La Piloto 2 Tuesday 8/7/18 #8


The black SUV in the hospital garage is registered to a company with a name Dave doesn’t recognize. He tells the other agent there’s a Russian mafia connection. He wants the SUV immobilized.

The receptionist has no idea whose SUV it is–there are too many people going in and out all day. She does remember seeing a nun with a young man and an attractive young woman. Dave shows her the bad sketch and she thinks that could be her. She was there to see Dr. Morais, up on the fifth floor.

Dr. Morais hands Santamaría a syringe full of adrenaline, which will apparently give you the strength to be really stupid after surgery. Santamaría asks for a gun and asks Morais about a back way out.

Morais tells him to go down to the first floor and out through the emergency department. Santamaría shoots him.

What? He couldn’t leave witnesses. He keeps groaning and gasping in pain as the guard in the room helps him walk out.

One of the guards from downstairs gets on the elevator with Dave and the guy whose name there’s no point bothering to remember. Really, the trick to surviving this show is not standing next to Dave.

Dave really struggles to beat the older guy into submission. I guess they make ’em tough in Russia, huh? Meanwhile, the other agent sinks down to the floor outside the elevator in apparent shock.

Down at the end of the hallway, Dave sees Irina, Santamaría, and the guy who was in the operating room. He tries to chase them down, but they make it to the elevator first and Vasily’s waiting right outside the emergency entrance with an SUV. Dave doesn’t take it well.

Irina blames their being discovered on Hernandez, and Morais being dead on Dave. Vasily’s furious he lost his doctor.


Rosalba’s sure she saw Monica dressed as a nun at the airport. John can’t imagine her joining a convent. Rosalba thought she looked sad when they had dinner the other night. She gives Yoli her phone with Monica’s number, but John thinks she should make the call from a secure line.

The rapist Monica works for tells her he’ll be raping her frequently. He asks the guy who was guarding the door if he enjoyed the show and says they’ve gotta let the “princess” rest. (Yep. He needs to die.)

Safe House

Yoli can’t reach Monica on the phone. Rosalba thinks maybe she was mistaken about seeing her. The years don’t pass in vain.

John says she looks just as like she did the last time they saw each other. Rosalba’s like “Don’t even try that crap with me.” Yoli takes her to rest.

Crime Scene

Dave steals Morais’ cell phone while nobody’s looking.

When Tony arrives, Dave says he thinks Santamaría killed him. They must have been here for some kind of medical procedure. Maybe the doctor was helping Santamaría.

Huh…there wasn’t a cell phone on him?


Tony decides standing in the hospital hallway is the right time to talk about his and Dave’s relationship. Dave pretends he just didn’t want to bother Tony on account of all his recent traumas. Good thing those narco hit men had bad aim, huh?


Bill and Olivia are sloshed. Bill admits his luuuuurve for a married woman and kisses her.

Olivia tells Bill he’s right, she’s married, and he’s gotta go. Well, OK, but his feelings for her aren’t going away. (Creeeeeeep!)

Safe House

Wilmer and Yoli touch base about their two missing peeps–Olivia and Andrea. Wilmer describes the marks he saw on Andrea and Yoli immediately gets that they’re from a taser. Wilmer fills her in on Gilberto’s hospital bill and says if his plan goes well, they might not need the money.

John and Yoli are both awake in the middle of the night. He thinks she looks tired. Yoli admits she hasn’t slept since Santamaría took Arley. She begs John to try to remember something, anything that could help.

John promises tomorrow he’ll find the warehouse where he used to meet with the Kilichenkos. He offers to sit up with her.

Wilmer hacks into the hospital computer, like we all knew he would.

John’s getting all philosophical about having time to examine his life while he was in prison. He doesn’t regret his “bizness” although he wouldn’t do it again. He’d definitely not believe Zulima’s lies. Can Yoli imagine how things could have been if he hadn’t listened to her….

Yolanda’s asleep.

John pulls her pajamas down to cover her thigh and says he hopes one day she’ll forgive him for everything he did. Then he picks her up and carries her to her room.

I note the music doesn’t want us to feel skeeved. Even when he kisses her.

Dave catches John leaving the bedroom and says he’d better not touch her again.

White Velvet

Andrea begs Felicidad to distract Venancio while she robs the safe. Felicidad asks Venancio about her mom and couldn’t he just call and ask someone? Venancio tells her to focus on work–she’s never going to see her mother again.

Andrea grabs the money out of the safe and shuts it when she hears Venancio and Felicidad heading her way.

At the end of the night, Andrea thanks Felicidad for her help. She’s upset because Venancio told her she’d never see her mom again.


Julia wakes up in the cage with Arley. She has no idea where she is, tries to sit up and feels pain, pulls her shirt up to see the incision going across half her abdomen. Arley asks if she’s hurt.


Olivia finally answers her phone. Wilmer is so surprised she’s apologizing that he doesn’t react right away. He hears Bill asking her if she’s ready to go down for breakfast and Olivia hurriedly tells Wilmer she’s gotta go so she still has time to visit her mom.

At the inpatient facility, Olivia finds out from Irma, one of the nurses, that her mom is in the TV room. Olivia goes to talk to her while Irma stays behind to get charmed by Bill.

All he has to do is question whether she’s up to date on the situation and Irma spills everything to prove that she does. Right down to the name of that narco…John Lucio.

Oli’s mom (played by a new actress) is talking about seeing her dad and organizing a dinner party for the family.

