La Piloto 2 Wednesday 8/8/18 #9

Safe House

John has some flashbacks to Oscar, and suddenly Oscar appears in the safe house bathroom to warn John that Dave can’t be trusted. Oscar thinks John needs to figure out how to get away, ankle bracelet be damned.

Dave is, in fact outside with two other DEA agents planning exactly how they’re going to grab John. Wilmer announces he’s unblocked the doctor’s phone and they have Irina’s number now. John doesn’t think they can do much with the phone itself…but he could call Irina and ask her out.

Dave agrees to the plan.

The missing money

Venancio is SO not happy to hear from Santamaría. Santamaría’s heard about the missing money and Venancio tells him not to worry–he’s changed the combination already. Santamaría tells him to find the guilty party.

Andrea finds Gilberto going through her purse, pulling out the money. She tells him that was supposed to be the money for his hospital bill, but Wilmer hacked the hospital computer, so she didn’t need it.

Uh huh, so did she borrow the money or steal it? Gilberto says she’d better not complain about him again. And hey, he could take that money and double it at the casino.

Oh, hell no. Andrea’s gotta go return it and she needs Gilberto not to tell anyone about her second job. Gilberto tries to keep one of the bundles of cash, but Andrea’s on to him and snatches it out of his hand when he pulls it out of his sling.

Date night

John figures if he tells Irina he bribed a judge to get released, that should work. They just need to change his record in case Irina goes digging. Dave thinks DA Young might do it.

As Dave’s unlocking his phone, Andrea gets a look at the sketch of Irina. She recognizes her, but doesn’t tell the others.

John gets DA Young on the phone and says they’re trying one more thing before he returns John. Irina is apparently his ex, so she might come out of hiding to see John again. They just need some paperwork to convince the Kilichenkos that John bribed his way out of prison.

Wilmer gives John a cheap cell phone Irina won’t be able to track, but she’s busy and doesn’t answer the phone. John leaves a message saying he’s in town and he has a deal she might be interested in. John’s completely confident she’ll call back. Because he’s John.

Tony’s new job

Tony picks up his paycheck under a bridge in a park. When he gets back to his car, three guys attack him, put a hood over his face, and take him to see Irina.

Irina just hates the word “kidnapped.” Santamaría says they’re just holding him here so they can chat. And no, he can’t smoke.

Santamaría asks about Fajardo and Tony says he was an idiot. And he thought he was a better agent than Tony. Tony thinks he should have been the DEA director for California years ago. He had more seniority than Fajardo! Irina says Tony’s obviously more corrupt.

“I’m only loyal to money. Have you seen the DEA’s retirement benefits?”

Santamaría’s ready to discuss their working relationship.

Irina leaves them to do that while she listens to her messages. Yep, she does seem interested.

Irina welcomes Tony into the Kilichecko organization. Santamaría suggests they take him to Club Diablo to celebrate properly. Yes, Tony, the Diablo exists and he can fulfill all his sick fantasies there.

In the meantime, Irina wants the access codes to the DEA’s network. Santamaría warns Tony that at some point, they’ll probably order him to kill Dave, but for now they just want to know where he’s hiding.

Santamaría’s ready to head out and talk to Venancio, but Irina’s going home to wait for the access codes.


All the guards will tell Bill is that John Lucio’s not “available.” But Gallego’s coming off shift and he’d be more than happy to talk to Bill–away from the prison.

Gallego wants money to talk, but Bill doesn’t have very much. All he knows is Lucio was transferred a few days ago–he doesn’t know if it was to another prison or what. Some DEA agent named Mejia came to pick him up.

Bill asks about Yolanda “Olmos” and Gallego remembers she was there a few days ago.

Safe house

Gilberto sees Andrea studying the sketch of Irina. She tells him how she knows Irina, but he doesn’t get how she’s going to tell the others without telling them about her other job. Andrea’s sure at this point that she’ll have to tell them.

The hospital administrator calls. He figured out that Andrea faked paying her bill and if she doesn’t come back with some actual payment, he’s going to call the cops on her. She tries to call Wilmer to warn him, but he doesn’t answer his phone and the receptionist isn’t gone long enough for him to retrieve his USB drive.

Olivia’s back from her trip. She loudly says her mother is doing worse than ever as John’s walking by. She’s gone into denial and talks like her dad and Cristian are still alive. They’re trying a new medication.

She asks Andrea and Yoli to come to her room so she can talk to them about getting drunk and kissing Bill. While Andrea sits there looking guilty, Yoli assures Oli that the best thing she can do is tell Wilmer about it and reassure him it was just the booze, ’cause if he finds out some other way….

Andrea says she’s really gotta go.


Dave calls Monica. She’s scared in Mexico and she’d need his help to get a visa.

Her rapist boss hassles her about not having his permission to go anywhere…except to the hot tub naked.

Monica pulls her gun on him, but Muñeco has guards who will shoot her too. Monica puts the gun down and apologizes. It was just a reflex. Muñeco likes women with “caracter.”

Dave’s gotten the visa for Monica. John tells him to be careful–he and Yoli both agree there’s something not right with her. All Dave hears is the “Yoli and I” part, which he objects to.

When he calls Monica, she’s getting a back massage from Muñeco and trying not to throw up. Dave tells her she can go to the embassy with her passport and get the visa. Monica confirms she has money for the plane ticket.

She asks Muñeco for permission to go to LA and he says it’s going to cost her.


Dave complains to Yoli about not wanting John around. If Irina doesn’t call him back, he’s going back to Miami.

Yoli begs him to be careful with Monica. No, she and John didn’t talk about this–she’s the one with the problem with Monica. He’s got access to the security cameras, so why doesn’t he check them and see if Sister Monica was there or not?

Dave goes down to the living room and tells John and Tapia they’re going out. John’s like “Should we get some beers?” Tapia just looks uncomfortable.

John asks him later if Dave was getting ready to send him back to prison earlier. Tapia doesn’t answer, but Dave knows what that means.

The missing money

A van pulls up at White Velvet with all the women who are having to live in Kilichenko-provided digs.

Venancio tells the women about the missing money and goes through all their bags. When that gets him nowhere, he starts threatening. He has the guards pull one woman off the bench, sits her in a chair, and puts a plastic bag over her head. Felicidad says nothing.

Andrea gets to the club, looks through the window, and sees Venancio menacing the women with his plastic bag.

At the house, Gilberto flirts with Rosalba in the garden. He gives her a creative interpretation of what happened to him at his apartment. Andrea calls and interrupts his efforts, asking him to tell her how to break into a car.

Gilberto takes the call to his room and tries to pretend he has no idea how to break into a car…but OK, look around and find something like an alambre (wire), a palanca (lever). She finds a wire coat hanger and Gilberto talks her through untwisting it and sticking it down between the window and the door until she gets the door lock to click.

Andrea knocks on the door and gets dragged inside with the others. Venancio’s furious that no one’s answering him. He dumps the contents of Andrea’s purse out on the table, but there’s no money there. She asks what’s going on and Venancio says someone robbed the safe. Who was it?

“You.” She says she saw him coming out of that back room with bundles of cash. He’s screaming at Andrea that she’s lying and he’s about to punch her, but one of the black-clad Russian guards stops him. Andrea insists she was changing in the dressing room and he came out of the back with a bunch of cash.

The guard says Venancio’s been working for his boss for years and he would never steal.

Hey, Andrea’s just telling him what she saw. He came out with the money and headed outside, like he was going to his car.

Venancio flips out again, but the guard says there should be no problem with checking his car, right?

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