La Bella Y Las Bestias Wednesday 8/8/18 #44

Toño’s finally done it. He had someone investigating Emi to try to get to Emanuel and Emanuel won’t stand for that. He asks Abelardo to tell him where Susi is.

The Other House, he figures, but he was always blindfolded, so he doesn’t know where it is. Emanuel tells him to find out.

Yami’s so bruised she doesn’t want anyone touching her. But she’s sure this nightmare is almost over.

Pascuale keeps his end of the “bargain” and gives JP a cell phone, but no chip. JP has to send Susi to get the chip from Yami.

Simón’s got the team assembled when JP’s call comes through. He tells Simón to raid the place NOW and sends the address.

When Toño hears the message from Abelardo, saying he changed his mind and if Toño gives him the address, he’ll go over to The Other House, Toño gives up on dealing with any of his problems. All he wants to do is have sex with Andrea. His constant insistence that they have a “deal” offers a lot of insight into what he considers consent–and plenty of IRL men seem to think the same.

Toño calls Pascuale and tells him to basically kill everybody. Pascuale and the guards take so long getting JP and the Colombianas gathered downstairs that Simón and his team get there before any of them dared actually start shooting.

Bela sneaks into Toño’s house, knocks out the cook, and gets upstairs in time to interrupt Toño before he rapes Andrea. Again, we have the “My name is Isabela León [you killed my father, prepare to die]” moment.

This is where we find out that Toño has zero fighting skills. Bela knocks him out. Andrea, though, is still not sure she trusts Bela. Props to the actress–I could see Andrea trying to calculate the likelihood that Toño would actually be dead at the end of all this.

Abelardo didn’t get the address, so Emanuel’s raiding The House.

Pascuale tries sneaking out the vent, but the women drag him out of the bathroom stall and start beating him. I don’t think I agree with Yami’s “We can’t kill him or we’ll sink to his level.” If he’s dead, he’s not coming after them for revenge ever and how are you going to sink to his level inside of five minutes when some of these women have been here for years?

Bela gets Andrea to call and find out if JP’s OK, but none of the women dare answer Pascuale’s phone, since the call says it’s coming from Toño.

Andrea thought that when Alejandra figured out the clue on the bracelet, she’d get everyone out. When that didn’t happen, Andrea stayed with Toño to see what she could do, but she was never able to get them out. She’s hoping JP can.

Bela lets Andrea go and tells her to focus on her new life. She takes a call from Pen telling her JP’s safe and Emanuel’s on his way. But Bela’s not done.

Toño wakes up in the cage wearing Junior’s collar, with his hands tied behind his back. Toño tries manipulating her, whining about how he had nothing to do with killing her father, that he and Andrea had a “deal,” that Andrea never “complained,” that Bela has no proof.

Bela shows him the video. Toño tries to trade letting him go for the identity of the person not facing the camera. Bela unties his hands and he tries to choke her with the chain. She leaves him in the cage and goes back inside the house to avoid Junior.

Bela talks to JP on the phone, knocks the cook out again, and steals some laundry.

Susi calls her aunt to tell her she’s OK. She does not confess that she’s the one who accidentally killed Vero.

Meanwhile, Emanuel’s been trying to get in the front gate, but he needs a tranquilizer for Junior. Bela runs up in one of Andrea’s dresses, acting like she just got there and she’s worried JP’s inside.

Junior confronts Toño and apparently killed him.

Bela calls the Mexican consulate in Colombia to tell Alejandra that Toño’s dead, the Colombianas are free and on their way home, and Andrea got away.

Andrea’s at JP’s house, waiting to talk to him, but since Emi’s there, she goes ahead and apologizes to her, giving her a disc for JP.

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