La Piloto 2 Tuesday 7/31/18 #3

White Velvet

Santamaría’s sitting in the club, getting his Russian mafia tattoo. He thanks Irina for helping with the computer stuff and she’s like “I know, I’m the full package–beauty and brains.”

Her dad calls and whines to Santamaría that he needs weapons. Lucky for him, a shipment just came into LA. Santamaría will make the purchase.

The club? It’s running like clockwork. The customers aren’t as refined as the ones at Club Diablo, but it’s making money.

Andrea’s done with her shift. The new boss, Venancio, takes her tips and says around here they get a paycheck at the end of the month and that’s it. She’s got another job? Does he look like her cares? She’d better quit. And if she’s off work, then she needs to get out.

Felicidad is just starting her day. Andrea wishes she could help her…she has a friend whose novio is a DEA agent. Felicidad tells her to shut up about that! She’s already told her–they have her mother.

Santamaría and Irina get ready to leave the club. It’s time for some “fireworks” and Irina’s always liked them.

Casa Yoli

Andrea gets caught up and she thinks Arley is still alive. Olivia and Yoli both think if this drags on their boss is going to start digging and so is the adoption caseworker.

Dave reminds them that’s why they’re not trusting anyone. But Andrea’s an exception because she’s practically family. He’s more worried about Bill. Olivia thinks he’s trustworthy, but she’s still not gonna be telling him anything.

Yoli’s in Arley’s room worrying. No, Dave, she can’t calm down. He assures her Santamaría will call and the only thing they can do right now is rest and not lose their heads.

Ouch…Yoli says he’s calm because he never wanted Arley here. Dave swears that’s not it.

Black SUVs drive by the house. Yoli and Dave hear glass breaking…and the whole damn house goes up in flames. Yoli’s calling the fire department, but Dave says it’s too late for that.

Irina really is enjoying watching the house burn. Dave convinces Yoli they should go out the back door…as soon as he clears the yard.

Santamaría opts to let them go. They’re just here to burn the house down.


Three guards come to John’s cell and drag him out after tazing him. They turn all the lights back on and accuse him of trying to escape. After all, here he is outside of his cell.

John gets dragged back to his cell while the guard who can’t stand him, Gallego, laughs about him getting more time for an attempted escape.

Casa Irina?

She’s really not getting why Santamaría doesn’t just kill Yolanda and Dave already. She thinks it’s more like Santamaría’s protecting Yoli. Does he have feelings for her? Oh, she’s not jealous.

And apparently the sadistic creep has learned enough Russian to know she just asked him to kiss her.

DEA office

The fire is out, but Dave and Yoli lost their house. Dave thinks Santamaria found the house by following them.

Dave’s boss hears about the house burning down. He’ll assign a safe house for Dave and Yoli, but he really needs Dave at the meeting tonight with the Kilichenkos.

Oli and Andrea get to the DEA office and Dave and Yoli explain about ALL of them needing to go to the safe house. Andrea makes excuses about having to take care of her dad and Dave says either they both come with or they’re at risk.

Yes, the damn guns are on the way

Santamaría thanks his team for a good job last night. Next up, picking up that shipment of guns they ordered.

Monica calls to ask Santamaría what’s up with the guns. He tells her to tell Muñeco to chill–he’s picking them up tonight and they’ll be there by tomorrow afternoon. She thanks him for the postcard of Yoli’s house burning down. She’s just sorry she couldn’t be there to see it herself.

Vasily calls Santamaría to give him a hard time about burning down houses. He’d better not be neglecting Vasily’s interests. And he’d better not be with Irina. Which he totally is, but he says it’s just a woman from the club. Anyway, he’s picking up the weapons tonight. Everything’s under control.


Regueros is playing with a toy plane in his office when Wilmer walks in. He fishes for information about Yoli. Not that he suspects anything, just that he doesn’t know about Yoli’s personal life. He almost makes it sound like a romantic interest, but we know he knows about Dave. Wilmer offers to find out what he can.


