La Piloto 2 Friday 8/10/18 #11

Three-hour tour

John finally makes it to Irina’s crumbling little hideaway. He says it looks like business is going well. How’s her dad. Does her dad still hate him?


Eh, well. No guy’s ever going to be good enough for his princess.

Irina wants to get down to business.

John gives her the story about bribing a judge to get out. She agrees money makes the world go ’round.

The problem is John spent his last cent on that bribe and now he’s broke. He asks for a job. As a pilot.

Irina says they already have a good pilot who’s just as good as he was.

OK, well, he’s seriously desperate, so even if it’s just being her driver or chef or personal masseur…including “happy endings.”

Her dad’s never going to go for it.

John offers to apologize.

Well, it’s been nice to see him, but it’s time to go. One of her guards hands him his hood to put back on.

Yoli and Dave watch the ankle bracelet’s signal going south along the coast to San Diego, to the port.

Yoli tries calling him, but it goes to voicemail again. Dave’s still on about John trying to get away.

At the port, John gets to take the hood off and they return his phone. He sees the missed calls from Yoli and checks on his ankle bracelet. Dead!Oscar tells him to do it already, just break it and run.

John doesn’t want to be a fugitive again.

Dead!Oscar’s sure Dave is read to send him back to jail.

John’s not willing to risk losing his chance with Yolanda.

Dead!Oscar says Yolanda’s the one responsible for all this.

John resists the temptation of getting rid of the ankle bracelet in favor of the temptation to try to get Yoli back.

Yoli and Dave find him sitting on the side of a boat. He taunts them for keeping him waiting and for being all freaked out–they weren’t getting a signal from the ankle bracelet? Yeah, Irina was watching him on the hotel’s security system. He didn’t answer his phone because they took it away from him. And other than that…well, he doesn’t have good news for them.

Irina didn’t have any available jobs. The way his relationship with her dad ended doesn’t help either.

Yolanda’s furious he didn’t ask about Arley or Santamaría, but John says these people are very reserved. They don’t just come out and tell you their entire life story! No, they didn’t connect him with Dave or Yolanda or they wouldn’t be having this conversation right now.

He also doesn’t think he can find the boat–he was in the cabin the whole time and they had a hood on him. He thinks it’s about 20 knots east.

Tapia gets a call from Tony to come back to the office. Dave goes with him, leaving Yoli with the keys to the SUV.

Bill in Miami

Bll has one “Andreita” over for sex. But not in the bed. He tosses a bunch of blankets? on the floor. (WTF with this guy?)

Andreita charges $400, but Bill’s going to have to get more cash after paying off that guard at Metro West. Andreita’s familiar with Metro West–she’s got friends there.

Bill starts ranting about Yoli, calling her stupid and complaining about how she just started work and she’s already a captain and has everyone falling at her feet, including the stupid CEO. He screams at Andreita for saying he’s jealous. He’s angry that Yoli thinks she’s better than him, but he’s dug into her past and he’s going to expose her. He just needs a way to do it without upsetting Olivia.

The flight attendant he’s into? Isn’t she married?

Yeah, but her husband’s no match for him. He could tell when they kissed they have a lot of chemistry and he knows she liked it. (The f?)

Club Diablo

Vasily wants one of his guys to go back to LA and watch Santamaría. He wants to know what Santamaría’s getting up to behind his back.

Safe House

Something about Bill’s call bugged Wilmer and he starts asking Olivia about it. She says they’re just friends. Like him and Andrea.

White Velvet

Andrea’s on her way out and tells Felicidad she’s going to get them all out, just have faith. Andrea says she’s gotta tell her friend’s boyfriend. What else can she do? She gives Felicidad her cell phone so they can stay in touch.


Irina calls Tony. She asks him to tell Santamaría they were together last night working on the codes, if he asks. And hurry up with Dave’s location.

She tells Santamaría she and Tony were working on this last night and look, now they’re connected to the DEA’s system.

Santamaría’s still grumpy about the “situation” they had last night with Venancio. He stole money.

She knows her father told Santamaría not to touch him. This isn’t about taking sides–her dad’s the boss, he makes the rules.

Santamaría’s getting sick of that. He doesn’t like taking orders as much as giving them. They hired a military strategist and if Vasily doesn’t like his decisions, that’s not his fault. Venancio made a mistake and he had to be punished. If the heads of the organization don’t demand respect, how can they expect order?

Irina warns him not to mess with her dad.

Monica in Mexico

Monica calls in to say she arrived. Muñeco claims there’s not much going on at the ranch. He asks her to say “hi” to Santamaría and the Kilichenkos for him. He STILL has Pilar lying on the dining room floor and warns the guys not to tell Monica anything if she calls again.

Monica does call again, and tries asking for Pilar. The guy who answers says she’s out getting groceries.

Santamaría calls to find out where she is and tell her that he’s going to be picking her up at the airport himself.


Julia’s re-bandaging Venancio’s arm. He looks kind of pale. She’s a little alarmed when he mentions her missing kidney. She still didn’t know what had happened–she suspected, but she didn’t know. She demands Venancio tell her about Felicidad.

He says she’s fine. She’s at a teibol.

Julia’s furious. She’s not even 16! Why are they doing this?!

