La Mujer del Vendaval #114

(What is this supposed to be, Luc? Humble gloating?)

Uncharacteristically subdued, Luc comes to talk to Ale, but now Ale is the one who’s yelling and out of control. Luc can humiliate him and kick him out if he wants, but Ale wants his severance.

Luc says, you quit so I don’t have to pay you anything. Ha. You’ll see, Marcela will leave you when she finds out she can’t get anything out of you.

Leave Marcela out of this, yells Ale, this has nothing to do with her.

Luc says it has everything to do with her, you’ll be cut off without a cent till you leave her and come to your senses.

Ale says, you don’t know me and you don’t understand what’s going on.

Luc says, prove to me then, that you’re your own man, because all I see is a spoiled kid throwing a fit. And he leaves.


Lencho hooks Cami up with more “relationship” advice – if he wants to keep Nisa and her money he can’t be a jealous jerk, he’s gotta be smarter than, and play the game better than, his opponent.

Cris and Nuria are surprised and aghast that Luc’s plan is to leave Ale penniless. (I don’t know why though, he’s been talking about it for like 2 weeks now)

Ale doesn’t even want the stinking money now, he needs to get back to El V.

In the hall he meets up with Nisa who tries to apologize, but he won’t listen. He chews her out and leaves her cryin in the hall.

Silvana cries in her office. Nestor comes to see her about something and offers a listening ear and sympathy

Ale tells Oct of his plight. With her back to him she smiles, pleased. But when she faces him she’s all sympathy.

Ale calls the ranch and Rosa answers the phone – No Marcela isn’t back yet, the only ppl home are ML and her dad . After various misunderstandings, Ale succeeds in leaving a message for Marcela to call him when she gets back. And takes a minute to fume.

ML and her locksmith are trying to get into the desk again. The guy gets in & ML starts rifling through the papers. She’s happy with what she finds so she must’ve found what she’s lookin for. The guy gets greedy, wants more $$ ML will pay but he better keep his mouth shut.


Marcela and Emiliano meet with the specialist. Emiliano was his best student and he likes Marcela so lets get checkin those eyes.

The specialist confirms Emiliano’s diagnosis, there has been a serious and rapid aggravation of her illness, but tries to reassure Marcela that some people with retinosis never go completely blind and the antioxidants she’s been prescribed have been working. That’s not enough though, she’s gotta do some exercises to relax her eyes every day and there’s a new treatment; intraocular injections. They aren’t difficult to give and they’re the best treatment available and might help save the cells in Marcela’s eyes that haven’t died yet. They are a little painful but Marcela is a good candidate for the treatment, is she up for it? You betcha! She ain’t scared of the pain….um how painful is it?

As Alessandro is packing up his stuff and cleaning out his desk, Inez and some of the other employees come in to tell Ale how much they’re gonna miss him and how sorry they are he’s goin. Ale thanks them, and he forgives Nestor and asks him to look after Silvana for him.

Silvana meets Ale outside his office and tries one more time to get him to leave Marcela and come back to his family. Nope.


Amadeo invites Alba and her mom to stop by the cyber bakery for some sandwiches, they’ve got some really tasty new ones. Sagrario says she isn’t hungry but lets herself be persuaded by Alba and Amadeo.


Awkward fake gay stuff with Mauro and Lencho.

Then Cami comes lookin for more relationship advice and hears from Nora the couplehood gossip. He can’t believe it, he’s known Lencho since they were kids and he’s always seemed so butch.

