La Piloto 2 Friday 8/3/18 #6

We have a situation

Vasily’s guys found Santamaría. They don’t think he’s going to make it. Irina demands they take him to her house so their pet doctor can treat him. Because he’s their best man.

At the house, Irina’s doing a terrible job of acting like her concern for Santamaría is purely professional. Though, she does tell the doctor that she won’t authorize moving him to a hospital unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Vasily threatens to shoot Santamaría if Irina hooked up with him. She keeps telling him this is all professional. Vasily says Santamaría had this coming by going after Yolanda. He never should have given him permission to go after her.

White Velvet

Venancio delivers a warning to Andrea in the form of a tazer to the abs. It seems like she’s having a really bad reaction to it. When she makes it up to the stage, she’s not pole dancing so much as pole leaning against.

Safe? House

OK, so…John’s in the house. Dave says the DA gave him parole. Olivia is furious.

John’s supposed to be helping them find Santamaría? We’ll he’s probably dead by now. There’s no way he survived that many gunshots.

Dave makes a call and they did find the police SUV and lots of blood, but no body. Dave agrees with John that they should assume Santamaría’s alive until they see the body.

John tries to get Yoli to buck up–they’re all going to find Arley and bring him home. Yeah, Olivia’s not up to accepting John as part of the team.

John, Dave, and Yoli try to figure out how Santamaría’s people planted the pen with the tracker on her. She ran into a passenger…not very tall, dressed in black, blonde hair, glasses, boina (beret).

John thinks it could have been Irina. But there are no pictures of her, no videos. Yoli figures she could work with a sketch artist, but with the hat and the glasses…couldn’t John describe her?

“Um…she probably doesn’t look like…she did when we were together…It was before we knew each other!” John actually seems embarrassed, which is hilarious.

He says met Irina on a job. She was hot. Smart. But definitely had a screw loose. In his flashback, Irina look is a lot more casual–her hair isn’t straightened and she’s not wearing a lot of makeup. She used to like to push limits. We get a visual of her snogging John as he’s flying a helicopter and feeding him drugs.

When we snap back to the present, Dave and Yoli are just staring at him.

Irina’s Achilles heel is her dad. After her mom died Irina kind of took her place. There’s something sick about the love between Vasily and Irina.

In the flashback, Oscar comes over to John and Irina and does his jealous thing (speaking of “sick”). As Vasily joins them, John voiceovers that he’s an old school criminal and a white supremacist. He thinks Latinos are barely above animals.

But Irina luuuuuuurves Latinos. And John getting involved with her is what ended his involvement with her dad.

Vasily comes into Irina’s bedroom with a couple of guards and has them drag John out.

John thought about getting revenge, but it would have started a war that ended with all of them dead.

Yoli wonders why Vasily would have hired Santamaría if he hates Latinos.

Because he doesn’t care if he lives or dies. (Vasily doesn’t care if Santamaría doesn’t or Santamaría doesn’t care if he doesn’t?) We’re all just cannon fodder. (That sounds more like Vasily.)

Dave thinks it’s time to get some rest. He and John will check out the warehouse where he used to meet with the Kilichenkos–not that John knows exactly where it is, but he can find it if they’re close.

John also recommends a sweep of the airport. Vasily probably has moles there.

Yoli’s convinced that’s how Santamaría was able to get to Arley.

If Vasily is using the same people, John should recognize them.

Yoli says she’ll check out the terminal. And now she’s going up to bed.

Dave gives John one last warning that there are guards outside and with his ankle bracelet they’d find him right away.

Yoli is really not liking John being out of jail and “helping.” He’s going to turn on them eventually. Dave tells her John’s not really out. As soon as they’re done, he’s going back to prison. (Great. The first time she loses her temper with John she’s going to blurt it out.)

John goes into the kitchen and selects a knife. He takes it into Olivia and Wilmer’s room and starts stabbing her.

Except that it’s just Olivia having a nightmare. Even after Wilmer wakes her up, she can’t calm down. It’s not fair that John’s out when her mom is dying from missing her son and her husband.

Now John gets a visit from Yoli. Which doesn’t appear to be a dream. She just wanted to ask him if he told Dave about her visiting him in Miami. She warns him not to. And he can stop trying to convince her he’s reformed.

John asks why she didn’t marry Dave. Was she lying to him?

Yoli says things came up. What’s it to him?

Medical issues

Well, damn. Santamaría’s not dead. But he’s in a lot of pain (yay!) and his kidneys are severely damaged. He’s got maybe a couple of days to live unless he gets a transplant.

Well, no problem! Irina just calls Muñeco and tells him Santamaría needs a kidney. Muñeco says he’ll check the pantry.

