La Bella Y Las Bestias Friday 8/10/18 #46

Gloria-Patricia is worried that Emilia is going to turn out like her dad.

Penélope is tired of her relationship with Simón consisting only of sex.

Emilia wonders if she’s the only casino partner who thinks the deaths of all the other partners in the past year are related and the current partners are targets.

Andrea saw a secret message in the newspaper from JP and calls him.

Bela finds La Joyera’s joyeria.

Cristina’s the only bestia who thinks the recent deaths might be related.

JP meets with Andrea and offers her immunity in exchange for information that leads to the dismantling of Toño’s shady businesses.

Héctor, an old friend of Mike’s, comes to visit.

Andrea didn’t realize she was staying at one of Armando’s old properties–the one where he was killed.

Gloria-Patricia invades the casino offices to call all the employees accomplices to Armando’s murder.

Bela’s upset that JP is planning a trip to Colombia with Andrea.

Carlos (Cristina’s husband) has started divorce proceedings.

Cristina considers shooting Carlos.

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