La Piloto 2 Monday 8/6/18 #7


Sister Monica and Sister Julia are in line for customs/immigration. Julia’s not looking so good. Irina calls to check up on them and send a picture of Hernandez, who’s supposed to let them through.

A different agent snaps at Monica that she can’t use the phone in here. Between that and Julia’s face, she decides they should abandon the line and head for the bathroom.

John, Yoli, and Arias are still looking around. John wants to go to Terminal 2, but Yoli says her aunt’s on the way.

John recognizes Hernandez. They watch him walk into the immigration office and Arias says he’ll call and find out what they can do.

In Terminal 2, Waters is bored. Yoli calls Dave to tell him about Hernandez. Dave tells Waters she was just calling him about dinner. “She’s pretty and she cooks? Congratulations on getting a woman like that.” (I’m mentally kicking Waters in the shin for being a sexist pig. And a traitor.)

Julia finishes throwing up and she and Monica head out of the bathroom…but Monica bumps into Tia Rosalba.

Sisters Monica and Julia make it back into the line and up to Hernandez. He can’t believe they got out of Nogales with these crappy passports! Monica said they had “help” there too. And she needs Hernandez to take Julia the rest of the way. She saw someone who might recognize her. Hernandez loudly announces that they’ve been selected for a secondary inspection. Two of the extras look at each other like “Nuns? Damn, that’s harsh!”

Waters FINALLY decides to go back to the office, leaving Dave to meet up with Yolanda, et al.

Yolanda, et al, see Hernandez escorting Sister Julia and wonder what that’s about.

In the parking garage, John and Yoli watch Sister Julia getting into a black SUV. Irina’s in the back seat. John recognizes Venancio. Before they take off, Hernandez wants to whine about his pay. John and Arias decide to go question Hernandez.

He pretends he’s OK with it, but grabs a flight attendant for a hostage and shoots Arias in the neck. Dave drags Arias behind a car as Hernandez keeps shooting. Irina can hear it in the SUV and tells the driver to go faster.

John tells Yoli to call 911 and runs off.

Dave chases Hernandez, who eventually runs out of bullets. He decides to make a run for it, but he runs right into John, who sends him over the closest railing into a short stairwell.

Dave asks if he recognized John, but John doesn’t think so. Dave gets Hernandez handcuffed and walks him back to the emergency vehicles. Yoli tells him Arias didn’t make it. Frickin’ Waters heard the fuss and came over.

Dave explains the guy in cuffs works for the Kilichenkos. Hernandez wants a deal and he wants it in writing. Waters insists on being the one to take Hernandez back to the office.

Yoli says she’s going to go get her aunt. Dave finds John standing with the other observers and they go to the SUV.

Yoli finds Tia Rosalba and takes her to a café so she can prepare her for John hanging out with them.


Gilberto’s still complaining about it not being his fault that Andrea has to work at the club. He’s ready to leave and technically the doctor said he could be released–they just have to check on the bill.

Let’s cut to the chase. It’s $30K. And Gilberto doesn’t have insurance because he’s not in the country legally. So Andrea just has to pay it all or they won’t let him leave. Doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose?

The hospital administrator says she can have until tomorrow to pay in full. If she doesn’t, he’ll call the authorities and have her father removed.

When Andrea comes back with the bad news, her dad says he can’t go back to Colombia. She got him into this mess and now she’s gotta get him out of it.


Wilmer searches online and realizes the wounds on Andrea’s ribs are from a taser. He wants to tell Olivia, but she’s frustrated about Yolanda taking John’s “side.” Wilmer says arguing with John isn’t going to make things better. Do I even need to tell you she’s going to hang up on him?

Bill’s pretending to give a crap, trying to get information out of Olivia. She says Wilmer doesn’t act like her problems are important and she’s worried about her mom. She’s been in an inpatient facility for the last couple of years. Bill suggests she come with him on his flight to the DF and she can visit her mom before they head back.

Andrea tries to get a salary advance from Regueros, but he’s out of the office and he’s the only one who can make decisions like that.

She stops to talk to Wilmer and explain what’s going on with her dad. Andrea’s also in the country and working illegally and they’ll find out if her dad gets picked up.

Olivia calls Wilmer to tell him she’s going to Mexico tonight. He hears Bill asking her to shut the main door. Andrea walks out while he’s on the phone.


John’s trying to chat with Dave like they’re buddies. “Too bad about that agent, but at least we got Hernandez, right?” And isn’t Dave even going to thank him? Of course he has the plate number of the SUV memorized! Damn, why’s Dave driving so angry! Who’s this Waters guy anyway? Ooh, Dave doesn’t like him, huh?

