La Jefa del Campeón Friday 8/10/18 #23

The operation went well, but we’re not hearing any details about Rey’s recovery or timelines.

Fabi calls Quique to let him know Rey’s OK. She ends the call when Matías and his mom show up.

Beba’s getting a little bit of a crush on Nelson. Rey’s surprised that Nelson donated blood.

Pedro finally gets to Tita. Rey’s out of danger. She just didn’t want him to worry!

Frida and Valeria both visit Rey at the same time. Rey tells Valeria Frida’s his girlfriend. (I’m gonna be so pissed if he takes it back later.)

Pedro’s worried about all the things that keep happening in the city. He wishes he could take them back to the pueblo with him. Daniel promises he’ll take care of Tita and the kids.

Rey tells Frida he really means it about the girlfriend thing, even if that was a bad way to tell her. Frida’s had enough of his talk and shuts him up with a kiss.

Daniel’s pissed that Delfino called Pedro. The city’s not good for him. Delfino’s all “You’re just pissed that she thanked me!” Shut up, Delfino.

Quique shows up to tell Rey the truth about why he was attacked and if he wants to tell the cops or Arsenio that’s fine. He doesn’t hate Rey enough to actually want him dead.

Pedro tells Delfino he’s glad Tita’s with Daniel. So Delfino starts listing all Danel’s bad points–he’s jealous, mal encarado (he’s got a bad face/looks cranky), and he’s like Waldo since he just got fired. Pedro looks doubtful, but he’s thinking about it.

Frida tells her dad that Rey’s doing better and they’re novios now. That was not a good face Froylán made. He says it’s ’cause he’s getting old and starting to smell like a suegro. He knows her mom’s not going to like this, but if Frida’s happy, he’s happy.

Martina visits Rey finally. She thinks they need to have a really long talk. Does he remember seeing her and his dad in her room? His dad said it was a kiss on the cheek, but he knows what he really saw, right? She’s sorry. She’s felt so guilty about what could have happened when he ran away by himself. Rey tells her not to worry about it, but Martina wants his forgiveness.

Pedro asks Tita about Daniel getting fired for being an alcoholic. She says he got fired for wanting to be with her. And yeah, he’s out of a job, but he’ll get one. Daniel’s a good person.

Coyote’s still bribing that Búfalos player to help Gonzo.

Frida sees her mom opening the front door of their building to a guy who’s not the same guy she saw before. She goes upstairs and Salomé’s in bed with the guy.

She runs back to the hospital and she’s angry that Froylán didn’t tell her. She never wants to see her mother again. Salomé shows up wanting to talk, but Frida refuses–she’s not interested in talking to a “prostitute.” Froylán tells her not to talk about her mother that way. It’s hurting Salomé and that’s not how he raised her. Frida says she deserves it. Froylán says it’s not their place to judge. The only thing he’s worried about is that hearing people talk about her mother is going to affect Frida. Everyone makes decisions, everyone makes mistakes.

Arsenio’s cranky that he’s got so many injured players on the team. Even the goalie got hurt, so Hernandez…who doesn’t appear to be in the room…is in goal and Gonzo’s the sub. (Please tell me that guy Coyote’s been bribing didn’t do something to Hernandez.)

Tita heard about Frida and Rey being novios, but why are they keeping it quiet? Because of Salomé? Frida says she doesn’t get a say. But she’d like Tita’s blessing. She tells Tita that Salomé is a prostitute. (Cue dramatic music.)

Coyote brings Gonzo home and announces to Inés that Gonzo’s going to be the future goalie of the national team. Being a sub means if anything happens to the goalie, Gonzo’s in. So he’s got a week to prepare.

Tita tells Frida she’s not responsible for Salomé’s decisions. And of course people are going to talk, because that’s what they do. So ignore them. Tita tells her to focus on the positive–she’s got her dad, the pensíon peeps, and Rey.

Martina always knew Frida and Rey would end up together. El Coronel asks her to go out with him. He’s outraged that she’s been paying for dates, but she’s like “Hey, I’ve got needs.” He thinks there’s someone out there who would spoil her without expecting anything in return. Right, but she was talking about the guys who come fix things at the pensión.

Frida tells Rey about Salomé, but he doesn’t know what to say. He’s not breaking up with her–after all his dad’s no prize.

El Coronel takes Martina to Xochimilco (I think), where he’s got a boat with her name all spelled out in red roses. They take a ride, flirt, listen to some music.

Hospital. Why is Daniel in a suit? He and Tita are waiting to hear how Rey’s doing. Ah, Daniel has an interview later.*smoochies*

The doctor thinks Rey can go home in another day or two. As for fútbol, he needs another 10 to 12 days off.

Daniel’s back from his interview and Omar from the Chapulines is willing to take him back on probation for three months. He bets Tita he’ll take the Chapulines to first-division.

The guy Coyote’s been bribing brings Hernández (the current goalie) to meet Coyote.

Gonzo visits Rey. He’s bummed Rey won’t play the final, but neither will he since he’s Hernández’ alternate. He doesn’t know why his dad keeps insisting he’ll debut.

Pedro and Frida come in to tell Rey that Tita’s getting him checked out. Don Pedro meets Gonzo. Gonzo’s heard all about Frida, which surprises her.

Days later

It’s wedding time?! Beba’s spraying Fabi’s hair into immobility. Beba and Frida leave Fabi alone with Tita. Things get a little weepy with Fabi thanking Tita for being her mom and Tita being all emotional about Fabi getting married.

It’s game time too. And where’s Hernández? Arsenio tells Gonzo to get his uniform on. He’s first goalie now. *gulp*

Matías is pacing outside Fabi’s building. His mom comes running up with René. Who is a guy. And the big secret is he’s Matías’ guy and he didn’t know Matiás was getting married today.

Karina shows up at the game to support Gonzo. His uniform’s this hot pink wild print that looks like it’s echoing pre-Colombian artwork. Or something.

Fabi’s ready and looking very Old Hollywood in that dress. They’re just waiting for Matías to come inside. Fabi goes outside to get him.

René’s pissed. Whether Matías gets married or not, I’m pretty sure they’re breaking up at this point. Matías didn’t want to have to face his mom and tell her the truth. René thinks at the very least he shouldn’t ruin Fabi’s life by marrying her. Matías thinks it’s too late to call it off.

Fabi comes outside. She thinks Matías is just crying from excitement. He introduces René and Fabi’s so happy he came to the wedding. Matías goes to get a glass of water. He’s still looking weepy. Ooh, nice shot of Fabi and Matías holding hands with Rene standing between them.

At this point, I’m with René–Matías needs to call it off.

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