La Jefa del Campeón Friday 8/3/18 #18

In Costa Hermosa

Daniel couldn’t turn away Rey. And of course he’ll help Rey get into the Cocoteros.

Tita insists on going out there.

At least Rey’s apologetic after what he said to Daniel. But he’s still crabby about not being a little kid and his mom wanting to control him.

Daniel reminds Rey that Tita has done everything for him and Fabi. He’s lucky to have a mom like her and he needs to give her a chance.

Back at the pensión, Martina’s upset about Tita taking off like that…because Tita owes her rent! And so does Salomé!

Tita walks up to Daniel’s house from the beach. He’s happy that he won his first game coaching the Cocoteros and now Tita’s here. And there are smoochies. “I think I’m gonna have to win a lot more often!”

Over dinner, Daniel says that’s life, people change. He can’t believe Fabi’s on the verge of being married. And Rey…well, he’s a man now and thinking of things besides fútbol. Tita’s worried about Rey making bad decisions, but Daniel thinks that’s how you learn.

Tita pouts that now he’s more interested in kisses from women than kisses from his mom. Jealous? Naw, she’s not jealous.

Tita talks about feeling like she can never be weak in front of Rey and Fabi. Daniel assures her she could never look weak. She’s a hero.

In the morning, after Tita-Daniel smooshy time, Tita finds Rey in the pool and tells him to do whatever he wants to, but she also likes the idea of staying in Costa Hermosa. And he still has to go to school.

Tita’s sorry to hear that Rey and Valeria broke up, even though the relationship did bother her. Rey keeps whining about not being a kid anymore. Tita says she’ll get used to that eventually, but she’s always going to be there for him.

Daniel also wanted Rey to keep going to school, so if he’s going to have to do that anyway, he’d rather go back to the Bufalos.

Tita’s annoyed–Daniel has offered him a spot with the Cocoteros twice and he can’t keep doing this.

“If I’d known I had to follow the rules no matter where I am.” Tita’s like “Mom rules are the same here or in China!”

Daniel says it’s OK if Rey leaves. He’d do the same.

While Rey packs, Tita fusses about having to miss Daniel again when she goes home. Daniel says he won’t be alone–she’s always with him. He’ll finish his contract and go wherever she is…but she really needs to work on getting a divorce. Because…you know…he wants her to be his wife. If she wants. *smoochies*


She’s a little…depre. She tells her dad it’s because she misses when the family was all together, but really it’s about missing Rey.


Fabi, Frida, and Beba welcome Tita back. The girls give Rey a hard time, but they missed him too.

Beba wants to hear about Tita’s hot weekend with Daniel. Oh, and also…Delfino lives in their building now. Tita tells him it’s NEVER going to happen, but Delfino whines.

Rey tells Frida he’s going to go back to school like his mom wants, but he could use some help. He’s handing her the washing to put on the line and gets cheeky about her bra–is she sure it’s not Beba’s? Frida kicks him out of the laundry room.

Tita tells Delfino she’s going to marry Daniel. Fabi, Martina, and Beba are all happy to hear that, but Delfino’s not.

Rey tells Beba that he and Valeria broke up. Tita gives Rey his transfer letter.


Arsenio’s not happy about Rey leaving, but he’ll take him back. He’s going to be riding the bench, though.

Ay, suegra

Doña Male tries to trick Fabi into a gynecologist appointment.

Matías tries to tell Fabi it’s normal for his mom to want grandchildren. And um, she can’t tell Male, but Clarita can’t have kids.

Doña Male wants Fabi to “purify” her body so she can pop out a kid. Matías says she doesn’t have to do that. Fabi digs into some bread, but Doña Male says they have to read a chapter of the bible first, to feed the soul.

Matías hears his mom scolding Clara about not eating fast food and junk food and she’s so happy Matías is getting married. If she drops dead, she’d die happy…but not as happy as if she had a grandchild.

Matías tells his mom to quit upsetting Clara talking about being sick. There’s no reason to make Clara worry. And she needs to ease up on Fabi. If she keeps insisting on Fabi having a kid, Fabi’s going to dump him. She’s patient, but…Male’s being obvious. He knows she wants a grandchild, but if she keeps this up she’s not going to get one.

Gonzo vs. Coyote

Gonzo visits Karina at her building to find out what she told his dad. They both have a laugh at how quickly Coyote went from “fashion design” to “gay.” He assures her that he does like women…a lot. She pulls her hand away when she realizes he’s holding it. They both agree they’re going to miss each other.

Gonzo complains about his current tutor not really knowing much about anything. Coyote makes it clear she was hired for her looks. Inés has heard enough and gets up from the table.

Gonzo tells his dad he’s got it bad for Brigitte. He’s ready to have a serious relationship with her. Not that he’s getting married now, he’s gotta get his own taco stand running so he can support her the way she deserves and he’ll quit fútbol…Coyote freaks out.

The next day, Karina is back. And she and Gonzo are making eyes at each other.


Beba’s not totally thrilled to have Frida squishing into their room while Salomé is out of town. And Froylán won’t tell her how long Frida’s going to be there.

Frida’s the one who lets slip that she’ll be there for a couple of weeks.

Beba sees Salomé in the street and confronts Frida. Frida admits she wanted to be in the building because of Rey. Because she’s in love with him.

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