La Bella Y Las Bestias Tuesday 7/31/18 #38

Team Meeting

JP, Simón, Mike, and Pen share the information they have. There’s meth in the bras, the missing women are still alive.

Simón will ask Ricardo to get them the list of Isabelas, with their Isabela conveniently missing. And he’ll also ask for asylum for Alejandra and her mother.

Mike and JP agree that the bestias aren’t as stupid as they seem and eventually they’re going to figure out that this is all about Bela.

Alejandra’s escape

Eventually, Alejandra saw a vent in a bathroom with three, six, and one score marks etched by three of the four screws. Ale crawled through the vent, got out, and ran like hell. She knew she couldn’t say anything about what happened to her or Toño would kill the others.

Ale’s mom got word that the embassy was sending Alejandra home, but before she could pick her up at the airport, a couple of guys came to her house and beat her. She woke up in the hospital four days later with a severed spinal cord. Toño even called Ale to confirm that keeping her mouth shut saved the other women’s lives. But if she ever talked, he’d kill her and her mom.

Em and Em

Emanuel’s worried about JP getting fired. Emi assures him that he doesn’t need to worry about JP heading down the “wrong” path, because even if someone offered him a million dollar bribe he’d still be the same old ñoño (wet blanket) as always.

JP sees a picture of Emanuel in Toño’s photo album. Yeah, he knows him, but Emanuel’s kind of standoffish.

Em wants Emi to sign her letter of resignation, but she’s reluctant to do it before the other job is a sure thing. She doesn’t know if she can trust her “partners.” She knows Zea’s one of them, but who else is involved? He says she’ll find out later.

Target: Antonio

JP tells Bela that Simón’s working on getting asylum for Ale and her mom. Bela tells JP it turns out maybe Andrea’s not as awful as she thought. JP agrees, things are more complicated than they seem. And Antonio knows there’s an “Isabela” after him.

Alejandra and her mom can’t get asylum without explaining why they need it. They aren’t willing to do that and put the other women’s lives in danger.

Simón tries to get what the team needs from Ricardo without telling him anything. Ricardo threatens to fire him. So Simón tells him everything. Bela’s in Colombia as a favor to Simón, interviewing the only Colombian model who made it back home. Two guys came after Alejandra and her mom. They’re at the Mexican embassy in Bogotá, waiting for the Mexican government to give them protection. JP’s his contact in Toño’s organization.

Ricardo makes a call to the embassy and gets them working on asylum for Alejandra and her mom, but he still has questions for Simón.

Simón explains he got the meth samples from a friend of Isabela’s working at the warehouse. He gives Ricardo the “sometimes justice in this country doesn’t work,” speech.

Ricardo’s furious–JP and Penélope are in serious danger if El Colombiano finds out who they are.

Ricardo asks about the two models they got fake IDs for–still ok and being watched. And what about the other missing women? Bela’s got that information, but Toñó’s involved in human trafficking. He’s holding them as sex slaves.

The woman who was confronting Toño last time he was at the house is still waiting for Alejandra to come back and save them. She remembers Toño whipping them all when he found out Alejandra was gone.

Ricardo got the confirmation from the lab that what Simon and Mike found in the bra is meth. Now they’re just waiting to find out where the missing women are before they move on Toño.


Andrea’s still very suspicious of Pen. She tries checking Pen’s work references, but Mike takes care of that. Then she gets one of the warehouse security guys to keep an eye on her.

She goes over to Abelardo’s office to see if maybe their new secretary is the woman who got to Horacio…? Nope, looks nothing like her.

Does the name Isabela mean anything to him?

Nope, but if he thinks of something he’ll call her. And if she ever wants to leave Toño, she’s got a job with him.

Mike, aka Mami, calls Pen and tells her Andrea suspects her. She’s probably having her watched. Pen tells Mami not to worry and she’ll see her tonight.

JP and Andrea have a conversation about poor cooped up Junior. She asks him to look into the new administrative assistant at the office.


Andrea doesn’t confirm Susi’s guess that Toño only sticks with a model until it’s time for the next campaign, but she doesn’t deny it either.

She’s still throwing herself at Antonio. He books a shoot for Vero to get her out of the house so he and Susi can have sex.

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