Miracle Doctor

Emiliano’s teacher says the treatment is kinda expensive, but they can work it out so Marcela can join their test group so she doesn’t have to pay. Its like a miracle, she’ be happy to be a test subject, especially since she’d never be able to afford treatment any other way. The doctor tells her miracles do exist and she should keep a positive outlook cause believe it or not, that makes a real difference. Marce says she’s got a real advantage then, cause she’s got all the love in the world. Emiliano smiles at her as she smiles at the older doctor. (yup, lots of love. *sigh*)

The doc writes some instructions for Marcela and he’ll give Emiliano instructions for administering the injections. Marcela only has one more question; Is she gonna pass this on to her kids, if she has kids? The doctor sees that this is important to her, and takes the time to really address her concerns. Sometimes even if both parents have it, the kids don’t get it. But if your kids do inherit it from you, we can find out early on and stop it from developing at all. Medicine has progressed a lot, there’s a lot they can do. They can’t cure retinosis yet, but they can give her and her potential children a better chance for a good life.

Now, he’s got to get to the airport so he won’t miss his flight, I don’t think they’ll hold the plane for me, he says with a chuckle.


Maria Laura calls Oct from Severo’s room and Severo is very interestedly eavesdropping the whole time.

She tellser she’s found the documents. Oct wants a copy and doesn’t want Marcela to know ML got them. No worries, ML has a key now.

ML moves the convo to all what she wants for her upcoming calendar launch party and Oct rolls her eyes.


Alessandro wanders around remembering all that ML said about Marcela and Emil and what Cami told him a while ago about how Emiliano is real competition.

Timo and Eulogio get back to the office and July wants to know where they been. Nonya beezwax says Timo. Well, July’s lover sent her some of Timo’s favorite chocolates and she’s not even gonna share, so there. Eulogio gets sent out to get the real name this time.

Lencho has singing lessons

Mauro goes to Lusito’s soccer game. Lusito helps score a goal.

Mauro is as proud of Luisito as if he was his dad, and Luisito loves the attention, his mom isn’t able to come to his games cause she always has to work.

Lusito starts asking questions about why Mauro and Inez aren’t dating and Mauro tries to explain with soccer analogies and muddles it. Lusito thinks its not that hard, he just has to show up and try. Can’t win if you don’t try, right?


Amadeo’s got a cafe full o’ ladies. He invites Alba and Sagrario to sit, but there’s no open seats. Flirty gals = Jealous Alba. Why do none of them care that Amadeo has a gf?


Luc calls Val to gloat about how great his plans to humiliate his son went. Val’s mostly worried about Al’s poor hurt feelings. They both hope that now Marcela will turn him loose. Luc wants Val to come on a romantic trip, but she makes excuses why she can’t leave town right now. He’s welcome to come visit, as long as he gives her a heads up first. The doorbell rings and she hangs up. It’s Alessandro.


Marcela and Emiliano are at the airport tryin to get home, but their plane is delayed and Marcela doesn’t want to call Ale from Emil’s phone to prevent a misunderstanding. Emiliano teaches her some relaxation exercises while they wait.


Ale fumes into Val’s living room, he’s all worked up and trying to find out from Val what’s going on without actually tying her to a chair and shining a light in her eyes. Val decides he needs a drink and then tells him her selectively edited version of what happened yesterday and where Emiliano and Marcela went today. According to her, she doesn’t know why Emil had to help with the animals, and she doesn’t know where they went today, only that Emil wanted to show Marcela a very special place….

(Its characters like Valeria that make me think I should really get in to the business of people manipulation for fun and profit. She makes it look so smooth and easy and it always works so well for her. )

(In real life, I probably don’t have the attention span and patience to pull it off. )

(Also I’m probably not devious enough.)

(Also I have a conscience. )

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2 years ago

Gracias, stealth! Maybe there are tutorials online for how to get rid of your conscience and become a professional manipulator? They’ve got everything on the internet.

Intraocular injections? Hell no! Those words don’t even belong in the same sentence!

“Timo and Eulogio get back to the office and July wants to know where they been. Nonya beezwax says Timo.” That so needs to be the name of a bar. No, really, I was at Nonya Beezwax all night, I swear!

2 years ago

I can’t even handle putting in eye drops. Not that it’s painful just that when I know I need to keep my eye open all it wants to do is blink. *shudder*