La Piloto 2 Thursday 8/9/18 #10

Venancio’s very bad day

Santamaría pulls up to the club when the guys are checking Venancio’s car.

Inside, Andrea wonders why Felicidad didn’t rat her out. Well, Andrea’s her friend. And also the guys would have just thought Felicidad was in on it.


Felicidad asks what happens when the money’s not in Venancio’s car. Andrea tells her not to worry about it and goes over to the back door.

Yep, they found the cash. Venancio’s telling the truth, but it sure does sound like he’s lying. Someone got the combination to the safe and put the money in his car to implicate him? Santamaría tells the guys to put him in the back of the SUV.

Andrea pulls out her cell phone to take some stills and video of Santamaría giving one of the guards instructions to keep the club open.


The security cameras did catch the nuns, but only Sister Julia was clearly visible. Sister Monica’s too blurry to tell for sure.

Dave starts scolding Yolanda. How could she think Monica would be working for the Russian mafia?

Um, because Yoli’s seen what Monica’s capable of.

“That was different!” He wants Yoli to admit she’s wrong. He can’t believe she let John put stuff in her head.

Yoli’s insulted. She’s the one who wanted to come here and look at the videos, the videos didn’t help, thanks for coming along.

Wilmer’s very bad day

There’s finally an emergency that pulls the receptionist away from her desk, but the hospital administrator catches Wilmer taking the USB drive out of the computer and chases him down, along with security. Wilmer swallows the USB and the hospital administrator calls the cops.

At the house, Rosalba fixed dinner, but Oli doesn’t want to eat with Dave. She asks if he needs the reminder that it’s his fault her dad and brother are dead and her mother’s in inpatient treatment unable to face what happened. John apologizes and leaves.

Wilmer calls Olivia to tell her he got arrested and his bail is $1K. He’ll tell her the whole story later.


Tony has the codes for Irina, but not the address of the safe house yet. Irina wants the codes on paper and she’ll have someone pick them up.

She listens to John’s message again after checking out his story.

John’s phone finally rings. Tapia and Rosalba listen to his end of the conversation. “Tell me when and where, and I’ll be there.”

She wants him in the lobby of the Royal Ambassador Hotel in half an hour.

Yolanda and Dave are on their way back to the safe house. Yoli wants to talk things over, but it’s not until she says that sometimes she’s afraid Arley is dead that Dave responds. He tells her not to even say that–if he were, they’d know already.

John calls, but Dave doesn’t like the tight timeline. Can he change the meeting?

Dude, when the Kilichenkos make a date with you, you don’t change it. You do what they want, when they want. It’s now or never.

Yolanda’s been begging Dave and he agrees. Tapia’s to take John and keep an eye on him and hide the ankle bracelet. There are some boots in his closet, there’s no time for anything else.

Yoli can’t believe they’re doing this without backup. Dave doesn’t want to scare Irina off. He’d rather have her bring John into her organization.

John’s ready to go and Rosalba can’t help telling him to be careful. Gilberto says they’re alone now…how about he teaches her how to play cards?

White Velvet

Andrea tells Felicidad what happened with her dad’s hospital bill. Felicidad thinks she has a thing for Wilmer, but Andrea says he’s married. For now. ‘Cause his wife kissed a pilot.

She shows Felicidad the sketch of Irina and Felicidad asks if that’s not the woman who owns the club? That’s enough confirmation for Andrea. And what about…she shows her the picture of Santamaría and Felicidad says he’s been in the VIP room a couple of times.

Well, that there’s the guy who kidnapped her friend’s son.

Andrea tells Felicidad one way or another this is her last night here. If they don’t believe Venancio stole them money, they’re coming back here to kill her. She’s been thinking of telling Yolanda’s boyfriend in the DEA. He should be able to help.


Oli comes to bail Wilmer out. The officer who releases him warns him not to leave town since the hospital has decided to press charges. He shouldn’t do anything stupid…unless he wants to be a fugitive.

