La Jefa del Campeón Wednesday 8/8/18 #21

Salomé’s Date’s House

The doctor’s verdict is conmoción cerebral (concussion), but he’d need to do an encefalograma (encephalogram) to make sure. She’s in an estado estuporoso (stuporous state; unresponsive, but not in a coma). She’s good like that for up to 36 hours and he gave her a suero (IV fluids) for dehydration. If she wakes up, he wants a call.


Inés wakes up in the middle of the night in a panic. When did this happen that they can’t pay for anything? Sergio tells her not to worry about it.

OK, then, he must have a lover. Because she can’t think of anywhere else the money could have gone.

He claims he’s a fine, upstanding guy who’s worked to support her and Gonzo and turn Gonzo into a professional footballer and “that takes money.”

Tita’s missing

Rey and Fabi wake up and realize their mom never came home last night.

The pensión peeps assemble…and Daniel shows up. So, if Tita’s not with him and she’s not here…?

OK, they’ve gotta call hospitals, clinics, the police…Martina tried that and they said she had to wait 48-72 hours. Frida’s going to put something out on social media. Beba worries that Chino did something.

Salomé hovers over Tita complaining that Tita ruined her life.

Daniel and Delfino end up going to the morgue. Or more like, Daniel’s checking the morgue and Delfino’s following him around like a lost puppy. Daniel doesn’t even care that Delfino’s being his usual Tita-stalking self. When Daniel says she wouldn’t go this long without calling her loved ones, Delfino assumes that means him. Um, no–the kids!

“Why are you even here?!” Ah, Daniel…we’d all like to know.

At the morgue there’s one unidentified body that meets their description that no one has identified.

But it’s not her.

Frida’s getting no response online. Beba suggests the radio, missing posters. Froylán’s on that already–he comes in with a stack of them.

Beba’s sweet, talking on the radio about how Tita came here to escape violence and look what happened. But she also found a family at the pensión and they really need her.

Martina’s back at the pensión, watching a sports news report…and if she understood it correctly, Daniel’s gonna get fired? El Coronel says that’s what they said alright.

Salomé brought Chinese food for Frida, but she’s too down to eat. They’re all worried about Tita. It couldn’t have been a kidnapping because everyone knows Tita doesn’t have any money. A light bulb goes off above Salomé’s head….


The team president is furious with Arsenio for having such an awful team. That guy he has who scored an own goal…Gonzo? He wants him fired. Arsenio fights to keep him, but the president insists or Arsenio and Gonzo are both fired.

Arsenio tries to fire Gonzo, but Sergio says he’s got proof of all the money he’s been paying and he’ll tell everyone about it. Arsenio had better find somewhere to put Gonzo or he won’t be coaching anything but the prison league.

Frida tries to convince Rey to go to practice to get his mind off things.

Rey and Gonzo are both a little down today. Rey tells Arsenio what’s going on. I can’t read this guy anymore. He seems genuine when he tells Rey they’re all a family and he’s there for him.

Gonzo’s having an awful practice. Arsenio’s screaming at him to take the ball away from a guy…any way he can.

And Gonzo dives for the ball and grabs it with his arms. Arsenio kicks him off the field.

Tita’s kidnapped

The phone at the pensión rings. Salomé, with a scarf over the handset, tells Daniel that they’d all better follow her instructions if they want Tita back. She’ll call later, but if they go to the police, they’ll never see Tita again.

Salomé’s date wants to call the police if she doesn’t wake up by tomorrow. Salomé convinces him to wait out the 36 hours. And she’ll stay here and keep an eye on their guest while he goes to work.

Salomé calls the pensión again. She describes what Tita was wearing to prove she really has her. Daniel tries to beg for more time, but she hangs up. I don’t think we ever heard the amount she asked for, but everyone says it’s rete harto dinero. Fabi gets home and hears the news. Martina suggests they don’t just get the money together, but also call the cops.

Búfalos practice is over and Rey checks his phone. He tells Fabi he’s on his way home, but how much did they ask for?

A solution

Arsenio has finally figured it out. He’s making Gonzo a goalie.

Gonzo tells his dad he’s now the Búfalos’ third goalie.

Sergio complains to Arsenio, but he defends his choice. And Gonzo being third goalie is in name only–goalies are always being tested and whoever’s doing the best at the time gets put in goal.

He doesn’t care if Sergio doesn’t like it. He won’t be blackmailed anymore. This is the only way Gonzo stays on this team unless Sergio really does want him being the laundry boy.

Gonzo’s determined to make this work. There’s only one goalie on the field at a time. He was never very good in defense, but the coach thinks he could be a good goalie. He wouldn’t have put him in that position otherwise, right? He must have seen something in Gonzo and Gonzo’s going to work on getting to first goalie.

Besides, goalies are cool. They get their own designer uniforms! Go Búfalos!


Matías tries calling the real estate company and stopping his purchase of the apartment, but it will take too long to get the money back. He suggests getting a loan or going to his mom. Fabi reminds him she wasn’t even supposed to be telling him, but he’s her future husband.

Daniel begs for more time–it’s too much money to get in one day. Salomé gives them ten hours.

Rey asks Arsenio for the money, but Arsenio’s not in a position to give it to him. And because of the way Tita negotiated the contract, they can’t buy out his ??? until the time specified by the contract is up and it’s not up yet. He does have an idea, though….

At the pensión, Martina makes El Coronel some tea and confuses him by calling Tita his daughter putativa. She has to explain it’s another way of saying postiza (substitute, pretend). She wonders if there’s some kind of a curse on Tita.

El Coronel knows Daniel tried calling his boss, but good thing his boss didn’t answer, because this isn’t a good time for him to find out he doesn’t have a job. They worry about him relapsing, but the Coronel doesn’t think he’d let Tita down like that.

Arsenio’s idea is Dante. Dante will give Rey all the money, but Dante will be his representative. Rey doesn’t have time to think about it. Dante technically has to talk this over with Tita since Rey’s a minor, but if Rey will give him his word that he’ll respect whatever agreement Dante comes to with Tita, he’ll give Rey the money.

The doctor says Tita’s going to be fine, but he’d suggest getting her out of the house before she regains consciousness. Salomé tells her date she’ll take care of it.

Daniel’s upset that Rey signed with Dante. The phone rings and Salome gives Daniel the instructions for the trade.

He leaves the money in a small trashcan. He, Beba, and Rey are going to stick around for half an hour, but the cops told them to stay together.

Fabi’s back at the pensión stressing, but Frida keeps telling her it’s all gonna be OK.

Salomé leaves Tita at the bottom of a slide…and then she runs into Beba. She’s just trying to help. Beba says they got the cops involved. Salomé can’t wait to get out of there, but Beba sees Tita. She’s awake enough to stand and walk, with support, but she’s really spaced out.

Daniel’s upset that Beba (and her super shiny jacket, that I love but that doesn’t scream “stealth”) went looking through the park. The cops show up. Beba and Salomé get there with Tita. Another cop gives Daniel back the money. They figure the kidnapper was scared away. Salomé and her disappointed face go back to the pensión to tell Frida they got Tita back.

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