La Jefa del Campeón Monday 7/30/18 #15

Tita’s not sure how she’s going to handle Daniel being gone, but she’s going to focus on the kids and work and try to push her sadness aside. Beba orders them coffees. (I’d say that’s a start.)

Frida’s glad she got some happy fun shopping time with her mom, but she’s still curious about the late nights. Salomé says she…attends to some viejos. “You take care of older people?” Um…yeah…sure.

The store looks a little empty right now, but Tita’s planning to decorate and get the Búfalos to come to their inauguration and sign balls. And the fact that they’re young and hot won’t hurt either. Hell yeah, Beba will come with her to set it up.

Arsenio tells them there’s no way he can get Búfalos players to do that, because they’re the professional team. They’re completely separate from the fuerzas básicas. All they share is the name and that they guys in the fuerzas básicas are hoping to play on the professional team.

On the way out, Tita and Beba stop to check out the pro team’s practice. Tita’s contemplating going straight to the guys to ask since Arsenio didn’t specifically tell her she couldn’t. Beba talks her out of it.

Gonzo’s tutor, maestra Karina, is…closer to Gonzo’s age than to his parents’ age. Coyote convinces her Gonzo can learn everything he needs to in two hours a day. His mom notices Gonzo noticing maestra Karina.

Tita invades the dressing room. Which was bad enough, but when she explains the opportunity she’s bringing them, she gets shut down by a guy in a towel who says they don’t want to be paraded around like circus animals. He tells her to come back when she’s got something more interesting to show him.

Joel’s trying to hawk lingerie. Fabi asks his opinion on a camisole. For her honeymoon.

I can’t look. Tita marches into the shower. To tell the towel guy she’s gonna get him to sign balls or her name’s not Renata etc., etc. Menchaca.

Tita hauls a male mannequin into the store by its butt. (OK, seriously, we’ve had “sign balls” twice and now Tita’s grabbing a fake guy’s butt. Just imagine constant snickering while reading the rest of this recap.) Tita’s friend here is gonna get dressed up in a fútbol uniform.

El Coronel comes by to ask what they’re planning to sell, but he’s a little worried they’ll go the way of the Búfalos–who haven’t won anything lately. Tita takes another hike, vowing to bring back a fútbol team or her name’s not Renata etc., etc. Menchaca.

Beba pouts to Froylán about Tita, but he’s too busy worrying about Salomé and why she’s dressing up and why she’s got money. Joel comes through with the mic, advertising the Búfalos on Saturday, stopping by for autographs and pictures….

Tita goes back to the Búfalo’s office to talk to the pro team’s manager and offer him this great opportunity–The Búfalos Shop–which he will not have to invest any money in, just send some players down for autographs and pictures to keep the fans happy. Arsenio stands there trying not to laugh at Tita’s “offer.”

After practice, Arsenio tells the guys who he’s got starting in the game against the Venados. Rey and Gonzo, yes. Quique, no. Gonzalo thinks he played badly in practice. Rey offers to train with him some more, but he’s gotta get to tutoring. He thanks Rey, saying Rey and Quique are the only ones who behave decently towards him.

Enrique goes home and tells the guy with the illicit business enterprise that he wants in on the next job, as long as he gets the pay the guy promised.

Tita hasn’t shown up at the store, but the fans have.

Gonzo runs home to tell his dad he’s starting in the next game.

Froylán sees Salomé getting her nails done. He tries making small talk, but she sashays away. A guy from the nail place asked how much she asked for ’cause he’s heard she charges a lot of money.

Rey runs into Frida at the market and sneaks in a kiss before going to get in line for the Búfalos event. At least the store doesn’t look so empty. Annnd Delfino’s here. Why?

The guy from the team sends a bunch more balls over. He’s decided he does want to work with Tita and Beba.

Arsenio’s surprised the team manager allowed this, but he says Tita’s got that push their team needs. If they had even half that, they wouldn’t have lost their last few games. He scolds Arsenio, saying they’ll see how his team does this week.

Frida tells Rey she’ll see him later, when her mom leaves for work. This time she’s the one who sneaks in a kiss.

Rey meets Nelson, the pro team’s big star, who’s apparently from Argentina. He gives Rey some friendly encouragement and then invites him to a party with the other guys on the team. (I have a bad feeling about this.)

When Frida and Beba close up for the night, Beba says Señor Ovalle’s going to send them a bunch more merchandise and he’ll give them a discount for buying in volume. They all high five…including Delfino.

Fabi’s doing laundry. The alternative was going to a religious movie with Matías and his mom. But hey, she’s marrying Matías, not his mom. (Ohhh, dear….)

The older generation come in with diner fixings. Tita’s missing Daniel. Delfino’s like “You’ve got me.” (Shut up, Delfino!) They’ve just figured out Rey’s not here. El Coronel thought Tita gave him permission to go out with the guys from the team. She watches everyone digging into the food and pouts.

Uh, is Coyote buying Gonzo’s teammate a bike to get him to hang out with Gonzo?

Maestra Karina wonders why Gonzo’s not out celebrating, but they do have a lot of stuff to catch up on. Gonzo’s busy catching up to a fashion magazine. He explains he doesn’t like the outfit on the model and he would have put her in something more like Karina’s wearing. “I guess you’re gonna talk about my shoes now?” Well, yeah, they’re classic, they go with everything. He thinks she looks…beautiful.

Frida’s worrying about Rey and Froylán’s worried about Frida having plans with Rey. He asks about Salomé’s job and Frida repeats her mom’s lie about taking care of an older couple.

I don’t feel like translating Delfino’s actual words because what he actually means is “I’ve been Tita’s friend for years and I feel like she owes me a romantic relationship now and it’s not fair she’s with Daniel instead.” So he can stuff it with that crap about women being difficult to understand and take his entitled attitude the hell out of my pensión. Digo, Martina’s pensión.

Matías has shown up at the pensión. He offers to call one of the nurses at his practice to get him the phone number of one of the Búfalos players. Beba doesn’t see what the big deal is, but Tita doesn’t even want to think about what Rey might be doing at that party.

The “job” Quique’s doing involves taking the license plates off a car and putting them on a truck. He thought doing that and waiting for the skeevy guy to come back with the truck was the whole job. Nope. He’s coming with them.

Well…there’s alcohol at the party. And guys telling stories about women they slept with who they don’t want to see again and don’t want to pay child support to. Rey’s not drinking, but Nelson convinces him to do a shot.

El Coronel’s ready to call a halt to the pensión’s party because Tita’s so worried about Rey. Delfino does his “I’m here” thing again. Tita remembers she was supposed to call Daniel and leaves Delfino with an ugly look on his face. Seriously, I can understand feeling hurt, but he looks angry.

Quique and the other two guys take the truck to a store, break the lock and go inside.

Daniel thinks Tita sounds worried, but she says she just misses him. She wishes he were here to see all the Búfalos players hanging out with the fans. Daniel’s totally over the whole “fame” thing. He asks to talk to the kids, but Tita says she’d rather keep this moment for them. Daniel misses her.

Froylán catches Salome leaving her room and tells her he doesn’t believe she’s doing charity work.

Beba catches Froylán preparing to follow Salomé out. She lets him go when he says he’s doing this for Frida.

Daniel calls back because he didn’t think Tita sounded good and he wants to know what happened. So now he knows that Rey hasn’t come home and Delfino’s lurking. If Rey’s not home by tomorrow, Daniel’s coming back to town.

Rey stumbles around until a woman at the party stops him. Doesn’t he remember her? It’s Valeria.

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