When they get home, Olivia insists on staying in the SUV so Wilmer can tell her what happened. Which he does. And the USB is…? On its way through his digestive tract. They did an x-ray to find it. Olivia can’t believe he was so stupid to do that in the middle of everything else that’s happening right now.

Venancio’s day gets worse

Santamaría wants to play his usual twisted games and Venancio’s not going to admit to something he didn’t do. I don’t think Santamaría’s got his history correct about cutting off the hands of thieves, but *shrug*.

Vasily calls. He tells Santamaría not to do anything to Venancio. Just lock him up and Vasily will deal with this personally.

Santamaría’s pissed that Vasiliy’s undermining his authority, but Vasily reminds Santamaría that he’s the one in charge here. Santamaría hangs up and cuts Venancio’s hand off anyway.

Venancio ends up in the cage with Julia and Arley. Julia wraps up his wound and gives him some morphine.

At the ranch

Muñeco’s cook is making his favorite caldo tlalpeño. Monica’s sorry to miss out on it, but she’s going out of town. Pilar, the cook, heard she and Muñeco are, like, together.

“Something like that.”

Monica asks her to take some water to the prisoners. Wouldn’t want them to die of dehydration, right?

Once Pilar’s out of the room, Monica adds some rat poison to the soup.

Muñeco reminds her not to dawdle in LA and bring him a present.

Muñeco’s so glad Pilar made his favorite soup. He sends her to get a bottle of tequila while he stirs his soup and reads an apparently funny comic book.

Oh her way back. Pilar collapses in the dining room. She’s twitching and foaming at the mouth.

The doctor assumes Pilar was poisoned. They take the bowl of soup to the shack where they’re keeping their kidnap victims. The guy they pick drinks down the whole bowl, but nothing happens to him…

Until Muñeco and his guys are almost out the door. Then he starts convulsing and foaming at the mouth. OK…someone tried to kill Muñeco.


Bill’s in Miami, fixing himself a drink and talking to Regueros. He says he found some stuff out, but he’d rather tell Regueros in person.

Regueros wonders why Bill is so determined to hurt Yolanda. Did she do something to him?

Bill knocks back his drink and says she didn’t. And he’s got a question for Regueros–why does he defend Yolanda so much? He’ll see him tomorrow.

Bill thinks it’s time to call his future wife. He calls Olivia, and Wilmer encourages her to pick up the phone. He’s sorry to call so late, but he’s in the hotel and he’s lonely.

Olivia says they’ll talk when he gets back.

Bill knows he shouldn’t say this, but he can’t stop thinking about the night they spent together.

Oli says now is not the time and hangs up on him.

John’s hot date

Santamaría’s on his way over to Irina’s but she’s not at home. She’s “on her way to see Waters to get the access codes.” Is that what the kids are calling it these days? They’ll see each other later.

Dave tells John to go to the middle of the lobby so they can see him. He gives Yoli a gun and tells her to cover the right side, he’ll get the left.

It’s not a lobby so much as a porch. Yoli and Dave are out on the front lawn, in the dark. Yoli fusses about John’s fake record, but Dave’s sure what Young put together would fool anyone.

John makes his appearance.

Irina calls John. He was five minutes late. She starts giving him instructions–go to the end of the hallway, take the service elevator, get into the laundry cart.

The what?! Yep, she wants him in the cart. John hands over his cell phone to the guy standing by the cart and gets in. The guy knocks him out with something in a syringe.

Yoli and Dave try to follow John, but he’s gone by the time they get to where he was picked up. Yoli remembers seeing a guy with a laundry cart. Tapia hasn’t seen John come out the front. Not him or laundry cart guy.

“The marina!” Yep, the laundry cart’s at the back of the property, empty, and John’s probably on a boat somewhere.

Dave’s trying to get a signal from the ankle bracelet. Yoli notices the cameras in the lobby.

Dave jumps right to the conclusion that John planned all this to escape. Tapia thinks it’s possible. He asked earlier if Dave was planning to send him back to prison.

Yoli says he wouldn’t try to escape. What for? What would he gain? He’s smarter than that.

Dave finally gets a signal and John’s ankle bracelet is out in the ocean somewhere.

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