Safe House

Andrea gets back and asks for an update. Oli barely looks at her when she says Dave and Yoli are off backing up John. And also she’s furious with Andrea for Wilmer getting arrested for fraud. She knows Andrea didn’t ask him to do it, but she’s tired of Andrea getting herself into trouble and having it affect the rest of them.

San Diego

Yoli complains to John that she’s back where she started, with nothing. No clues.

John tells her not to give up, they’ll find a way. She just has to stay calm.

Yoli refuses. She knows Arley’s out there and she knows what Santamaría is like.

John tells her to chill. She’s not doing nothing. And that kid is Arley Mena’s son. He has warrior blood. He’s strong. Nothing’s going to happen to him. (He’s also Amanda’s son and she survived being shot and floating downriver while she was pregnant with him.)

Yoli wants the phone. She wants to talk to Irina.

John says if she does that, it’s over.

Well, Yoli thinks it’s already over anyway. And it’s all her fault, because of her decisions, because she went with John in the first place–that’s why Arley’s with Santamaría. They’re going to kill him.

John says they’re doing everything they can, but he needs to be here to do that. He has the feeling Dave wants to send him back to prison in Miami. They argue about who’s a liar in this situation. Is John going to tell her he hasn’t thought about trying to escape?

Hell no, of course he has! But he didn’t because he told Yoli he’d help her find Arley and his word means something. After that, whatever happens happens, but he’s not going to abandon her.

John moves in for a hug, but that’s a bit much for Yoli.


Irina’s surprised to see Garza there. He makes the excuse that he’s supposed to change some helicopter parts. (This is the guy Vasily sent to watch Santamaría).

Irina walks back to the cage and I feel like this is the first confirmation we’ve had about the location.

Venancio tells Irina that Santamaría’s crazy. Look what he did after Vasily told him not to do anything! He insists he didn’t steal money.

Garza listens in as Venancio says la Colombiana set him up, he’s sure of it. He’s going to kill her.

Irina doesn’t think he’s looking so good. He might need antibiotics. Irina can get them to take him to the hospital, but only if he doesn’t say anything to her dad about Santamaría.

Venancio agrees.


On the drive back from San Diego, Dave’s been explaining to Tapia about Tony. He’s sure Tony wants to ask Tapia for the location of the safe house, since it’s not in the computer.

But what’s Tapia supposed to do when he asks?

First, tell him it’s classified, then give him the address to the other place they talked about. Dave and Tapia will be waiting for Tony there. (Anybody else starting to worry about Tapia dying?)

Tapia reports to Tony’s office. Tony wants to know where he was this morning.

Guarding a safe house.

The one where Dave and his wife are staying?

He’s sorry, but that’s classified.

But he’s the director. If he’s going to help Dave, he needs information.

Tapia says he gets it. The safe house is on Lakewood. It’s just Dave and Yolanda staying there.

Tony asks if they need anything and then dismisses Tapia. He immediately calls Santamaría to tell him he’s found the location of “the doll house.”

Santamaría says he’s already got somebody getting the address for him, but why not get it directly from the police? Where is it?

Tony says he’ll send the address in Lakewood.

Santamaría asks about giving Irina the codes and he lies like Irina asked.

Now Tony has a question….

Santamaría hangs up.

Safe House

Rosalba can tell from Yoli’s face that it didn’t go well. John explains that Irina didn’t accept his proposal. So now they’re back where they started.

Andrea admits she might have a lead. She lied about having a flight last night…she needs to start from the beginning.

When she and her dad first got here, it was hard to find people who would help them. They got whatever jobs they could, but it was difficult because they were in the country illegally. And they still are, which is why they had the problem at the hospital. She’s been working at the airline under a fake social security number. But her dad doesn’t have insurance or anything.

She ended up working as a dancer in a strip club. She’s sorry she lied to them.

Yoli says they’ve all got a past they’re not proud of. It doesn’t matter. It’s now that’s important. Andrea’s strong and she’s survived, that’s what counts.

She asks Wilmer to borrow her computer to check her email. She’s realized that the club she works for is owned by the Russian mafia. Irina manages it. Yesterday she went to work and saw this guy…and he looked like the guy they’ve been looking for.

Yoli looks at the screen and yeah, it’s Santamaría.

John tells Andrea he needs to know everything about the club so they can come up with a plan.

Well, it’s only open at night. She’s seen Irina there a few times. The first time she saw Santamaría there was yesterday, but her friend said he’d been there a couple of other times. They don’t go regularly, so there’s no way to tell when they’re going to be there.

Yoli figures Andrea can tell them when Irina and Santamaría are there, right?

Um…no…because she had some trouble with her boss yesterday and if he sees her, he’ll kill her. She gave her cell phone to her friend Felicidad. She explains that Felicidad is one of the women being forced to work there. Her and some other “foreigners” whose passports they took away and they’re all living together who knows where–but they’re at the club every day.

We see the place where Felicidad and the others are staying. It’s just thin mattresses on a concrete floor. Felicidad looks around to make sure everyone is sleeping and checks Andrea’s cell phone.

Yoli says they’ll help them. She’ll call Dave and they’ll go to the club tonight.

Olivia reminds them that they’re on standby for tonight.

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