La Jefa del Campeón Tuesday 8/7/18 #20

Chino shouts a few more threats in Tita and Daniel’s direction before the cops haul him off.

The deal with Quique’s ankle is that he has an esguince grado dos (second-degree sprain; Dr. Google says this is a partially torn ligament and can take 3-6 weeks to recover from). Now, it started off as a minor sprain that would have recovered after Matías’ prescribed 3 days of rest…but Quique. Arsenio doesn’t accept Quique’s “sorry.” Matías wants him on total rest, no playing for four to six weeks. If he ignores this, he might as well kiss his fútbol career goodbye.

Delfino gets a job at Tacoyote. He hasn’t even started yet and he hears Coyote yelling at Gonzo to get out of his sight. Delfino: “Does he talk to all the employees like that?” Inés: “No. He treats the employees like family.” Delfino: “Well, I hope he doesn’t start seeing me as a son!”

Inés scolds Coyote–Gonzo’s not a pig he’s fattening up for tacos. And if he doesn’t know how to lose, he’d better quit watching fútbol.

Fabi visits Matías at work, but he has to postpone their date–he’s got some players to treat. Fabi sees Quique and Matías thinks talking to him would be a good idea.

Back in his office, Matías checks out Rey’s ankle, but says it’s just a scratch. He shows Rey photos of the apartment he’s buying for when he and Fabi get married, but no spoiling the surprise! The really big news, though, is that Tita got Chino Mendieta arrested. Matías will tell him the whole story if Rey lets him test out his new electrotherapy unit.

(I want Fabi’s HECKYEAH t-shirt.)

Fabi tries talking to Quique, but he’s busy feeling sorry for himself. Fabi tells him he’s not a bad person, but he sure does go out of his way to get people to dislike him.

Frida won the Math Olympiad. Froylán takes a celebratory selfie with her and Beba.

Rey talks to Daniel about Quique. He feels responsible for Quique not playing, but Daniel reminds him Quique is not his responsibility and he knew he was injured. Rey needs to relax and enjoy fútbol and learn to separate his personal life from his life on the field so he can be there for his team.

Arsenio scolds Quique for being irresponsible. He’d better not skip out on therapy. All Quique cares about is getting his money. Arsenio tells him to worry about getting back to being the player he was before this injury. And quit blaming everything on Rey! They’re both great players, but they’re both irresponsible and if they don’t cut it out they’re not even going to be playing in the street.

Delfino’s SO happy about being free of Chino he tries to kiss Tita. Daniel punches him out and then accuses Tita of having a thing with him.

Rey takes Frida out to celebrate that she’s going to Japan to compete in the international math Olympics. She takes a call from her mom and says she’s out with an amiga celebrating.

On top of thinking it’s Tita’s fault Delfino’s being a creep, Daniel denies being jealous–which we all know is a total crock. He insists Tita’s giving Delfino’s openings. Tita’s heard enough and breaks off the engagement. Why get married if he doesn’t trust her?

Inés thinks today’s game was a sign from God that Gonzo shouldn’t play fútbol. And yeah, if he wants to play with fabrics, she’s all for it. But Coyote insists Gonzo WILL be a pro footballer, because he says so. Inés tells him using Gonzo to live out his own dreams of paying fútbol isn’t “doing what’s best for Gonzo.”

Inés tries talking to Gonzo. If he wants to quit fútbol and go back to school, she’ll support him. Gonzo doesn’t want to confront his father. He doesn’t want his dad to be sad because of him.

Daniel sees Rey and Frida at the park and yells at Rey for not telling him Delfino was after Tita. (Uh, I remember him saying so?) Rey says everybody knows that and his mom makes sure he respects her. Daniel goes into self-pity mode and says it’s all his fault, he always ruins things, he’s just a drunk anyway. If Tita wants Delfino, she can have him. Oh, and they’re not getting married.

Gonzo visits the taco shop to try to remind his dad that even the pros score own goals sometimes. Coyote screams at him that only the best get a second chance. OK then. Gonzo’s sorry he’s not the son Coyote was hoping for.

