La Bella Y Las Bestias Thursday 8/2/18 #40

Casa Toño

Susi shows Vero the box of Polaroids and a newspaper article about missing Colombian women. The get into an argument about leaving the country, leaving the house. She shoves Vero into the pool and Vero gets tangled in the pool cover and apparently drowns.


Joyera toasts to their sociedad no longer being a boys’ club. She, Abelardo, and Nacho all make weak apologies for what happened after Emi’s dad’s death, but he’s the one who wanted it set up that way. Emilia accepts their apologies with as much guilt tripping as she can throw in there.

Emi thinks she can’t trust any of her partners, which amuses Emanuel. He tells her to wait until she meets Toño.

Segunda casa

JP makes a quick check of Yami’s room before telling her he knows what’s really going on here. As quietly as she can she tells him everything is being recorded and the camera is in the cross on the wall.

JP gives the camera a good show while whispering to Yami that he wants her help busting Toño.

Eleazar confirms for Toño that the Isabela in Colombia is the woman Toño knows as Jessica. He passes the info on to Andrea. Now they’ve just gotta wait for JP to finish up with Yami.

JP ducks under the covers and scribbles on her thigh, whispering to her to keep the chip and call the number.

JP gets dressed and accepts accolades from Yami. He goes to Toño’s office, where Toño says he’s got video of JP. Like he said, if he goes down, JP’s going with him.

Toño tells JP that Isabela/Jessica is close to the one woman who’s escaped from him. JP doesn’t think there’s anything to worry about if she doesn’t know where the house is. And if she tries to complain to the feds, he’ll take care of it.

One of the other women catches Yami in the bathroom reciting the phone number…uh, praying. If she’s praying for a cell phone to show up in this house, that would be a miracle.

Casa Bela

Toño asks Andrea to get in touch with Emilia and fish for info about JP. Andrea asks Emilia to hook her up with someone…a friend, a brother…her brother has a girlfriend? Andrea takes pictures of Simón bringing Bela home.

Bela and Mike have decided it’s probably Andrea that JP needs to win over, not Toño. Simón says they’ll get in touch with him later, but right now Ricardo wants to see her.

Inés calls Andrea and tells her what happened at the house. She’s on her way home now.


While Bela and Simón wait for their meeting with Ricardo, Bela wonders if he’ll believe what they say. Simón doesn’t know, but he does know after this he’s fired.

Ricardo welcomes Bela with a hug, but with that out of the way…WTF was she thinking?! And what was Simón thinking to involve a civilian in a federal investigation?! Bela tries to say she volunteered, but Ricardo brings up Penélope. So, first off, they were both linked to Castor. And then the mayor. And then Madame kidnaps her. How does she keep getting involved in federal cases?!

OK, she’ll admit she went after Castor, but Norman’s the one who killed him. The thing with the mayor was just JP being paranoid. And it’s not her fault La Madame wanted to kidnap her! And as for Toño…ok, she got involved and now she’s in up to her neck.

Simón says between the human trafficking and the drugs they’ll be putting Toño away for life.

Ricardo tells Bela she’d better not get involved in another investigation after this or he’s not going to think it’s a coincidence.

Casa Toño

Toño wants JP to wear the blindfold on the way back. He knows nearly as much as Andrea now and Toño’s known Andrea for years.

Andrea gets home and Susi’s freaking out. She says they were fighting and she pushed Vero in and Vero can’t swim and got tangled up in the pool cover. Andrea gets her to go upstairs and change. She shouts out the back door to Pascual who gives her a nonverbal “Nope. She’s dead.”

Toño and JP get back to the house and JP takes off before Andrea tells Toño that Vero is dead. He runs into the house, looking for Susi and screaming at her about it not being an “accident.” He chokes her, telling her this is what Vero felt like. He wants her downstairs in five minutes.

Toño blames it on Andrea, for not being there. She says she was busy watching his back. And it’s HIS fault for telling two spoiled girls they’re both la reina de la casa and keeping that box of photos.

Susi comes downstairs with her luggage. Pascual shoves Vero’s body in the back seat of the jeep. Toño tells Susi not to ask questions and do as she’s told. Andrea begs him not to do this. Just let the cops handle it. It was an accident. Toño would rather take the risk of covering it up. Andrea tells him not to involve JP in this.

Andrea knocks over some folders in Toño’s office and finds the disk marked “Quintero.”


JP borrows a phone from a guy on the street and calls Simón. Toño took him to the “brothel” but he was blindfolded and didn’t have his phone. They need to meet. Simón agrees…and Ricardo wants to talk to him too.

Pen’s glad Bela’s home. Mike tells Bela about Pen’s alter-ego nearly getting fired for stealing a bra full of meth.

JP, Simón, and Ricardo meet in a parking garage. JP says the missing Colombianas are being exploited sexually. There are nine of them. JP’s sure soon El Colombiano will trust him enough to tell him where the house is soon.

JP explains he gave one of the women a chip. Now they just need to get her a phone.


Toño calls Emanuel, butters him up with an apology for not being at the meeting earlier, and asks for a favor. He’ll tell him in person, at his house.

At Emanuel’s, Toño tells him he needs to “suicide” a Colombiana and erase any evidence that points to him.

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