La Bella Y Las Bestias Monday 8/6/18 #42

Sadly, this 42 is not the answer to anything.

Andrea spends most of the episode in an interrogation room, admitting to nothing. Simón has her arrested for drug trafficking based on the one bra with meth, at which point she does look a little nervous, but still doesn’t crack.

JP correctly guesses that Andrea moved all the meth bras out of the warehouse before Simón’s raid. Toño is desperate to get her out and agrees to JP’s terms–he gets to become Toño’s business partner that no one will know about. JP calls Ricardo, who pretends to accept a bribe of 10 million pesos to release Andrea.

JP spends most of the episode hanging out with Toño and listening to his philosophical ramblings about himself, Andrea, Junior…someone told him once that in a past life Toño was Junior’s father. He confides in Junior and trusts Junior’s opinion. Good thing Junior told him that JP was an OK guy.

At the other house, Yami gives Susi the “Welcome to Hell” presentation. They should be so lucky to have “clients” who just want sex–apparently they’re all weirdos with “fetishes” and don’t even see the women as human. She doesn’t elaborate on that.

Abelardo is usually or often a victim’s first “client.” Toño didn’t call him until the next day, since he was busy worrying about Andrea. JP tries to spare Susi by saying he wants to be her first.

Now that there are 10 women in the house, Toño is ready to give himself to Andrea in perfect monogamy. Whatever. Andrea’s busy with some self-imposed errand.

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