La Bella Y Las Bestias Friday 8/3/18 #41

Susi knows she’s gonna die. Pasqual acts like he has no idea what’s going to happen.

Emanuel thinks Toño should just feed Vero to Junior and be done with it, but Toño’s terrified they’d dissect Junior if he did. He gets a message about a couple of underage Brazilian girls who are on their way.

Funny how Bela’s worried that JP won’t answer his phone, but Mike insists he knows what he’s doing.

Andrea watches a little of the video and it lowers her opinion of JP.

Emanuel will help Toño, but he has to fire JP.

Bela and Emi sit awkwardly in the Quinteros’ living room waiting for JP. Emi blabs about her new “job” at the casino.

In the rain, Toño and Pascuale try to rub all the fingerprints off Vero’s body. Susi asks Toño for Vero’s medallita. Toño pours a bunch of booze down Vero’s throat.

JP makes it home and Bela can smell the perfume on him. He explains that Toño wanted him to…try out the service.

Mike goes out for dinner and sees the kid who came knocking on the door earlier.

JP whines to Bela that he didn’t reeeeeally. She eventually drops the subject…and then tells him to seduce Andrea.

Susi begs Toño to let her say goodbye to her cousin before he and Pascual drag her body off into the bushes.

When the word gets out that her daughter was found dead, Vero’s mom complains to the press. They said her daughter was drunk–she didn’t drink. Her cousin went to Mexico with her on a supposed modeling job–now her cousin is missing. The government says they were just a couple of tourists–they were there to work! At PantiesMX.

Toño has a similar press conference at his front door. He sends his condolences to his paisana…but how dare she accuse him! He didn’t know those girls, he has nothing to do with their disappearance or death, and she can’t sully his reputation like this.

Ricardo’s pissed that they weren’t watching the two girls. They can’t wait for JP. He makes a phone call.

Now it’s Emanuel’s turn in front of the cameras. The Colombian government hasn’t asked for his help. And given that the autopsy showed she had a high blood alcohol level when she drowned, he doesn’t see what there is to investigate. As for her cousin, someone’s not “missing” because they haven’t been seen in a few hours.

Bela doesn’t believe what her godfather is saying. And like JP said–if Toño needed her to work in his “brothel” then why would he kill her? Mike tells her to focus on Susi–she’s the one they still have a chance of helping.

Wherever Susi is, she’s being kept drugged and not, apparently, being given any water.

“Liliana” shows up at the warehouse and returns the stolen bra. Andrea fires her and asks for scissors so she can check the padding.

Toño keeps up the innocent act and JP quits. He can’t do his job if Toño won’t tell him what’s going on. Toño shouts a bunch of threats after him if JP dares to sic the feds on him.

Emi demands to meet El Colombiano. She doesn’t buy his innocent act and she knows what kind of people her new partners are. Emanuel swears this time Toño’s innocent. Emi can’t figure out if he’s covering for the bestias or just being willfully ignorant.

Andrea is pissed that Toño fired JP. Not trusting him is one thing, but firing him is something else. Now he has motivation to screw them over.

Mike brings Bela over to the food stand to confront the kid who came asking for her the other day. The kid finally admits that a pretty woman who spoke Spanish with a strange accent offered him money to go ring the doorbell and ask for Isabela León. Bela’s sure it was Andrea. Mike tells the kid he’ll give him money to go lie in the street and see if a car runs him over. Clearly, Mike and children don’t mix.

Andrea’s giving instructions to security not to ever let “Liliana” into the building again when Simón comes in with a team to raid the warehouse. And he’s got a warrant.

Pen gets home and announces she got fired. Bela tells her about Andrea sending some kid to investigate her. She’s sure Toño must know everything by now, but wouldn’t that mean JP knows?

Ricardo visits JP at the only bar in town. JP’s not actually fired, it’s all part of their plan to get the bestias. JP keeps asking Ricardo for more time, but that’s the one thing they don’t have.

Simón’s cutting up bras, but so far none of them have methamphetamine in the padding.

Toño whines to Junior about having to fire JP. Junior doesn’t appear to approve of that.

Simón sends a couple of guys down to the basement. He’s still getting nowhere with his search and Andrea seems pretty confident he won’t find anything. Simón tells her to hand over her bra, but she sadly informs him she doesn’t wear underwear.

JP and Bela update each other. He couldn’t say if he ever saw Vero drinking. And yeah, there’s a pool at Toño’s house, but if she died there it wasn’t Toño who did it, because Toño was with him. Andrea? She did act weird when they got back to the house. Bela can’t figure her out–she helped Alejandra escape, but she’s still working for Toño. JP’s sure she’s being forced. And no, he didn’t know she sent some kid to get info on Bela.

He’s still thinking about getting to Andrea, but Toño’s going to have to re-hire him first. Bela’s acting jealous again.

Simón and Ricardo have Andrea in an interview room. She insists they can’t do this and she hasn’t done anything. Ricardo says she’s an accomplice of Antonio José Ramos and hands her some paperwork.

Mike and Pen are checking into a hotel. Simón’s orders. Mike’s pretty chill about letting JP and Simón handle this since they’re doing a better job of it anyway. And why did Pen pack three towels to go to a hotel?

Susi wakes up again and Yami’s on keep calm detail. Points to Susi for her stellar memory–she recognizes Yami from the PantiesMX 2014 campaign. Yami would like to say she’s pleased to meet her, but under the circumstances….

Andrea keeps feigning innocence. If they expect her to say a word against Toño they’ll be waiting here until they’ve all grown roots.

Toño gets home to an empty house. He calls Andrea and Ricardo asks for her cell phone. Simón answers and asks Toño what happened to Vero and Susi. Toño claims he has no idea and asks for Andrea again. Simón asks Toño to tell him about his other business–the one where he exports bras to the US filled with methamphetamines.

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