La Bella Y Las Bestias Monday 7/30/18 #37


The drugstore guy comes back, with friends. Bela kicks their asses. Toño can’t believe it when he hears about it. He gives JP the task of finding a Mexican woman named “Isabela” who entered Columbia within the last week.

Bela, Alejandra, and her mom flee to a hotel and then hop a bus headed for Bogotá. She asks JP to talk to her godfather and get them some kind of political asylum in Mexico. Um, no, he’ll handle it himself, thanks.

Teamwork makes the revenge work

Everyone has simultaneously stopped being stupid and “the team” now includes JP and Simón.

Pen has really been bothered by the mystery of why they’re importing underwear from Colombia and then exporting it to the US instead of just sending it directly from Colombia. She swipes a bra for Simón and Mike to rip apart. It’s got the ingredients for meth in it. Not the meth itself. This way they can avoid the drug-sniffing dogs and whatnot.

Em and Em

Emanuel tells Emilia she owns 20% of the casino now. He basically also tells her that her job is to be the front for people who don’t want their names associated with it. I feel like she didn’t understand that part, ’cause she’s way too happy about it.

Weird math

One of the kidnapped women tries to convince Toño to just let them call home, but he doesn’t want them getting their families’ hopes up. She complains that he’s always saying they can leave “soon” but soon never arrives.

Toño’s supposed to be collecting ten women before he settles down with Andrea? But since he’s now got two potential candidates in the house, he’s considering going with eleven. And the number twelve came up in there somewhere.

Alejandra’s story

Ale made friends with Andrea while she was in Mexico. Andrea kept warning her to (1) not fall for Toño and (2) make a run for it. Andrea gave Ale a bracelet to remind Ale of her.

Toño dumped Alejandra at the hotel with the other victims. The one who was complaining to him in the present is the one who took charge of Alejandra and convinced her to stop resisting so Toño wouldn’t get complaints about her. Alejandra learned to separate her mind from her body. And then one day she finally realized what the bracelet meant.

But her explanation doesn’t make a lot of sense. Something about Andrea having to erase one side of each A to make it say Ale and Ale realized that meant erasing three from the first one, six from the second, and one from the other. So, three, six, one was the key to her escaping and how Andrea helped her, even though she hadn’t seen Andrea since Andrea gave her the bracelet. Hopefully they’ll explain that later.

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