La Jefa del Campeón Thursday 8/2/18 #17


After practice, Rey convinces Gonzo to come with him to Valeria’s. Gonzo’s not thrilled that he’s there to run interference so Rey doesn’t have to deal with her parents, but he gets over it when Valeria pulls up in her car with her cute friends.

They go bowling. Valeria’s, like, serious about bowling. Gonzo sucks at it and he’s worried about who’s paying for the beers Valeria’s friends are drinking. Her dad, of course.


Beba’s upset about how down Froylán is now that Salomé and Frida have left the pensión. He says he’s just worried about the example Salomé’s setting, but he can’t really explain without telling Beba the truth about how Salome’s making her money. Beba gets pouty and tells him to just go if he’s decided he’d rather be with Salomé.


Beba asked Frida to visit and cheer her dad up. She’s been missing him too and thinks maybe he could move into the building where she and her mom live.

Rey kind of interrupts and that’s Frida’s cue to leave. Froylán wonders why they’re being so formal all of a sudden. Frida says it’s just because Rey has decided he doesn’t owe anyone any explanations and can kick around whatever he likes.

Rey asks Frida if they can still be friends. She reluctantly agrees and asks, purely out of curiosity, what happened with that girl from the other night? Rey says it was just the one night. Hell if I know if he’s saying he hasn’t seen her since or just that he hasn’t slept with her since or what.


Coyote has decided “Gonzo likes fashion design” means “Gonzo is gay.” And it’s freaking him out. It’s pissing his wife off that he’s being this way.

When Gonzo gets home he doesn’t want to say where he was with his mom around. I’ll avoid repeating Coyote’s homophobic logic. Gonzo tells his dad he does like fashion, but he also likes women. He and Rey were hanging out with some women and he just didn’t want to say that in front of his mom, in case she got upset.

Oh totally, because chicks always get things all mixed up. (Shut up, Coyote.)


When Froylán gets back to his room, Beba’s slipping into something more comfortable. He thanks her for talking to Frida. And then they get on to the nonverbal part of the evening.


Matías and Fabi pull into the garage on his bike. He not-really-jokes that the good thing about a bike is there’s only room for the two of them, so no Mami.

It’s the garage where Enrique works. Matías goes to the bathroom, leaving Fabi and the bike with Enrique.

He teases Fabi about Rey kicking the ball in his face. He says she was his first love…he even would have gotten along with Rey if she wanted. Maybe they could get that ice cream…Fabi’s trying to tell him she’s engaged, probably, when Matías comes back and asks if she wants to go have lunch while Quique’s working on the bike.


His neighbor’s sister comes to deliver a message. He’s not going to rat Enrique out, but he needs bail money. Quique gives her his share of the take from the other night.

Búfalo woes

Rey’s not paying attention in the locker room, Enrique’s missing, Rey’s screwing up on the field, so is Enrique. And as soon as Arsenio says the only one playing well is Gonzo, Gonzo trips. I absolutely despise when Arsenio calls them “ladies.” He complains that they’re going to lose if they play like this.

Coyote sinks even lower

He’s gotten rid of Karina and brought in a new tutor in the apparent hope that…I don’t even know. She’ll sleep with Gonzo? She’s worse at some subjects than Gonzo is, which isn’t helping with the actual tutoring.


This was really difficult to watch. I’m gonna sum up a lot of it as Rey’s being a jerk to his mom and Tita’s struggling to keep him on the right path.

Rey’s even being a jerk to Daniel, ignoring his advice and slamming him with “It’s not like you have a kid of your own to raise.”

Tita goes looking for Rey at school and finds out he hasn’t been there in days. Rey complains about being too tired and wanting to hang out with his girlfriend. Well, he can give up fútbol but she’s not letting him quit school. And she’s not letting him play this weekend either.

Tita meets Valeria for coffee and asks what her intentions are with Rey. She reminds Valeria that she has a lot of opportunities, but Rey only has one–fútbol.

The game

Tita tries to talk Arsenio into not playing Rey, but he needs his best players out there to get them into the second round. And with all due respect, he’s the coach here.

Delfino’s backing Tita up. The rest of the pensión peeps are in the stands cheering for Rey. Tita feels betrayed.

Arsenio’s assistant brings him the bad news…they don’t have Rey’s transfer letter from the Chapulines. He tells Quique to get ready to go in.

Quique wants confirmation about that money for goals thing and Arsenio tells him to just get on the damn field and score.

Rey heads up to the stands and mentions the missing letter to his mom. Yep. She heard about that. And she told them he didn’t have it. “Whyyyyy? Didn’t you pick it up?” (Son, you want to be treated like a grown ass man, you need to behave like a grown ass man, and a grown ass man takes responsibility for shit like picking up his damn transfer letter from the Chapulines. None of this “Didn’t you pick it up?” crap.)

Actually, she did have it and she’s not giving it to him until he goes back to school. (I know I just mentally yelled at Rey, but I’m a little bit disappointed in Tita too. And it’s not just me–she looks miserable.)


Frida tells her dad her mom’s going out of town for a couple of weeks and she doesn’t want to stay by herself. He’d be happy to have her come stay with him and Beba.


Frida tries to tell Rey Tita’s trying to do what’s best for him, but he’s not in the mood to listen. He goes looking for Valeria at the bowling alley and she makes sure to kiss one of the boys she’s with. She tells Rey she doesn’t have a relationship with him OR that other guy. It’s not like they have to settle down. She gives him one last kiss and says it would have been cool to fall in love with him.

When Daniel calls, Tita tells him what happened with the game.

Daniel calls her later to tell her Rey’s on his way to Costa Hermosa and Daniel couldn’t turn him away.

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