Irma says the DEA caught John Lucio and threw him in prison in Miami. Olivia gets back just as Bill’s trying to ask her if Oli ever visits with Yolanda.

Olivia says her mom’s not looking so good. What happened? Irma says she’s been that way for the last few days, but they’re adjusting her medication.


Santamaría calls Monica to complain that Dave showed up at the hospital. Irina says the cops traced the SUV. Dave must have seen Hernandez escorting Julia. So, why was Monica not with them?

Monica says she saw Yolanda’s aunt at the airport.

Santamaría’s guessing Yolanda and Dave wanted to protect her from them. He suggests using Rosalba to get to them.

Safe house

Dave updates everyone on Santamaría’s latest escape. Makes perfect sense to John that Santamaría would kill the doctor. Dave hands Morais’ phone over to Wilmer to unblock it.

John feigns shock when Dave addresses him directly and says they’re going to go find that warehouse.

Monica calls Rosalba and keeps an eye on the time. She pretends she went by Rosalba’s apartment last night. Yoli takes the phone and asks where Monica is. They thought they saw a woman who looked like her at the airport. Monica avoids sounding overly bitter when she says she couldn’t have been there last night–she doesn’t have money to travel.

Yoli tells her to be careful.

Gosh, does Yoli think Santamaría would come after her? Monica suggests she go wherever they are since she feels so vulnerable there in Mexico. Maybe Yoli could ask Dave and call her back.

She hangs up. Wilmer’s sure she’s somewhere in Mexico, but he doesn’t know where.

Rosalba thinks Monica sounded scared. But Yoli can’t reconcile that with the Monica she knew in prison.


As we’ve all probably guessed, Gilberto’s $30K hospital bill is paid in full by the time Andrea shows up with her purse full of cash.

Gilberto’s all cranky about how Andrea paid, then he decides he doesn’t want to know. When Andrea says she didn’t he tells her they should go before someone realizes their mistake!

The hospital administrator asks to check the release paperwork and sounds surprised that Andrea paid the bill in full. (Although, why would you give someone one day to cough up some money if you didn’t think they could do it?)

Field trip

Dave’s frustrated by John’s attempts to be buddies and tells him to just keep looking around and see if he recognizes anything.

They end up back at the same warehouse from the other day. John’s all excited and tells Dave to hurry up and raid it.

Dave says they did that two days ago and there’s nothing here. And now it’s time for the fistfight that’s been brewing. John sets it off by telling Dave that Yolanda was happier with him.

Yoli’s phone call breaks up the fight. She tells Dave that Monica just called and she wants to come to the safe house. Dave says they’re on their way back. This was a terrible idea.

In the SUV, John says they won’t find Arley fighting like this. He’s not being a hypocrite. That kid is Mena’s son. Mena was his compadre, his best gunman. And now Yoli wants to adopt him, so that makes him important to John.

Dave gripes at him that all he cares about is not going back to jail. Sure, they had a deal, but deals can be broken.

And if Dave broke their deal, he wouldn’t be keeping his word. And his word is the most important thing he can have. Isn’t that what Dave’s always going on about? That the law’s on his side and John’s nothing but a criminal and a liar? He’s gotta be congruente (consistent).


Santamaría asks what happened to the woman who “donated” her kidney.

Irina says the doctor kept her alive in case he needs another one. She hands him his pills and tells him not to make that face.

Monica calls. She’s talked to Rosalba and she’s with Yolanda. She begged them to let her come stay with them, but didn’t ask where they were so they wouldn’t suspect anything. She’s sure Wilmer was tracing the call, so she was in a hurry to get off the phone.

Irina calls Wilmer an amateur. (Ooh, them’s fightin’ words!)

As soon as Monica has news, she’ll pass it on.

Santamaría tells her to find out where Yolanda is. They’ll be doing the same with their mole inside the DEA.

Irina hasn’t paid him yet for killing Hernandez. She sent someone to get the cash from the safe at the club.

White Velvet

Venancio’s not happy about Irina making a large cash withdrawal…and he’s even more unhappy when he realizes he has less than the $50K irina wants. He says he’ll call Irina, but for now he gives the guy all the cash in the safe.


Bill calls Regueros and says he wants to fly to Miami. He makes it sound to Olivia like the airline changed his flight at the last minute. He hates when they do that.

He’ll see her in LA. And hopefully she won’t avoid him after what happened at the hotel–that would hurt. (Creep.) She can count on him for anything. He’s glad she knows how he feels about her.

Safe house

Gilberto keeps up a steady stream of complaints until he’s introduced to Yolanda…and Rosalba. She shows him to his room. (Oh yeah, it’s so on.)

Yoli feels responsible for what happened to him, but Andrea says it’s not her fault.

She goes looking for Wilmer to tell him everything was already paid for at the hospital?

Um, yeah, he decided to hack the hospital’s system. He still has to go back to get the…Andrea hugs him speechless.

Dave and John make it back to the house. She can’t believe they were fighting. Dave starts complaining about how the warehouse John took him to was the same one where Santamaría had set them up. Yoli: “The one with the dead puppy?”

John’s “Dead puppy?!” sounds like “WTF am I getting involved with here?”

Yoli tells John to remember anything he can, but he’s trying and it’s not that easy.

Dave goes outside to make a phone call. His friend in Miami heard about what happened at the hospital. Too bad they got away, but Dave’s closing in, right?

Dave says things aren’t going well with John. He’s ready to send him back to jail now, and he understands once he does, there’s no getting him back out.

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