La Jefa del Campeón Tuesday 7/31/18 #16

Rey’s missing – teen edition

Matías has heard back from his contacts and he thinks everyone’s at a party at Nelson’s house.

Valeria’s parents divorced and dad lives in Spain now (*sob*). But hey, they should dance!

Tita’s ready to go find Rey. No one answered at Nelson’s house. She can’t just sit there and wait. She, Delfina, Fabi, and Matías head out while Beba stays at the pensión.

Martina serves the Coronel coffee. She thinks Tita should call Daniel. El Coronel remembers the time Rey ran away and made it all the way to the apartment building. He never did buy the story that he just missed his mom and neither did Tita.

“Duh, because it was Waldo’s fault.” Martina realizes what she said and backs up…it’s a good thing Waldo was there to bring Rey back. At least he did one good thing before he abandoned them.

Nelson answers the door at his house, presumably naked. Rey? He’s at Pato Peña’s. Let him grow up already! He was with a girl, enjoying getting away from his controlling mother finally. Tita tells him to cover up before he catches a cold.

Valeria talks Rey into doing another shot. She wonders why he never came back looking for her. Uh, because her mom was awful.

Frida can’t sleep. She begs a photo of Rey to come back already.

I don’t know how many shots Rey’s had now, but it’s enough to kiss Valeria in the middle of the party.

Well…Tita, et al, make it to the party. Delfino and Tita ask around in the main room while Fabi and Matías check out the bedrooms.

El Coronel and Beba are pacing in the courtyard, waiting for news. Beba says she ran away from her aunt and uncle, but she never went back. She considers her neighbors her family. So does El Coronel. Frida comes out of her room, but there’s no news about Rey. Beba thinks her concern is a bit much. “Uh…he’s my friend’s brother, so he’s my friend.” Riiiiight.

Since no one’s sleeping, El Coronel suggests coffee. While Frida goes to make the coffee, Beba tells him Froylán followed Salomé out. Hey, if Froylán needs an ass kicking, the Coronel will take care of that.


Froylán follows Salomé to the bar and calls “Carlos” to ask for a favor.

Some guy sits down at Salomé’s table and offers to buy her a drink.

From a room somewhere, Froylán calls “Carlos” to thank him for his help.

The guy who picked up Salomé was Carlos. Froylán was waiting in the room he rented and confronts Salomé. If she feels bad about him finding out, what’s she going to feel like when Frida does? Froylán’s in tears. Salomé’s not entirely holding back hers either.


Quique and his partners in crime are either loading up the truck with boxes of deep dish pizza or possibly I’m just hungry.

Quique gets home, nervous enough that his mom can feel him shaking.


Salomé and Froylán get back to the pensión. She says she’s tired of selling at the stop light. She’s tired of being poor. And she’s tired of him not doing anything about it, so he can stop judging her.

When Frida hears them fighting, Froylán says the viejitos Salomé takes care of are really sick.

The others get back, not having found Rey. Delfino’s sure he’s just off with a girl from the party. Tita doesn’t find it funny. Neither does Frida. She’s barely listening when Matías says they don’t really know that and they shouldn’t jump to conclusions.


Rey wakes up naked in Valeria’s bed. She tells him not leave her room. Her whole family’s out there, including her dad. She laughs about how Rey was so drunk last night he was singing and bumping into all the furniture. And they “made love.”

Fabi’s going to church with Matías and his mom. Doña Male thinks Matías was out all night because of an emergency at the hospital. He whispers to Fabi that it’s best she doesn’t know Rey didn’t come home. Tita greets Doña Male and says Rey’s really tired this morning and they’re going to church later.

As soon as her mom and sister are out of the house, Valeria comes back to her bedroom to tell Rey it’s safe to leave. (And dad?)

Martina doesn’t want to be so negative, but have they checked the hospitals and the morgue?

Rey’s almost out the door when Valeria asks if he’s not forgetting something. He comes back to kiss her just as her dad opens the door. Valeria’s all casual like “Hey dad, you remember Rey, Tita’s son?”

Daniel’s got himself on the standby list for a flight. He wants to be there for Tita.

Don Emiliano’s terrifyingly calm. He…offers…Rey a ride home. Just Rey. Valeria should have a shower and get dressed. While Emiliano’s getting the keys, they have a few more kisses.


Frida wakes up and Salomé’s already dressed. She says she couldn’t sleep. And apparently neither could Frida?

Frida was so upset about the viejitos Salomé takes care of…maybe they could get Matías to come check on them? Salomé says the family’s taking care of them.

Well, Frida’s really proud of her mom and offers to go make her pancakes. Salomé looks guilty.

Rey comes in with Emiliano and says he’ll tell his mom what he was doing…later… ’cause Don Emiliano’s here.

Don Emiliano reminisces about meeting Tita. He was upset when he heard about Nadia firing her, and El Coronel. And it was a surprise to him to see Rey all grown up and well on his way to being a fútbol player.

Delfino grates on my nerves. He’s congratulating Rey for last night’s shenanigans and praising him for bringing Don Emiliano with him so his mom doesn’t rip his head off.

Froylán finds Salomé in her room packing. Which is fine by him, but she’s not taking Frida. Salomé says that’s up to Frida. He threatens to tell Frida what Salomé does for a living if it keeps her from leaving. Salomé tells him to go for it.

Rey apologizes for standing up Frida last night. She says it’s obvious they don’t have the same feelings.

Don Emiliano takes his leave.

Frida walks in on her parents arguing and says she wants to go with her mom. She doesn’t want to be in the pensión anymore.

“Do you have anything you want to say to your daughter?” Yeah, doesn’t look like Froylán’s going to say anything.

Rey explains to his mom that he ran into Valeria at the party. And yeah, they slept together. They didn’t plan it. He can’t remember what happened.

Was he drunk?! Did he at least use a condom?!

Rey complains about Tita never trusting him, always controlling him, not giving him his space.

She’s not gonna back off from asking him to be responsible. Ever.

Rey keeps complaining about his space and gets into his bed.

Tita calls Daniel to give him an update. Daniel wants to talk to him, but Tita says he went back to sleep. She doesn’t think now’s the right time for Daniel to talk to him. Daniel just doesn’t want Rey to go down the same road he did. Well, Tita’s not going to let him!

Daniel’s glad. He loves her and the kids. He’s going to go check on the flight and call her back. Of course he needs to come back! He misses her.

Tita thinks he should wait. He’s gotta come back for Fabi’s civil wedding and the religious one. Matías’ mom couldn’t get the date she wanted at the church. Daniel just hopes Fabi’s not completely bending over backwards for her future mother-in-law. She and Matías are at least not going to live with her, right?

Tita says they haven’t decided yet.


Maestra Karina shares Gonzo’s passion for fashion design with his parents. She thinks he’s wasting his talents playing fútbol. Gonzo’s dad doesn’t take it well.


Quique’s boss is happy to see the news in the paper that the cops caught the guys who robbed an electronics shore nearby. Only two of them, though…they’re still looking for the third one….

Some cops show up at the garage and Quique tries to hide without looking like he’s hiding. It sounds like they’re there for some car repairs


Fabi gets her chance to scold Rey. He complains he already had to hear it from his mom…and Frida. He doesn’t know how he’s going to contentarla (make her happy).

Yeah, Fabi doesn’t know either, especially since Frida moved out.

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