the balls too? Beba goes to get a pump but first she wants to tell Tita something. Long distance relationships are hard…and Delfino is right here. Tito shuts that down. She love Daniel.
Delfino sells the merch at the stoplight.

Salomé and Frida stop at Froy’s stall and I get distracted by his blowing air on Frida. I swear they were trying not to laugh. I assume the argument had to do with Salomé claiming Froy doesn’t support Frida. Oh, and he’s mad that they bought everything on credit.

Arsenio sweet talks Gonzo. He want Medina the Bully to work with Gonzo. If one fails they both do.

Daniel tells Tita he will miss her. He has to go pero ya. He’s leaving in a couple hours. He’s come to say goodbye. Such is the life of a técnico. She makes him promise to not touch a drop of alcohol.

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