La Bella Y Las Bestias Tuesday 8/7/18 #43

JP convinces Toño to let him be Susi’s “first.” Toño’s still going to take his cell phone and make him wear the blindfold, but this is the last time he has to do that.

There’s a catch–Pascuale will be sitting in the room to verify that it actually happens. If he wants to be alone, that’s fine, but he goes back with the blindfold on. Since JP had filled Susi in on the plan while Pascuale was grabbing a magazine, she insists they just get this done and over with so he can find out where this place is and rescue everyone.

Andrea tracks down Emi at the casino and bugs her about JP until Emi gives up his girlfriend’s name “Isabela León.”

Yami has hit her limit and she starts advocating for revolt. JP said he’d get them out and he’s in the house now, so what better to do than attack the guards?

Toño is really pushing Andrea for sex now that the other house is “full.” She distracts him by telling him JP’s girlfriend is Isabela León.

Pen was nervous about Bela, Bela’s nervous about JP finding the other house in time. They spar.

Susi’s in tears after. JP’s not happy either. He kicks Pascuale out of the room now that there’s nothing for him to “observe.”

Susi tells JP not to worry about her. He promises to come back with a team. She needs to warn the others to be ready.

Yami and the other women attack Pascuale. JP shows up in time to keep Yami from stabbing Pascuale.

Toño keeps insisting JP’s is friend, his brother…he even shows Andrea the blackmail DVD. Uh…of two people under the sheets? And Yami faking being satisfied?

Pascuale calls Toño to report that there was a revolt and JP saved his life. Toño tells him to hold JP at the house.

Toño wants to kill JP, but now Andrea’s begging him not to do it–JP’s a fed and Toño will only make things worse. They have to think of something else.

JP gets handcuffed to a chair in a storage room. Oh, Pascuale’s grateful to JP for saving his life, but he only takes orders from Toño. JP tells Pascuale he’s a fed and if he helps JP, JP will make sure he never sets foot in jail. Pascuale has one condition–he gets his revenge on Yami for biting his neck.

Emi can’t stop thinking about her weird conversation with Andrea and tells Emanuel about it, about meeting Andrea, and yeah, she’s Colombiana–so what? Emanuel calls Bela and pretends he’s been investigating Armando’s ex-partners, or at least Colombiano…she should tell JP to stop whatever he’s doing.

JP begs Yami not to do what Pascuale wants, but if it gets everyone out, she’ll do it.

JP can hear the screams from upstairs. Susi stops at Yami’s door, but it’s locked and the one other woman nearby is too scared to help her.

The request from the Colombian government to INTERPOL Mexico to help investigate Vero’s death and Susi’s disappearance comes through. Emanuel calls Abelardo–Toño has crossed a line and Emanuel can’t allow that.

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