It’s Felicidad’s mom who’s a match for his blood type. Monica tells Julia she’s going to get to see her daughter. Monica looks just the tiniest bit bothered.

Muñeco’s forger is doing a crap job with the passports. But that’s OK, Hernandez in Customs works for them. He tells Monica to be careful.

The bags are in the car and Monica tells Julia to put on something in a paper bag.

The something turns out to be a nun’s habit. Monica keeps up the fiction that as long as Julia does as she’s told, she’ll get to see her daughter. Monica gives her a couple of pills for her “nerves.”

Safe House

Andrea’s still really groggy from…spending the night in the hospital with her dad. As she’s talking to Yoli, John just walks up to her and introduces himself. Yoli: “Long story.”

Tony calls Dave, asking if he was in Miami yesterday and can he come over now.

John offers to go with Yoli and Olivia to check out the airport and Dave can pick him up there to check out the port.

In the shower, Andrea remembers her dad dissing her at the hospital, telling her she probably just likes showing herself off and it’s her fault her bosses nearly killed him. She passes out.

Wilmer somehow realizes something’s wrong, finds Andrea, and starts shouting for help.

The paramedics want to take Andrea to the hospital, but Andrea refuses. Wilmer gets a look at the marks on her abdomen.

Andrea’s embarrassed Wilmer had to see her like that. “It was a pleasure…to help you.” She, um, had some marks on her side? Andrea says she’s had those for a while…she burned herself cooking. Wilmer still looks doubtful.


Yoli, Oli, and John are heading for the airport when Solano calls to tell Yoli she’s on her way over to do that surprise home visit.

John asks for some details. Why is this a problem? Where is she? He comes up with a plan and tells the DEA agent driving them to head for the orphanage, but he only obeys orders from Dave and Yolanda.

John yells at Yolanda to tell him to take the exit. Oli yells at her not to trust John. Yoli tells the DEA guy to take the exit and get them to the orphanage.

They watch Solano leave and John says to follow her. He’s just waiting for her to get to a stop light.

Dave goes to Richard’s funeral, not realizing Richard’s wife blames him for Richard’s death. (OK, this is getting silly–there were multiple people in that meeting who know this was all Tony’s plan and it’s not Dave’s fault.)

As soon as they come to a stop, John asks for Yoli’s cell phone, jumps out of the SUV, and throws himself in front of Solano’s car when she starts moving. John begs her to take him to the hospital. Something’s broken! It hurts!

Solano gets John to the emergency room, where he moans and groans for effect until the nurses leave him alone. Then he sneaks out of the ER.

Dave tries calling Yoli, but John answers the phone. “Long story, we’re at the hospital, but we’re all OK, we’ll talk later.” Tony approaches Dave, pretends to give a crap about Richard and about Dave’s housing situation. He tells Dave and the two other agents who approach them that they’re having a meeting this afternoon.

Dave makes the mistake of saying he’s going to check the airport. Tony insists on going with him.

Yoli, Oli, and the DEA guy get to the parking garage as John’s calling to ask where they are. He says he’s on his way.

He gets to the SUV and gives Yolanda back her phone in time for Solano to call and say she can’t do the home visit today…something came up.

As they pull into the airport parking garage, John tells Yoli Dave called. And he really needs to get a hat or something ’cause, you know, he’s internationally famous.

Yoli asks the DEA guy for a minute. She supposes she owes John a thank you for what he did. John says she has nothing to thank him for.

Olivia couldn’t agree more. Especially after all the things he did to them.

“Are you going to keep reminding me?”

Of course she is, since she can’t forget. It’s his fault her mom is dying. His fault she no longer has a dad or a brother.


Well, now that he knows he can quit acting like the hero, because he’s not. He’s just a murdering narco. Yoli tells her now is not the time, but Oli can’t take any more of this and gets out of the SUV.

Yoli says he’s only here to help them find Arley. If she didn’t need him to do that she’d be telling him off like Olivia is. So they’d better find Arley fast.

A police officer asks Solano if she knew the man she brought in to the hospital. He left.

Bill is a creep

Bill gets Yolanda’s address from the receptionist at the USFLY offices. He drives over, laughs at the burned out remains of Yolanda’s house, and takes a picture, saying Ms. Solano’s going to love this. Jackass.


Dave gets away from Tony long enough to call Yolanda. She tells him Solano was coming to visit and John distracted her. That’s why he had her phone. She’ll tell him the details later. John tells her he’s at Terminal 1, so stay where she is at Terminal 2 until he can get rid of Tony.

John comes up to Yoli all proud of himself ’cause he scored himself a baseball cap. With his charms. (I cannot help laughing at his antics.)

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