La Bella Y Las Bestias Monday 8/13/18 #47

No, Joyera doesn’t shoot Carlos.

Emi’s starting to wonder if the other partners killed her dad.

Hector’s having nightmares about what he and Mike did to “those women and children” during the war.

Emi wants Gloria-Patricia to stay out of her decisions and she doesn’t want to see her again until she’s completed rehab.

Jorge, Joyera’s head of security at the joyeria, is married to Luci, the housekeeper, and is Luci’s daughter’s (not biological) father.

JP guessed Bela was going after Joyera next and stole her file.

Hector slits his wrists in the ring at the gym. Mike feels guilty because Hector said he wanted to come back to Mexico to die.

Susi does not react well to JP bringing Andrea to her house. Neither does Yami, but Alejandra’s thrilled to see her.

Susi, Yami, and Alejandra have an impromptu group therapy session in Susi’s kitchen while Andrea tries to match their descriptions up to photos and names of rapists. Andrea recognizes Abelardo, but claims he had nothing to do with the other house.

Joyera does a little sympathetic magic, tying a wax doll up with red string, splashing water on it, burning a photo of Carlos.

Emi tricks her mom into going to dinner with the other partners.

Bela meets Carlos at physical therapy, claiming she knows all about his business success. She doesn’t give him her name.

Bela visits the joyeria and insists on dealing with Joyera directly. Joyera doesn’t think Bela’s really there to buy jewelry. Bela dares her to call the cops–she’ll tell them what kind of person Joyera is.

Andrea goes back to the place her mom used to work. Mom’s still there and so happy to see her, she starts calling her clients, trying to make money off Andrea. JP finally goes in after her, but mom’s got a broken bottle and I’m guessing there’s not much he can do, being out of his jurisdiction.

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