La Jefa del Campeón Thursday 8/9/18 #22

Tita’s back

Frida and Fabi can’t figure out Salomé’s angle. They thought she hated Tita. But maybe now that’s over with and she might even like Rey.

Froylán comes running out of his room with the radio–they’re officially announcing that Daniel got fired.

In her room, Martina’s on a chair looking for one of those neck pillows for Tita. El Coronel comes looking for her and gets an eyeful. And you know, Martina thinks it’s really about time the two of them got together. El Coronel thinks he’d better take the pillow to Tita before his heart stops.

Tita remembers the accident and the park, but nothing in between.

Salomé tells her date that she dropped Tita off somewhere and said she’d just found her on a bench. But now they need to talk. She’s bored hanging around his house all day. He tells her to take a class or get a hobby or something, he’ll pay for it.

Everyone’s upset the cops didn’t catch the kidnappers, but at least the kidnappers didn’t get the money.

And where did the money come from? Daniel says she’ll have to ask Rey–he made a deal with Dante.

Fabi gets the blood cleaned off Tita’s face so she can sleep. Tita’s confused about what Daniel was doing there and the kids go to bat for him. He negotiated with the kidnappers. He showed up to apologize to her and found out she was missing. He even got fired for it. Nothing matters to him more than Tita.

In the kitchen, Martina’s serving up coffee. She mentions Daniel getting fired, but it’s OK. The team owner had called him already to tell them.


OK, my in-house fútbol consultant tells me that what Dante’s doing is totally legit, but HOW he’s doing it is shady AF.

Dante has been trying to snag Rey because he’s convinced that after one season in first-division someone will want to take him to Spain or Germany. Arsenio’s supposed to get a commission. Dante’s only sorry that they had to “convince” Rey the way they did. But business is business.

Arsenio’s not so sure it’s a done deal. If the kidnappers don’t give Tita back, alive, Dante’s got nothing.

Rey calls Dante to tell him his mom’s back, safe and sound. Dante gives Arsenio the good news and says it’s his job to train Rey up and make him a monster on the field.


Fabi counts out the money so Tita can give it back to Dante. She refuses to keep it.

Dante’s glad they didn’t have to use the money, but he won’t take it back. He’s holding Rey to his word. If she talks to him, Rey will confirm everything he’s saying.

Which Rey does, but Tita’s pissed. She thinks Dante took advantage. But Rey gave his word and she taught him he has to keep it. Didn’t they also decide she was going to respect his decisions? If Dante was willing to give him so much money with nothing signed, it’s because he believes in Rey.

Tita agrees, but it’s his money. It’s going into a bank account to fund college. Rey insists she use the money if she needs it. Tita wants to pay Daniel back.

Martina comes in to announce that Daniel’s looking for Tita. Rey teases her for being so happy. Martina says it’s love.

Tita tries to give Daniel back the cash he gave her, but Daniel won’t take it. Tita heard he got fired and offers to talk to the Cocoteros’ president to re-hire him. Or just so he’ll know that Daniel didn’t go back to drinking.

Daniel admits he thought about it when they broke up, but he didn’t, because he loves her. He realized he doesn’t need anything else, he’s not going to drink again. He does need Tita. And he’s sticking around even if she won’t forgive him.

He admits that his jealousy was about him, not her. He doesn’t trust himself, his past…it’s complicated.

Tita reminds him she met him while he was down, so he shouldn’t doubt that she loves him.

Daniel promises to trust her in everything.

Delfino comes down the stairs and gets an eyeful of them kissing. Tita gives him a talking-to about respecting her and understanding she loves Daniel.

“Make sure he treats you right.” Shut up, Delfino.

Daniel’s ready to take Tita to the police station to give her statement.


There was an empty spot that looks like it’s finally been rented out. No one knows what they’re going to sell.


Salomé’s date wants to become her roommate.

Frida comes home for something she forgot and sees her mostly-naked mom and the mostly-naked guy in her mom’s bed.

When Salome finally comes out to talk to Frida she’s wearing a black robe with fur trim. “Are you kidding me?” (I say if you’ve gotta wear something to explain to your daughter why there’s a man in your bed, it might as well have fur trim.)

The guy is…the guy she’s going out with.

“I’d say it’s more than going out.”

Salomé says he’s her boyfriend. She didn’t tell Frida because she wasn’t sure how she’d take it. He’s a jeweler. But that’s not important. He’s a good guy and he likes her a lot.

“And he’s old!”

Well, that’s how you get experience.

Frida tells her dad that her mom has a boyfriend. He seems like a nice guy. Froylán complains about the example she’s setting and wasn’t she supposed to be out of town, etc. Frida can’t understand why he wouldn’t want her mom to be happy. She accepted Beba, so there’s no reason for her not to accept her mom’s boyfriend.