Everyone but Delfino takes their turn at comforting Tita. Beba thinks Tita did the right thing. Now she’s just gotta stop caring about Daniel. Let him get hit by a car or jump in front of a train or whatever.

Tita says she’s still going to pay back the money Daniel gave her. Delfino pokes his head in the door to apologize and offer to talk to Daniel. Daniel helped him out with Chino and there goes Delfino pedaleando la bicicleta. (Shut up, Delfino. Don’t be all “Oh, Tita, I love you” and then you refer to her as a bicycle.) Tita tells him to get out. Twice.

Tita tells Beba she doesn’t think she’ll ever get over him.

Daniel calls for alcohol delivery. He’s about to open his bottle when he gets a call from Rudy. He was hoping Daniel was still in Mexico so he could meet some of the new guys in AA. They really look up to him. Daniel says he’s not an example to anyone…he’s useless…and he’s going to start drinking again.

He and Tita broke up and Daniel doesn’t know what to do. He feels desperate and he’s got no willpower, sorry, he’s just going to have to drink.

Rudy knows Tita has been like medicine to him, but it’s about time Daniel learned to go without.

Daniel says he hurts now worse than he did when she’d lost everything.

Rudy reminds him he has a job and a good life and his dignity. He needs to be strong just for today.

Tita’s worried about telling her dad that she’s not marrying Daniel. The kids are sure she’ll get back together with him soon.

Quique’s mom can hear him moving around on his crutches. He says it’s just a sprain. The Bufalos are paying for his treatment and they can live off his bonus until he plays again.

Salomé stops by the pensión to brag about Frida, but Martina knows it’s Froylán who’s been there for Frida all this time. Salomé blames Tita for turning Martina against her. To prove they’re still friends, Martina busts out the booze and tells Salomé that Tita and Bomba broke up because of Delfino.

Salomé still blames Tita for breaking up her marriage. Martina tells her to let it go already.

Tita’s crying in the laundry room so the kids don’t see her.

Salomé’s also still on about how Froylán wouldn’t sell Chino’s stolen computers. But she’s got some business going on later with a guy at an expensive restaurant. Frida overhears her telling Martina that something’s gotta change so Frida will move back in with her. She misses Frida.

Tita attempts to tell Delfino to quit hitting on her. Delfino acts like this is a major imposition ’cause he’s just so used to calling her “Sirenita” y bla bla bla and then he wants her to kiss him on the cheek.

Fabi’s worried that her mom hasn’t been at the store all day. Beba thinks she’s just got a depre. They’re both disappointed in Bomba. Join the club.

Delfino’s doing a good job at Coyote’s.

Coyote, however, has had his debt handed over to the legal apartment and Inés refuses to ignore the guy in the suit. She tries to get Coyote to tell her where the money has been going. He refuses to tell her anything more than “investments.” And she shouldn’t worry about it because now that Gonzo’s on a first-division team, they’ll be able to pay all of it.

Has he not noticed that Gonzo’s not that good at fútbol? She doesn’t even know how Gonzo got on the team! Coyote insists he’s good.

Salomé and her date are driving home from the restaurant. He’s drunk and she knows what streets to avoid. The hit a woman with long dark hair wearing a purple sweater and a denim jacket. Yes, it’s exactly who you think it is.

Salomé’s date thinks she’s dead and doesn’t know what to do.

Nobody’s having any luck getting in touch with Tita. Rey suggests she might be with Daniel and Martina and el Coronel will go try to call him. Delfino can shut up with his “my Tita” bs.

Salomé and her date took the mystery woman back to his house. Salomé thinks he should call a doctor. Someone he trusts.

Daniel tries calling Tita and she’s not answering her phone. He leaves a message–he’s sorry.

Rey’s really worried that Tita didn’t call to say she was coming home late. Frida reminds Rey that he did the same thing a few nights ago when he was with his…girlfriend.

Rey says she was just a one night stand. And she was using him anyway.

Frida reminds Rey his mom is a woman in love and women in love are capable of anything.

Salomé’s date’s doctor friend shows up to take a look at…Tita.

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