La Jefa del Campeón Monday 8/13/18 #24

Let’s split this up to make it a little more manageable.

The wedding

The judge asks the questions. Fabi gives her “si, acepto.” Matías takes a last look back at René…and accepts Fabi as his wife. They sign the paperwork, Daniel and the Coronel sign as witnesses. Beba calls for a kiss. My heart breaks for René.

Everybody hangs out eating, but René says he’s gotta be going. He just wants a minute to talk to Fabi alone. In front of the building, he tells her Matías…made a decision that’s going to completely change his life. And she must be special for him to have made this decision.

He’s sorry he can’t be there for the church wedding, but he wishes them happiness. She deserves it.

Fabi’s just glad he came today and she got to meet him. She goes back inside and René walks away before he can burst into tears.

Matías, on the other hand, is sobbing in the bathroom. When he emerges, his mom and Pedro hassle him about grandchildren. His mom’s glad he married Fabi and Matías says he’s becoming more and more convinced he doesn’t deserve her.

Rey’s being very careful with his injury. He’s not even dancing with Frida.

El Coronel is getting an up close and personal look at Martina’s booty shaking skills. They move the party into her room.

Delfino’s had too much to drink (aka, more than zero drinks) and tries to get everyone to switch partners. Pedro pulls him aside and tells him to quit trying to cause trouble between Tita and Daniel. He needs to get it into his head that Tita has a partner.

Delfino moves on and starts trying to get Matías’ mom to dance with him. I’m not sure that’s an improvement.

Oh yeah, El Coronel and Martina did it. At least twice. I hope it didn’t aggravate his sciatica.

Frida decides it’s time to go home and talk to her mom. Rey offers to walk her.

Matías’ mom says she’ll be lighting a candle tonight for a grandchild in nine months. She’s ready to leave, but no one knows where Martina is….

Froylán goes to knock on her door and Martina finally re-emerges to find the entire party waiting for her. Froylán wonders where El Coronel is….

El Coronel sneezes.

Martina says it’s…the gas company. Uh huh–Froylán thinks it’s her dead husband, catching a cold in the beyond. They keep teasing Martina until she interrupts to say goodbye to Doña Male. The rest of them can’t even hold back the laughter until Male leaves the pensión.

The game

The Búfalos aren’t doing well. They finally score on the other team and tie the game up…but time runs out and now they’re going to penalty kicks. And Gonzo hasn’t stopped a thing all game.

Arsenio tries to take Gonzo out of goal, but Gonzo begs him for a chance. Didn’t Arsenio say he had potential? Arsenio agrees to let him stay in. And Gonzo misses the first kick.

The club president comes up to yell at Arsenio and ask what happened to all their other goalies. Arsenio defends his decision–Gonzo’s new, but he’s good.

Coyote can’t even look, but Gonzo finally stops one. The Búfalos win. And Gonzo suddenly becomes the best goalie in the history of ever. The club president congratulates Arsenio in the locker room. He likes Gonzo’s style, especially his “crazy” shirt. Arsenio says Gonzo made it himself. He’s very ingenioso (ingenious, clever).


Gonzo’s off to celebrate with the guys. Coyote gives him money and tells him to go, but Inés says Karina left some physics exercises for him, since he’s struggling in physics.

Coyote prevails.


Frida braces herself before opening the apartment door, but Salomé’s gone. As in moved out and just left her child without a word. OK, granted, Frida did say she never wanted to see Salomé again.

Back at the pensión later, Frida’s still upset. Beba’s trying to convince her to talk to Salomé, but Frida finally gets it out–she’s gone and left no word so Frida doesn’t know where to find her.


Arsenio fires Hernandez. Gonzo’s taken his place and the club president gave his blessing.

Hernandez goes to complain to Coyote. He wants more money or he’ll tell Arsenio.


Pedro’s ready to head home. He tells Rey to keep taking care of his mom, says goodbye to El Coronel, and Tita takes him to the bus station.

Martina’s embarrassed that alllll the pensión peeps know what they were up to yesterday. El Coronel tells her to forget that and think of the return they’ll be getting on their investment in Tita’s store. When that doesn’t work, he suggests another round.

Rey’s in his room with Frida, distracting her while she tries to talk to him about polymerization. Guess what kind of chemistry Rey’s interested in.

Somehow, Martina found out what’s going on and tries to keep Tita from going into her room. Like that was going to work.

“We were studying.” Rey, seriously?

Frida gathers up her notebooks and leaves.

Oddly, Tita asks if they talked about Salomé, because it’s important for them not to judge Salomé and support Frida.

No prob. Rey’s on board with that.

Martina’s stressing out about What People Will Say when they find out she’s sleeping with El Coronel. Oh, her poor reputation! (Dude, if you’re in a good mood, nobody’s gonna care.)

El Coronel proposes they move in together. I think she was angling for a marriage proposal, but he’s gotta go to work.

It doesn’t stop her from hinting to the others that wedding bells are ringing.

There’s been a major delay on Fabi and Matías’ department and they’re going to have to live with his mother. (THE HORROR!)

Martina was hoping they’d move into Salomé’s old room, but she’d be happy for Daniel to move in. He refuses–Delfino’s upstairs and Daniel promised Tita he’d stay out of trouble.


Hernandez stops Gonzo on the street and tells him his dad’s been paying off all the other players. “We’ve all been by the taqueria and not for the tacos.”

Gonzo comes home screaming and asks his dad if he’s been paying people off. Nobody’s believing his denials. Inés did think it was too much of a coincidence Gonzo ended up playing.

Gonzo announces he’s quitting. And Inés says Coyote has gone too far.

Gonzo eventually comes out of his room, but he’s still refusing to play. Coyote kicks him out.


Martina wants Beba’s help getting a wedding dress. Beba’s happy for her, but disappointed she and Froylán can’t make things official. Beba would also like to have kids, but she feels like that’s not going to happen either.

Doña Male’s

Rey helps Fabi and Matías bring their stuff over. He’s barely out the door and Male’s already asking if they were making like bunnies the whole trip.

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