La Bella Y Las Bestias Wednesday 8/1/18 #39


Alejandra and her mom have been granted asylum, but no way is Alejandra going to agree to go to Mexico while Toño’s still alive. Bela swears she’s going to free all those women and Toño’s gonna get what he deserves. And no, she won’t be killing him herself.

Police station

Ricardo has the Isabela list, but they’ve changed Bela’s personal information. He wants Simón to close the case quickly and then get the hell out.

Casa Toño

Andrea and JP check a satellite map and “Mike’s Gym” never existed. She’s worried Liliana is somehow connected with the Isabela in Colombia. JP offers to question her. Andrea just wants the underwear back. Yes, JP, even if she’s already worn them.


Simón and JP meet at their usual bar and pretend they’re not talking to each other. Ricardo got them the list, Andrea wants back the stuff Penélope stole, and she should probably stay away from the warehouse for now. Simón hands off the list on his way out.

JP calls Bela to tell her he’s handing the list over soon and he assumes Toño is going to reveal all his secrets.

Casa Toño

Antonio wants Susi to convince Vero he likes them both. Susi’s been paying enough attention to see that none of PantiesMX’s models has ever made it big. Susi announces to Vero, with no preface, that she slept with Toño. She tells Vero to think about sharing, since he likes them both.

Andrea’s researching Enrique León’s death when JP gets back. Liliana admitted to the theft and she’ll bring the clothes back tomorrow. Andrea wants them today. He distracts her with the Isabela list.

Antonio’s still a little cranky about having to pressure JP to get the list. And it’s quite a list. But what he does is call Eleazar, his lackey in Colombia. He found the hotel where Isabela was staying, but she used the name Jessica Estrada to check in. None of the pictures of Isabelas looks like the right one.

Andrea remembers that Jessica Estrada tried to apply for the administrative assistant job. She’s going to go get her résumé to send the picture to Eleazar. And Antonio’s going to take JP out to celebrate being his new head of security.

Andrea tries to warn JP away from working with Toño.

While Toño’s getting dressed, he tells Vero if she doesn’t want to share then she might as well get her stuff out of his closet so Susi has room for hers.

Toño kept JP’s dad’s Jeep. It takes JP a minute to reminisce about the bad old days before he gets in. Toño insists on having him wear a blindfold until they get to where they’re going.

Vero searches Toño’s room and finds the box full of Polaroids.


Bela tells Mike Andrea’s not the hideous person they thought she was. Mike doesn’t think Bela should just walk up to her and ask her to help Bela kill her boss. JP might be able to get the information they need, though.

Ricardo wants Simón to pick Bela up at the airport. He also wants them to pull Penélope out of Toño’s company, but Simón thinks it will look suspicious if she returns what she stole and then leaves. JP’s probably going to find out the location where the missing women are being held. Ricardo tells Simón that’s HIS job, not JP’s.

Em and Em

Emanuel’s old assistant is back on the job. She warns Emi that Emanuel manipulates people. She might be queen now, but she could end up being a peon.

Emi refuses to sign her letter of resignation. She knows Emanuel’s manipulating her. He needs to be open about what he’s getting out of this or she’s breaking up with him.

And what if they break up in a few months anyway? Emanuel promises she’ll still be entitled to her portion of the casino.

He hands her photos and bios of her four partners and she agrees to resign now. She hands over her signed letter to Emanuel’s assistant.

Emi insists on a meeting with her partners. So far Abelardo’s the only one waiting at the restaurant.


Andrea finds Jessica Estrada’s résumé and sends a picture of the picture to Eleazar. Then she goes back to researching Enrique León’s death. She finds a picture of the front door of the house and uses that to find it.

She hires a neighborhood kid to go ring the doorbell and ask for Bela. Mike watches him walk back to Andrea’s car and confirm that Bela lives there, but she’s not at home.

Toño’s “hobby”

Toño takes JP to the house where he’s keeping his victims. He warns JP if he ever blabs about this place Toño will kill his mom and his sister.

Upstairs, Toño’s victims are waiting and Toño wants JP to pick one. If Toño goes down, he wants to make sure JP goes with him. There’s a lot of back and forth, but if JP doesn’t do this, he’ll go after Emi and Gloria-Pati. JP picks Yami–the one who’s waiting for Alejandra to come back.

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