La Jefa del Campeón Tuesday 8/14/18 #25


Beba’s got a hankering for a baby. Tita says babies are a really big deal, but…it would be nice to have a baby Beba running around here.

El Coronel has set a table for a romantic dinner in Martina’s room. So he can ask her, formally, to share her life with him.

But once again, he’s thinking “living together.” She didn’t think they had to get married this late in the game, right?

Beba tries to explain to Frida that she’s not kicking her out, it’s just that she’s trying to have a baby and that means she and Froylán have homework to do. She’s not as young as she used to be and it’s not like the gum’s gonna stick the first time.

Tita vouches for that–she was a teen mom. Beba warns Frida to be careful, ’cause even though Rey’s her nephew, she thinks Frida’s way too young for a baby.

Tita says she taught Rey to “take care,” and she’s sure Frida was taught the same.

Frida’s like “Oh yeah, totally, gotta go,” and I’m thinking no one ever bothered to talk to her about sex.

Beba tells Froylán she wants to have a baby. Froylán doesn’t want to bring another child into this world to suffer. Beba talks him into at least trying.

The honeymoon’s over

Fabi’s waiting up for Matías. Male tries to distract her by suggesting they pray for the well-being of her marriage.

Matías is trying to get René to let him into his apartment. Don’t do it René. A bear, a balloon, and a bottle of wine is not worth it.


Inés has had enough of Sergio’s attitude. His fútbol obsession has robbed Gonzo of his self-esteem. She’s kicking Sergio out.

He ends up sleeping on the prep table at the restaurant, covered with a couple of dish towels.


Quique’s watching the guys file in for practice. He thanks Rey for not ratting him out. They agree whoever’s the better player gets to be #10.

As they all head out to the field, Arsenio tells them he’ll decide at this practice who’s starting at the tournament and he doesn’t want any whining about it.

Coyote stops him and asks to talk to him. “Gonzo wants nothing to do with me.”

Well, yeah, obviously. He was going to find out what Coyote was doing sometime.

Coyote whines that Mexican fútbol has lost a star.

Yeah, and Arsenio lost his starting goalie. Hey, he’s not kidding–he cares about all his players, despite their parents.

Rey doesn’t understand Quique’s attitude. Weren’t they going to fight it out?

Quique says his foot still hurts, but Rey thinks that’s BS. If Quique isn’t going to fight for it, he might as well quit entirely.

Practice gets underway and Arsenio’s really happy to see that both Rey and Quique are playing so well. He hopes that keeps up.

Arsenio puts Quique and Rey at midfield and he wants them to work together. (subtext: for once)

Quique tells his mom about playing in the tournament, but she’s more concerned about the past due bills for utilities. He says he paid them already…online…and sending paper bills is a waste.

Doña Male’s

Since Matías is still asleep, Doña Male gets to feed Fabi the story about her heart problems and how much cleaning aggravates them. So if Fabi could just finish up here and then clean the bathroom and the stove….

Fabi has no problem with that, but she’s not going to be able to go with Doña Male later to pick up some stuff for the religious ceremony. She’s gotta go to work.

Oh, Doña Male thinks she’d better tell work to get ready for her to quit. Once Fabi’s pregnant, she expects her to stay home and focus on getting ready for the baby’s arrival.


There’s still no word on what’s in the new store and Beba’s really trying to see through the windows.

It’s Salome’s place. Great.

Beba complains to Froylán that Salome’s going to be their neighbor at the market.

Beba and Tita discuss the sizing on the athletic supports they’ve got in the store. Beba’s bummed that Salomé’s moving into the market and everyone else has a better love life than she does. Delfino’s the only one with a worse love life than her. Tita’s cranky that she’s lost her best friend.

Yeah…I dunno about putting a jock strap on the mannequin.


They’re losing the taqueria and all because of Sergio’s fútbol obsession.

Inés tries to sell her jewelry to Tita, pretending it’s just that she hardly gets to wear it anymore…OK, OK, money’s a little tight.

Tita agrees to buy something as a wedding present for Fabi.

Tita convinces Beba to go to the taqueria with her to help out the Coyotes.

Gonzo’s working at the taqueria, whether Sergio likes it or not. He’s not going to let it go down without a fight. They argue about the fútbol again. Inés comes to tell them someone’s there looking for Gonzo.

Sergio tells Delfino he can’t afford to keep him. Delfino says he’ll work for tips and food.

Gonzo thinks Sergio bribed Rey to come over and beg him to come back to the team. Rey says Arsenio sent him. Everyone’s been asking about the cool goalie.

Gonzo says he’s done with the Búfalos and he works at the taqueria now. He doesn’t believe he earned his spot as goalie–he thinks his dad bought it for him.

Gonzo finishes up a study session with Karina. She encourages him not to stop studying. Gonzo says she was the best part of playing fútbol. Inés interrupts them aaaaaaaalmost kissing.

After a visit from Rey, Arsenio goes over to Gonzo’s to explain things. Yes, Sergio paid him to keep Gonzo on the team…as third goalie. Because Arsenio would have had him as eighth or tenth. But Gonzo was the one who begged him for a chance to show what he was made of. Did his dad pay for that?

Of course not!

And he showed that he has the skills to be the goalie for the Búfalos. Or does he think his dad paid the other team to lose (um…someone should probably check, just to make sure) or the president of the club to say he had talent?

If Gonzo’s afraid to come back Arsenio would rather he say so than blame it on his dad.

And one more thing…soon they’re doing the Esperanzas tournament. Arsenio would love to have him in the group. He shouldn’t turn his back on the team.


Fabi stops by to visit…and avoid spending time with Doña Male while Matías is in surgery.

This time Frida’s trying to talk history to Rey while he’s trying to seduce her. Frida tells him to cut it out. All she can think about is whether she’s pregnant.

Oh crap. They did it. And they didn’t use a condom. (They were alone for, like, five seconds!)

Beba comes in to tell them Salomé is the owner of the new store.

El Coronel’s starting to move his stuff over to Martina’s. And he has…feelings…about his stuff. I think they’re going to need a bigger place.

Martina has decided this is getting silly. They should just go back to separate rooms.


Celso talks him into doing another “job.” He’s gotta pay the bills, right?

Whatever it is involves a backpack full of cash. That Quique drops as he’s running through the park. For no apparent reason, Tita’s there and asks where he got the cash.

A police car pulls up and Quique starts running again. When the cops get to Tita she points them in the wrong direction.

Quique hands off the backpack to Celso. He mentions he ran into someone he knows and Celso says they’d better get going, then. And remember–if he gets caught, no naming names.

Dude, it’s OVER

René gets home just as Matías arrives on his bike. I want to feel bad for Matías with his “My life has turned into a nightmare,” but we all told him not to marry Fabi. Now he’s avoiding going home because he can’t face his mother and he feels bad for dragging Fabi into this.

René says he warned him.

Matías begs René not to hate him–his life isn’t the same without him. He brought René a gift. It’s a set of wedding bands. When René’s ready for them to be together, he can wear one and Matías will wear the other. (OK, is he talking together-together or together-while-I’m-still-married-to-Fabi?)

Matías comes home to Fabi. His excuse for coming home so late is an emergency at the hospital. Fabi jokingly complains about all the stuff his mom’s got her doing.

So about the apartment…when does he think they’ll turn that over?

Matías says he’ll call and ask. Why, was his mom mean to her?

No, but between all her praying and Matías not being home so much she’s going to end up being a nun! Fabi pulls him in for a kiss.

Police station

Tita gets asked to pick out the thief from a lineup…it’s not the first guy…it’s not the second…and the third one’s Quique.

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