Waters, meanwhile, is calling Irina to ask just how badly she wants Hernandez back. The answer is apparently “not at all.” Waters gets himself warmed up, then radios Dave and pretends he’s in the middle of an ambush. He shoots his car, a nearby concrete wall, Hernandez, and finally grazes his own neck.

When Dave arrives, Waters said there were three men on motorcycles and they took his gun. What? Doesn’t Dave believe him?

John scrunches down in the front seat so Waters can’t see him.

Yoli gets to the DEA office, but Dave’s not there and neither is Waters. Dave calls and tells her he’s in the back parking garage.

When they get to the SUV John greets Rosalba and says it’s good to see her again (*snort*).

Dave explains to Yoli that Hernandez was killed in an alleged ambush. Alleged, because he doesn’t believe Waters.


Vasily gives Santamaría the “nobody’s good enough for my little girl” speech. He’s glad Santamaría and Irina are good friends, but Santamaría’s not worthy of more. So if he’s not OK with that, say so now and Vasily will call off the transplant.

The doctor has Irina on the phone. She’s got the “donor.” The doctor wants to do this at the medical center where he works–no one will bother them or ask questions.

Irina and Julia arrive at the hospital. Venancio catches on that Julia thinks she’s here to see her daughter. Oh, sure she’ll see her soon.

Santamaría wants Irina to promise she’ll kill Yolanda if he doesn’t make it. LOL, did he really think she wouldn’t?

The doctor’s ready to start, but Santamaría refuses general anesthesia. He only wants a local. Irina backs him up and goes to call “the donor.” When she gets Venancio on the phone, Julia thinks they’re finally taking her to see Felicidad….

Instead, she finds herself in the operating room. A nurse shoots her up with something to knock her out.

Waters calls Irina and sends her a picture of Hernandez’s body. Irina sends Venancio back to the club. Somehow I don’t think his “I hope it all goes well with the Coronel” was genuine.

Safe House

Yoli works with a sketch artist, but really it’s just a woman in a hat and huge glasses with only a nose, lips, and jaw visible. They eventually get it as close as they can, even though Yoli’s not entirely sure. Dave tries to reassure her she’s doing well, and at least now they know what she looks like.

Dave shows the sketch to John on his phone and John thinks it does look like Irina, but he’s not sure. It’s been a long time. What? He’d rather tell the truth.

Yolanda complains that they’re back where they started. No leads.

John goes into cheerleader mode. They’ll go to the airport again tomorrow! They’re sure to find something!

Dave’s sure that Kilichenkos have warned their people. He thinks they should check out the warehouse where John used to do his deals with the Kilichenkos. John’s ready to go now, but Dave gets a call from Tapia–they found the SUV at a medical center in Culver City. Dave asks John to stay behind so they’re not seen together.


When Wilmer calls Olivia, she’s letting Bill into her hotel room with a bottle of tequila. He leaves a message asking her to call. He’s with Andrea’s dad and he thinks Andrea’s having some kind of problems.

The security guard won’t let Wilmer through the door, so he and Gilberto stand there talking. Gilberto asks if he’s there with the money.

Wilmer says he’s looking for Andrea. Gilberto calls her a muérgana (bum, loser) and says she’s supposedly out working.

At the club, Felicidad’s worried about how Andrea is going to get the money she needs. Andrea tells Felicidad not to worry about her (Andrea’s) problems.

Venancio’s fussing about, asking if anyone’s missing on stage. Andrea wonders what he’s hiding behind the dressing room curtain.

“The safe where he keeps all the money we make.” Andrea tiptoes over and watches him enter the code. She tells Felicidad there’s gotta be at least $60K in there. She’ll just take the $30 she needs and put it back later. It’s the only thing she can do.

Wilmer watches the receptionist at the hospital walk away from her desk and puts a USB drive into the desktop.


Rosalba asks about the nun they mentioned. She bumped into a nun in the airport bathroom that she swears looked just like Monica.

Monica gets back to Muñeco’s complex and calls Irina, just to check in. Irina says it’s all good, they got the “donor” and the DEA got Hernandez. Yes, it was Dave, but it’s taken care of. And Santamaría just got out of surgery.

Monica hopes it all turns out OK.

Monica heads for her room. Muñeco attempts to rape her. One of Muñeco’s men stands by in case Monica gets rejega (reluctant).


The doctor tells Monica they’ll have to wait and see how the Coronel does. He left the “donor” alive with one kidney in case Santamaría needs it.

Dave gets to the parking lot, where another agent is already waiting for him.

Irina’s fussing over Santamaría. He’s in pain. A guard comes in to say they’ve got company–the DEA is here.

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