John’s lawyer visits. The guards did a really good job of making it look like an escape attempt. They even accused him of shutting down the security cameras that would have proved they’re the ones who dragged him out. The judge will probably sentence him to another three years at least. And also, the lawyer’s no longer working for free.

In the caf, Salvador and that guard, Gallego, mock John. John tells Gallego to take a hike. I thought he might even get physical, ’cause with another three years tacked on what’s he got to lose? Instead, when Gallego threatens to shock him again, John walks away.

Salvador finds John in the laundry and tries to stab him. John turns his hand so he stabs himself, but Salvador did get him in the gut.

John shoves Salvador’s body into a large plastic bin, just before a guard tells everyone to be in their cells in five minutes.

John runs back to his cell and hurriedly changes shirts to hide his wound. He’s washing his shirt when all the prisoners are called back out of their cells. Gallego quits trying to get John to admit anything and lifts his shirt. Looks like a knife wound to him and not a weight room injury. He orders John taken to the infirmary.

Safe house

Dave sees Yoli, Oli, and Andrea off. He has to finish up with this op tonight and then he’ll go to the safe house.

Santamaría has a guy following their black SUV. In a black SUV. But he’s being ridiculously obvious about it.

Yoli has their driver make a couple of turns and confirms that the other SUV is following them. The two DEA guys stop the SUV and get out to confront them, but they might as well have been wearing red shirts. Yoli jumps into the driver’s seat and takes off, but Santamaría’s guys are still following her.

Yoli squeezes the SUV past a box truck that’s backing out of a driveway and Santamaría’s guys get stuck on the other side of it. They have to go back to the very originally named “COPTER” hangar and explain their failure to Santamaría.

Yoli, Oli, and Andrea get to the safe house. The adoption caseworker starts calling Yolanda. She keeps ignoring the calls because she doesn’t know what to say. She listens to a voicemail message that gives no information, besides that she needs Yoli to call her as soon as possible. Olivia begs her to at least call back and try to find out what she wants.

Andrea pretends she can’t reach her father on the phone and she has to go look for him. She promises to be careful.


Monica just happens to run into Tía Rosalba at a party decorations store? Gift shop? They’ve got a Día de los Muertos display up. Monica says she’s been working in a fabric warehouse nearby. Rosalba’s happy to see her. She’s even willing to fill Monica in on how Yoli and Dave are doing, but back at her house.

Rosalba makes dinner while Monica pretends to care what happens to Arley. She’d help, but she doesn’t have money or a visa. Oh, Rosalba’s sure that just hearing that she’s reappeared will make Dave and Yoli feel better.

Monica claims she disappeared for a while because she didn’t want them to know about her economic situation or how lonely she is.

Operation I Can’t Even Watch

Dave and Richard are waiting for their buyer. Three SUVs and about ten guys show up. Dave recognizes Santamaría. Yep, that’s totally him.

Well, now Ricardo thinks they’re going to get everything wrapped up tonight. The guns, the Kilichenkos, getting Arley back.

The guns are all loaded up. Santamaría tells the DEA guys they can leave first. Dave assumes they’ll be waiting for them at the exit.

Dave checks the GPS feed and says they’re heading south.

When Yoli calls Dave, he tells her Santamaría was at the gun buy. He’s following him right now. Arley could be home tonight. Yoli’s feeling hopeful again…and doesn’t want to call Solano until Arley’s back and everything is fine.


She wasn’t kidding about her dad. She finds him waiting outside their apartment, drunk, and tells him they’ve gotta leave for a few days.

He refuses to pack and refuses to leave. Andrea gives up and tells the guy waiting downstairs that he can go.


Wilmer hooks up the safe house with security. Yoli calls Dave, who says he can’t talk right now, but still tells her they followed Santamaría to a warehouse at the docks. No, not the same one.

One of Santamaría’s guys opens a box of guns and finds a note about the GPS trackers.

Santamaría assumes whoever put them there wants to follow the guns back to Mexico. They’re probably waiting outside and they don’t know Santamaría already knows what they’re up to. Time to change the game.

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