Froylán complains to Beba, but she doesn’t understand what the problem is. Well, it’s that Salomé is…DUN DUN DUN…a prostitute. *gasp* (Dude, seriously, Salomé is the same old Salomé she’s always been. It’s not like she’s a horrible person for doing sex work. She’s just a horrible person.)


Celso (the neighbor) comes over to pick up the drawers Quique’s mom has been sanding for his dad. Quique complains about the painkiller Celso getting for him not getting him through the game. And it’s all Rey’s fault. (*roll eyes*)

Quique’s mom misses the conversation. She asks Celso to ask his dad to send more, ’cause Quique’s not playing for another month.


Tita and Daniel opened a bank account for Rey after she gave her statement. Martina’s fixing dinner to celebrate Tita’s safe return. And isn’t it nice how things work out? Rey’s got a bank account and rent’s nearly due! She suggests he break in his bank card by going out to get the dessert they like.

Daniel’s kind of surprised, but Martina sure does seem to like Tita. In her way.

Rey walks down the sidewalk, where two guys are checking him out to make sure it’s “him.” On his way back with the dessert they beat him with a baseball bat and stab him.

Frida comes running into the pensión screaming that something happened to Rey. Pobre de Tita–she runs out to the sidewalk screaming at everyone who’s just standing around looking to help her.


Tita follows Rey, on his stretcher, into the hospital until someone tells her she can’t go any farther. Martina, Daniel, and Frida get there and Tita says they hit Rey and stabbed him in the liver. Everyone tries to comfort Tita.

Celso goes over to Quique’s to brag that he “took care of” the guy who fouled Quique. To pay him back for getting Celso out of jail.

Quique’s horrified. He didn’t ask for this. Celso tells him he’d better not open his mouth.

A doctor explains that Rey’s in the ICU. They’ll be taking him into surgery to fix his liver, but their lab is out of the O neg that Rey needs.

Tita fills Dante in. He can’t figure out why all this crap keeps happening to her family. Tita’s sure it was a planned attack.

Well, Dante’s going to help. He’ll look through the player rosters and see if they’ve got anyone who can donate. They’d have to be cursed for there to not be anyone. (Dude…don’t say that.)

Froylán and Beba get to the hospital. Daniel says Rey was attacked. Nobody’s getting in to see him right now because he’s in ICU and going into surgery to repair his liver. They’re looking for a blood donor. Froylán comforts Beba and says it’s all going to be OK…but a little prayer wouldn’t hurt.

The one guy Dante and Arsenio can find with the right blood type is Nelson. And he SO does not want to donate blood.

Quique gets to the hospital. He tells Fabi he’s not the right blood type. He came to do his PT and see if there’s anything he can do for Rey. He didn’t want this to happen to Rey.

Well, no, and Rey didn’t want Quique to sprain his ankle. But this is different. Someone attacked Rey. They just all have to have faith that it’s going to be fine. Quique bitterly says he doesn’t think God listens to him. Fabi says he’s here and he has talent. He’s going to go far.

Quique apologizes for screwing up so bad and not telling her he liked her when they were kids. He didn’t realize how much he liked her until he found out she was getting married. Fabi says he’s going to find someone–he’s a good person, he’s good looking, he just doesn’t realize it.

Gonzo goes to the taqueria to ask Delfino how Rey’s doing. Delfino tells him Nelson’s got the right blood type. Coyote scolds Delfino to get back to work.

Nelson talks to the press about how he “decided” to donate blood because saving a life is what gives real meaning to his life…not fútbol or his success. Rey’s a player on their team, he’s a Búfalo in need and here Nelson is.

Quique loses patience and shuts off the TV. His mom’s worried about how Rey’s family must be suffering.

Dante gives Arsenio a check for his commission. He’s a businessman and he likes to win, but he keeps his word. Hey, Arsenio’s glad. He would have thought that with everything that happened Dante wouldn’t sign Rey.

Dante can’t believe that’s all he’s thinking about while Rey’s on the verge of death.

Well, Arsenio’s not as sentimental as Dante. But the truth is that Tita Menchaca’s campeón is finished. Rey may not be dead, but his fútbol career is.

Rey’s stable, thanks to Nelson’s blood. The doctor’s taking him into surgery now. They’ll do everything they can, but it’s going to be a long, complicated surgery.

Delfino arrives with Don Pedro in the morning, but he’s a little too graphic in describing how Tita found Rey on the sidewalk and Pedro gets lightheaded. A nurse grabs him and Delfino’s upset that he brought Pedro to try to make Tita happy and now it looks like they’re going to have two funerals.

Valeria shows up at the hospital. Frida’s face freezes. Valeria says she and Rey have been friends ever since they were little and Martina jumps in to introduce Frida who’s known Rey since he got to town, right?

Fabi shows up with coffee and food just before the doctor comes out of the operating room to tell us NOTHING AT ALL!

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